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Electromagnetic anomalies - Chemtrails and UFO's

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    The electromagnetic anomalies associated with ancient sites was discussed at length in the 1950 s by early contactees. George Hunt Williamson wrote about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
      The electromagnetic anomalies associated with ancient sites was discussed at
      length in the 1950's by early contactees. George Hunt Williamson wrote
      about the lolcations of megalithic sites near earthquake fault lines where
      anomalies are noted in 1959 in his book, "Road In The Sky".

      The topic has been discussed for decades and the locations of nuclear sites
      and other research and military installations have strong relationships with
      electromagnetic anomalies. Many, many nuclear sites are located on ancient
      sacred sites with electromagnetic anomalies.

      Hanford Nuclear Reserve, for instance, is built a site owned by the Yakima
      Tribe and has a history of fireballs that goes back at least 150 years, when
      the early settlers arrived. Hanford is right next to the Columbia River.
      But Hanford is not the only nuclear site built on land anciently used by
      Native Americans, close to water, with electromagnetic anomalies.

      The selection of ancient sacred sites for nuclear installations goes back to
      the 1940's, with early UFO contactees discussing these features in the
      1950's. This knowledge has been openly discussed for decades.



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      > Hi all,
      > I have just been reading John A Keels 'Disneyland of the Gods'. In this
      Keel proposes the link between electromagnetic and gravitational anomolies
      on the surface of the Earth, with all manner of phenomenon, such as UFO's,
      Lake Monsters/ Unusual animals, Poltergeists, Ghosts. etc and that these are
      often related to water. He also mentions the ancient tracks and paths which
      link ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Callanish etc are also
      related to the electromagnetic phenomenon and that these are in turn related
      to the appearance of glowing lights and other phenomena which seem to follow
      or appear on these ancient paths with regularity.
      > He then goes on to mention that in the 90's there was a series of NASA
      programs in which rockets carrying barium salts were launched high into the
      stratosphere to seed the chemical which spread out and followed the
      electromagnetic fields like iron filings. These could be used to measure the
      orientation and location of such fields.
      > Now this is just a stab in the dark so to speak, but suppose the
      governments of the world wanted detailed knowledge of the positions and
      strengths of the electromagnetic fields in their respective countries to
      tell them where such anomolies exist, so that the phenomenon may be tracked,
      catalogued and perhapse influenced? How would you go about it? send teams of
      ground vehicles all over the country with sophisticated electronic devices
      and hope to explain these away when challenged? Or send tanker planes up and
      surruptitiosly spray with some chemical concoction from above, where no
      direct challenge can take place? I recall that an analysis of the chemical
      gave the properties as being highly reactive to electricity and of course
      > Just a thought, anyone care to comment?
      > Take care
      > Phil
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