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1595Re: [ujeni] AIDS in Africa

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  • Weber
    Aug 10, 2000
      Deepa, hi, and I deleted Liz's message from this....I wouldn't have thought
      it if not for your note and it's good to know what you're doing. Did I do
      better than Don?

      These next 2 messages are here because when I went on egroups "ujeni"
      "members" I got only partial individual email addresses and couldn't get
      them to copy all the way out. For those of you who have computer smarts,
      what's the trick?

      Jesse Johnson..Are you on here. I have some pictures to send to you and
      Julie. What is your address? Alan sent us the ones you took via email;
      some were GREAT!

      Mike Sobel...I'm sending pictures to Colorado. So, if you're wandering,
      that's where they'll be.

      For "ujeni" members all....Well, I've been quiet now for just as long as I
      can stand

      Has anybody wondered what it would be like to be a young person in Africa
      right now? All the talk about safe sex or abstinence ignores one critical
      factor. How do you allow yourself to fall in love and consider marriage?
      Say you're an HIV free young man or woman. Before you let yourself date or
      become interested in someone do you ask him/her to have a test because you
      don't want to fall in love and contemplate marriage with someone who you
      will never be able to have unprotected sex with? Because, if you should
      fall in love with someone who's positive you'd have to ask yourself is
      he/she is worth never having children. With that statistic of up to 60% of
      kids between l5 and l9 in some areas being positive, I guess if you are
      positive you had better limit your consideration of someone to love to that
      60%. (and conversely if you're negative you only have 40% to chose from)
      Both of you being positive, you can practice unprotected sex but had
      better not because of the fact you'll likely have an HIV positive child and
      will have to watch it die if you live so long. Then there is this to think
      ..once you are married ( an HIV negative couple) you better be able to
      trust your spouse never to wander. Either that or have protected sex
      your whole lives together also giving up the chance to have children.
      I'm not sure how many Americans could be educated to make those
      kinds of decisions wisely. Not happy choices for life! I'm glad my
      children and my grandchildren are not African. Too bad that the real
      hope is to educate those who are too young and immature to really
      grasp what these choices mean to life....(maybe 5 to l2 years old before
      sexual activity starts except in the cases of the rape of young girls)

      I can't quite divorce myself from the personal nature of the problem because
      I got to know so many wife guardians who were sitting by their husbands'
      hospital beds helping them through the time it took them to die. They were
      sad at the sickness and impending loss but also angry at their husbands,
      knowing that they would be dying, themselves, because of the b-----d's
      infidelity. Some actually wanted to talk about it. It was very hard for
      to have such mixed feelings because they felt guilty.

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