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2954The New Corps: Final Response

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  • Paul DEVER
    Feb 2, 2002
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      Okay, first off, I was at a retreat for State Dept training...so that is why
      the silence for the few days here.

      Quality v. quantity: PC noticed that it had to lower its standards in order
      to get anywhere near the # they targeted: 10K. Also if you remember the
      vetting done by the Malawi Gov't in order to get you guys there: Sending
      college transcripts, getting okays, etc., it was a long process and certain
      countries refused entries to PCVs: Ugana had raised its age limit to 25
      since they felt that all PC was doing is playing basketball all the time.

      Funding: Where will the money come from? Will it take funding for PC,
      AmeriCorps, etc., roll it into one big ball and divvy as some political
      appointee sees fit?

      Legality: There wil have to be many changes with regard to the charters of
      PC, AmeriCorps, etc. The mandates will stil be the same (serve America in
      different ways), but the manner in which they are carried out will hopefully
      stay the same (raining, language, and then going out FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF
      TIME. This is essential. Many PCVs remark that 2 yrs is good, since the
      first 6-12 months you are getting acclimated to the people as they are you,
      and you ca start a small project or two, and by then you are ready to split.
      AmeriCorps currently is for NCCC anyw 10 months of service...Many things
      iwll have to change, and change is slow expecially when Congress has to vote
      and each house wants to have its way on the cover.

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