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  • Mark Holland
    Apr 2, 2001
      Did y'all catch the picture of Lilongwe on p. 20 of this week's Economist?  Small, neat brick houses widely spaced, a car in the foreground, trees, electricity wires reaching all the houses, two or three small groups of relaxed people somewhere off in the distance, and a whole lot of wide open space.  The first few sentences of the article: "They are not as poor as you think.  People in poor countries have assets, lots of them.  But because they rarely have formal title, they cannot use these assets as collateral to raise cash." 
      Sigh.  Have any of these people ever been to Lilongwe?  Did any make it outside the grounds of the Capital Hotel?  Did they make it out to Kauma, where 15 people might share a 2-room house and half a hectare of maize field?  Which assets are those, exactly?
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