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  • bone@xxxxx.xx.xxxxxxxx.xxx
    Mar 31, 1999
      For those of you who are in the same situation as I, not yet knowing for
      sure if you can make it to Las Vegas fest, I have a proposal. I believe
      we should not leave Kristen hanging, and if we think there is any
      possibility that we might go to the reunion, we should send Kristen the
      $20 contribution for the hall we wish to hire. I am sending my money in
      now, and if I end up not making it to the festivities, I will consider it
      a donation to the happiness of my friends. I would hope that anyone else
      who can afford to risk $20 will do so also. It Vegas, after all. Gamble
      a little. I'm sure this would make Kristen's life easier, and she
      deserves our gratitude and assistance since she is taking on such a large
      share of organizational responsibility.