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2531Re: [ujeni] Today's events

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  • Paul DEVER
    Sep 12, 2001
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      Mixed emotions (no one I know/love died, but others did) are going to be
      popping up all over.

      Other thoughts will emerge and people will start to attack mosques, Arab
      restaurants, Afghan restaurants, Persian restaurants, anyone with the name
      of Habib, Mohammed or Abdul will be suspect and probably rousted.

      All these actions are wrong, understandable but wrong.

      These sentiments will continue for quite a while. We are fortunate that so
      far to our knowledge we have not lost anyone we are related to or know, but
      there are those out there who did.

      Everyone and his brother will be called heroes, from the news reporter
      detaling what happened on the plane as it crashed, to the peolle on the
      PA-crashed plane who reported that they were "going to do something"

      Whatever coping mechanisms we use are correct, so long as they do not
      translate into anger carried out, or misplaced words. Even so, these
      actions would be understood, and reaction to them would be muted.

      GOod luck to all, and

      Please give blood

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