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1509my two cents on AIDS in Africa

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  • Scott Geibel
    Jul 10, 2000
      I guess I'll put in my contributions to the topic.  For those who are interested, I've attached two documents: the new UNAIDS report on Malawi, and a Futures Group report on the economic impact of AIDS in Malawi.  Also, as some of you know, the International AIDS Conference is ongoing this week in Durban.  You can watch and listen to some of the presentations on the following website:
      For those who are not interested in this policy stuff, and are more interested in helping out by supporting organizations, I don't know of any website that consolidates information on all of the smaller organizations.  I will add a few to the list, though.
      I know that Plan Int. is expanding their work with children affected by HIV.  I can't speak for all the countries they work in, but I know that in Uganda they are involved with not only providing orphan assistance, but also in helping HIV positive parents, relatives/standby guardians, and their children prepare for the future.
      Development AID People to People  (DAPP)  http://www.dapp.org/frameset.htm
      DAPP's HOPE programs are now in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Angola.  I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Zambia program last month, and I was impressed.  They have AIDS community centers set up (similar to one's that some Malawi PCVs set up like Tovwirane in Mzimba).  They get a lot of self-support funding through used clothes sales "Goodwill" style in the local cities of these countries.  HOPE sets up clinics at their AIDS centers, as well as HIV+ support groups and youth programs.
      Some people ask me about the AIDS Information Centre (AIC) and the AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in Uganda.  I visited these programs recently, and they are great.  But they are also well-supported (relatively) by and through USAID.  I've looked, and they have no web-based fundraising apparatus that I know of-- my personal preference, however, is to put my money into some of the smaller NGOs.
      I hope this is useful info to at least a few of you.  I think this subject is getting a lot of attention right now and I am concerned about contributing to compassion overkill-- remember "Live Aid" and "Band Aid"? But that's fodder for another discussion....
      Peace-  Scott