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  • Paul Dever
    Apr 9, 1999
      Reply to: RE>[ujeni] Life
      wow!!! you sure are seeing a lot of saints...

      Date: 4/9/99 0:21
      To: Custodian
      From: ujeni@onelist.com
      From: "Raymond R. Wise" <wiserd@...>

      Hey everyone. Deb here. Still in recovery from getting my tonsils out.
      advice to you: avoid doing it! On the up side, I have lost 5 pounds and
      have some good medicine. There's a fine line on how much medicine to take
      to feel better and how much makes me pass out, and I haven't quite figured
      out where that line is yet. It's a little spookie.

      Thanks to everyone who has sent in their money to reserve the room. Use
      this note as a little string around your pinkie to remind you to send your
      kwach to Kristen. She has been working really hard on this, and it would
      nice if she could put it behind her.

      Well, the t-shirt idea. Rachel (bless her fuzzy little heart) has a lead
      t-shirts. They'd probably run between 7 and 10 dollars, and they'd be hand
      made. I personally REALLY REALLY want a t-shirt. I'll front some money
      the deal if people are interested. So, here's what I'd like for you to do.
      If you're sure you'd like a t-shirt, e-mail me and say you're interested.
      Let me know how many shirts you'd like. I think if you'd like more than
      one, the extras may be cash up front. Knowing how totally cool Rachel is,
      can guarantee a cool shirt. Sorry Mandy, but the headband idea is out
      (unless you would like to pursue it).

      Rand and I will be going to Minnesota on the 8th of June. We'll be there
      until the 13th. Please let us know if you live in MN or if you live on the
      path from Atlanta to Minnesota. If possible we'd like to go camping for a
      night or two with PCV friends. We won't have time for the boundary water
      canoe trip on this adventure. We may need a place to crash on the trip up-
      our time is limited, so we'd get out of your face in a hurry. We're going
      to help my parents get ready to move to Georgia. They are retiring here in
      the fall.

      We're also going to Philly the last weekend in June. Does anyone (other
      than Mr. Belly) live up there?

      In short, here's a summary of our plans. Let us know if you're available

      May 1-7: San Diego, CA (4 hour layover in St. Louis on the 1st)(Deb only)
      Memorial Day: St. George's Island, Florida
      June 8-13: St. Paul, MN
      June 24-27 Philly
      August 5-8 VEGAS!!!

      Well, that's about all for now. Hope everyone is doing what their heart
      desires. Deb (and Rand)

      -Sorry if this in long and rambly. Blame it on the percocet.
      Rand & Deb Wise
      2784 Mt. Olive Drive
      Decatur, GA 30033

      (404) 327-5765

      "The wheel's spinning, but the hamster's dead."

      Start a new hobby. Meet a new friend.
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