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1906Re: [ujeni] AIDS in Africa

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  • Sara Hersey
    Nov 30, 2000
      I have a research question for anybody interested in the following article
      that Liz posted. How can UNAIDS measure 'new' HIV infections with such
      authority? Slightly sceptical but also interested in how they come about
      these numbers - if anyone can enlighten me.

      >"New Cases of HIV Decline in Africa for First Time"
      >Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com) (11/29/00) P. A3; Brown,
      > A new report from UNAIDS indicates that the number of people who
      >contracted HIV in sub-Saharan Africa declined this year for the
      >first time. Officials noted, however, that the finding must be
      >interpreted with caution, because it is not known whether the
      >drop is an actual turning point or just something temporary.
      >"The least we can say is that the trend of an accelerating
      >epidemic is now slowing down, and perhaps going down," said Dr.
      >Peter Piot, executive director of UNAIDS. Worldwide, there were
      >5.3 million new HIV infections this year, compared to 5.6 million
      >in 1999. The number of people living with HIV or AIDS increased
      >from 33.6 million last year to 36.1 million this year, while the
      >number of deaths from the disease also rose, from 2.6 million to
      >3 million. The report showed the Eastern Europe and the former
      >Soviet Union saw substantial increases in HIV cases, rising from
      >420,000 in 1999 to 700,000 now. Furthermore, UNAIDS' estimates
      >indicate that more than 50 percent of Russia's 300,000 people
      >with HIV contracted the disease this year. "What we had
      >predicted and fear is now happening," said Piot, "and that is an
      >explosion of HIV."

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