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  • Christine Chumbler
    Mar 31, 1999
      The 3rd and 2nd to last paragraphs are particularly interesting.

      And I'm assuming that someone will let me know if these news postings are annoying...

      Malawi-Visit Taiwan Builds
      MALAWI'S 18-Million-Dollar

      Africa News Service

      BLANTYRE, Malawi (PANA, 03/31/99) - Taiwan's visiting deputy foreign
      affairs minister David Ta-wei Lee has said his government will make sure that the
      18-million US dollar hospital project his government is funding in the northern
      city of Mzuzu is operational by 1 January, 2000.

      Speaking to journalists during his tour of the hospital site, Lee said the project is
      a milestone of his government's keenness to assist developing countries who are
      friendly to his government's campaign to lobby the UN to recognise Taiwan as
      an independent state.

      Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China (RoC), is not recognised as a
      state and mainland China views it as its renegade province.

      "This hospital is a showcase of the friendship that exists between Malawi and the
      Repulic of China and we will make sure that the first patient gets treated by 1
      January 2000," he said.

      Prof. John Chang, who is overseeing the project, said almost 60 percent of the
      hospital has been completed.

      "We are within the time schedule of completion of the hospital," he said. "We
      hope by May we will finish the roofing stage."

      Chang said the hospital will be an ultra-modern facility, complete with
      state-of-art equipment. He said the hospital's intensive care unit and other
      medical paraphenalia will be in by July.

      In a related development, Lee has announced that his government will help
      Malawi train 400 specialist doctors in Taiwan for the hospital. Six doctors, he
      said, have already left for training in various medical desciplines in Taiwan.

      Meanwhile, during a meeting with Malawi president Bakili Muluzi in Blantyre at
      the end of his visit Lee pledged to construct a road which connnects northern
      Malawi to Zambia.

      The Karonga-Chitipa road has been a pain in the Malawi government's flesh
      since Muluzi took over power in 1994. The north, a fiercely anti-Muluzi region,
      has been needling government over the road after he promised during the 1994
      campaign that he would turn it into an all-weather highway.

      Of late Taiwan and mainland China have been jostling for influence in Africa, and
      Malawi remains one of the few friends Taipei has in the region. Lee has since left
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