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156Re: Recall: uganda mission cancelled

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Mar 4, 1999
      i am not going to uganda, at least not on saturday. i sent the message a
      second time after it didn't get sent for a couple of hours yesterday (we
      were having trouble with our server and none of our messages were getting
      out). i was trying to avoid everyone getting the same message twice, but it
      seems like it (the recall mechanism) was more trouble than it was worth.

      are we on for tomorrow night? are you feeling OK? we don't necessarily
      have to do anything too rowdy, although it would be good to take advantage
      of rands' shaved legs.

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      > riz (my pink friend), if you are recalling the message, does that mean
      > that
      > you're really going to Uganda or should we still get together for chick's
      > night this weekend? Rand has already shaved his legs.
      > >
      > >Bell, Elizabeth would like to recall the message, "uganda mission
      > >cancelled".
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