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1137Re: [ujeni] news of note

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  • Dan Talbot
    Mar 18, 2000
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      Congratulations Ken! Great news, mate.

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      >Subject: [ujeni] news of note
      >Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:07:53 -0600 (CST)
      >I received word today that I've been offered a Fulbright Grant to
      >Australia. I should be there between Feb and Oct 2001. If you're in the
      >neighborhood stop by. If you're not, start saving and stop by anyway.
      >Kenneth Shockley
      >Department of Philosophy
      >Campus Box 1073
      >Washington University
      >St. Louis, MO 63130
      >"Simple reciprocity is less controversial than it should be- whether as a
      >standard of fairness or even as an appropriate operationalization of the
      >Golden Rule.... An eye for an eye is hardly fair when one relies far
      >more heavily on eyesight in his work than the other. A beer for a beer is
      >hardly fair when the person who bought the first round is far richer than
      >the one obliged by that rule to buy the next"
      > - Robert Goodin, _Protecting the Vulnerable_

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