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1772Quinton is coming

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  • Dan Talbot
    Oct 31 9:33 PM
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      Hello again,

      I wanted to let you all know that Quinton Jamieson will be stateside next
      week. He is presenting a paper in Toronto and then heading down to Boston
      after that. He will be staying with me for the better part of the month, but
      making trips down to New York and Maryland. I know there are a number of you
      out there that were either close friends with Quinton or maybe happened upon
      his genorosity in some way or another, whether it be a beer, a ride, or a
      place to crash while in Lilongwe. So if anyone would like to get together
      while he's here let me know. I'm sure he'd love to see some familiar faces.



      p.s. glad to hear you're doing well Dana!

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