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2769Good News (for me)

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  • Paul DEVER
    Nov 14 1:56 AM
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      Ladies and Gentlemen...

      It is now official...I will be working for the Department of State in
      January. Leaving AmeriCorps is a decision I did not make lightly. I enjoy
      working ther and can appreciate the work each of you have done and still do
      from a perspective not many can see.

      I received and accepted an appointment as a Foreign Service Officer for the
      Department of State. I begin training and will serve after about 6-9 months
      of training.

      This work will let me travel across the world, and represent the US
      Government. It is a career that I have looked for and tried to get for many
      years. Once I was watching "Shogun" on tv, a novel written by James
      Michener detailing feudal life in Japan. It was at that time I decided that
      I wanted to work overseas. I did this already with Peace Corps, but I will
      now be able to do it for a longer term.

      Best wishes for everyone, an my email account will stay active, so don't
      forget to write.


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