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1640AIDS in Africa

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Aug 29, 2000
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      "Gates Foundation on Big Funding Spree"
      Science (www.sciencemag.org) (08/11/00) Vol. 289, No. 5481, P.
      845; Hagmann, Michael
      The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made several large
      donations for health studies recently. These include $40 million
      for the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to study
      malaria, $44.7 million for the Harvard Medical School for
      tuberculosis (TB), $20 million to Johns Hopkins School of Public
      Health for child and maternal health, and $90 million for
      HIV/AIDS-related studies at a number of institutions. Jim Yong
      Kim of Harvard Medical School--working with the World Health
      Organization, local health officials, and others--will be
      investigating a treatment program for multidrug-resistant TB
      patients in Peru.

      "President Urges Nigeria to Fight Tyranny of AIDS"
      New York Times (www.nytimes.com) (08/28/00) P. A1; Lacey, Marc
      President Clinton, in his visit to Nigeria this week, has
      urged the country to confront AIDS and overcome taboos. This is a
      challenge not just for Nigeria but for all of Africa, which has
      been slow to educate its people about AIDS and the virus that
      causes the disease. Clinton said, "We have to break the silence
      about how this disease spreads and how to prevent it. And we
      need to fight AIDS, not people with AIDS." Clinton offered
      American support for Nigeria's battle against AIDS, but he did
      not offer any new funding. He did, however, discuss the $20
      million the United States is providing to control AIDS, malaria,
      and polio in Nigeria this year. Clinton stated that freedom for
      Nigeria would come only after infectious diseases are controlled.
      Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo also urged debt relief for
      his country. He noted, "We don't see [AIDS] as a Nigerian
      disease. We see it as a world disease that is ravaging Africa
      most." According to the White House, approximately 5.4 percent
      of Nigeria's 114 million people are infected with HIV.
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