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World Of The Strange Newsletter 9/3/01

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    ***********World Of The Strange Newsletter 9/3/01*********** There will be no newsletter on both September 10th and 17th Due to my Vacation. Also I would like
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      ***********World Of The Strange Newsletter 9/3/01***********
      There will be no newsletter on both September 10th and 17th Due to my
      Vacation. Also I would like to wish Everyone a Very "HAPPY LABOR DAY"
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      #1. So you Want to be a “Ghost Hunter”? by: Lt. Colonel James L. Choron,
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      #2. GUARDIAN's Return? by: Mark Andrews ufo1128@...
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      There will be no newsletter on both September 10th and 17th Due to my vacation. Also I would like to wish Everyone a Very "HAPPY LABOR DAY" From WOTS http://www.funnygreetings.com/laborj3.htm
      ����`����,��,����`����,��, ����`����,��,����`����,��,����`����
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      ����`����,��,����`����,��, ����`����,��,����`����,��,����`����
      RIDERS IN THE SKY- The Ghost and Legends of Philmont Scout Ranch
      Author: Michael Connelly MMrobertc@...
      (This book can be purchased through Amazon.com or to contact Merril Press P.O. Box 1682 Bellevue, Washington 98005 (425) 454-7009
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      #1. So you Want to be a �Ghost Hunter�? by: Lt. Colonel James L. Choron, AFRF kommissar@...
      #2. GUARDIAN's Return? by: Mark Andrews ufo1128@...
      #3. Did A Real Angel Come To My Rescue by: Karen Lyster zblue@... Award Of Excellence Winner For The Month at WOTS "UFOs The Beginning Of A New World" http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/2301/Directory.html
      #4. Play If You Dare - Games Get More Real by: John R. Quain
      #5. Russian Scientists See Flying Saucers by: Sergei Blagov
      #6. US Base's Report of UFO Crash 'had MoD in a Panic'
      by: Richard Norton-Taylor The Guardian <http://www.guardian.co.uk>
      #7.The Brown Mountain Lights-New Video Evidence May Finally Provide More Clues to Potentially Solve the Mystery by: Davy Russell, Editor X-Project Magazine <mailto:editor@...>

      #1. So you Want to be a �Ghost Hunter�? by: Lt. Colonel James L. Choron, AFRF kommissar@...

      So you�re new at this? Well, everybody starts somewhere. You want answers? You�re looking for an �expert� to teach you how to �hunt ghosts�? Well, I�ve got some very bad news for you. In the field of Paranormal Investigation (We�re much more than �Ghost Hunters�), there simply is no such thing as an expert. True, there are people who have been involved in the firld for a long time, and all of them have techniques that they use, because they have found them to be effective, still, we are all learning. Paranormal Investigation is nothing like what you have seen on television, or in the movies. It is a learning process. While we all hope for the day in which it will be an exact science, and accepted as such, that day is not yet, and is most likely a long way off. At the moment, we are still faced with the �Art of the Possible�. It is people like you, who are just now entering the field� who will take the knowledge and experience of those who have gone before you, and help to transform our persuit into what it should become, a science. Perhaps this will not come in any of our lifetimes, but it will come, and each of us will make some small contribution to that coming.

      As a rule, less than 10% of anamoly photos are actually paranormal in nature. We have some very sophisticated equipment... now... after over fifteen years as a group... and we average about One in Ten... about average. Also... most investigations draw a blank. They average about the same as photos... about One in Ten. Now... when you get a good one, it's usually a REALLY good one. But, to give you an idea, in fifteen years, we have about seventy-five cases that are actually documentable and verifyable in nature. That's out of about 100 cases a year that we manage to investigate... not counting re-visits to promising sites, or sites where we had some initial findings, and decide to go into deeper research before following up. Call it about 5%, with another 5% still under investigation, with no "verdict" in. That puts us at just about average. Remember, hauntings are like the photos. The vast majority can be explained by some natural means. Unusual acoustics and unusual lighting in a given area, or an unusually strong level of static electricity can cause some really interesting anamolies... not, however, paranormal in nature.

      I genuinely believe that our field is overun with "wannabes" and "ghost buster" clones. Now, that is not saying that it�s bad to have an interest in the field for less than �professional� reasons� But�the investigation of the paranormal is long overdue to be included among the ranks of the "real' or "hard" sciences. What is lacking is very basic, and yet it seems to be the hardest to instill into those who show interest. First of all, there is more to investigation of the paranormal than just going to a "haunted house" and taking some neat "ghost pictures". For an investigation to be valid, for it to carry any weight at all, it must follow established scientific procedure... establsh the case being investigated with in depth research and a trail of empical evidence. All other possible sources must be eliminated, before the case can even be legitimately investigated as a paranormal occurence. Even then, we must maintain a scientific skepticism, which leads us to prove, by evidence and experimentation, that what we are seeing is not a natural event. There are "laws" that govern the paranormal, just as there are laws that govern any other branch of science, and, the laws of the other branches of science apply, equally, to the paranormal. If it appears that one of the basic laws of biology or physics is being defied by a paranormal occurence, then, I propose that the law stands in need of revision, or some addendum must be postulated. No one, not even Einstein, Teller or Oppenheimer claimed to understand every aspect of Relavivity. No one can make such a claim with any other field of study. And... one must remember... with relation to such established disciplines as Physics and Biology, to name but two... the investigation into the paranormal is in it's infancy. We are only now lifting ourselves above the stage of being "parlor magicians", "mystics" and "fakirs". The "wannabe" and the "Horror Movie Fan" have no place in serious investigation of the paranormal. Don't get me wrong. I love a good horror movie as much as anyone. But... I do not base my views of the paranormal on Hollywood and Hammersmith. Horror movies are entertaining. The paranormal is for real. Likewise, the writen word. Vampirism is a legitimate topic for paranormal investigation. All myth and legend has some basis in fact. Ann Rice and Bram Stoker have the same relationship to the facts about Vampirism as "theology" has to "God"... none to speak of. The list could go on, it is endless.

      Much of what I am about to say is very basic. Some of it you undoubtedly already know, or have suspected. Still, I'll go over it anyway. Much of it is just common sense. It doesn't hurt to review. Here, then, is what I would do to initiate an investigation. This is the same procedure our group uses, and it will work for anyone. It also helps you to document your findings. It makes no difference what kind of location you are investigating, or it's geographic location. I'll get into specifics on that later.

      How to Locate a Site to Investigate:

      The location of a �good� site to investigate is not a matter of chance or luck. It is the culmination of dedicated and serious research. There are many ways to locate a promising site, the most common are:

      Local stories about places which are �known� to be haunted.

      Newspaper and Media stories about �haunted� places in your area.

      Police and Fire Department records.

      Tips by friends and associstes.

      City, County or Regional Historical Societies and Clubs.

      *Cemeteries are always a prime target for investigation. Generally speaking, the older the cemetery teh better. Most local Historical Societies maintain a list or a registry of cemeteries in the area, and the dates (usually approximate when dealing with extremely old sites) of founding.

      Chambers of Commerce and Tourist Bureaus.

      Military District, Commandantura, Veteran�s Organizations

      *These organizations will maintain a list of battlefields and sites wher military actions took place in your area THAT MIGHT NOT BE KNOWN TO THE LOCAL TOURIST BUREAU OR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. This would include the sites of abandoned military installations, military cemeteries, and such things as field hospitals. They also can provide you with (unclassified) maps of very high quality.

      *Since our organization contains a very high proportion of both active and reserve Military and Police personnel, we receive a great many �tips� from these people and their collegues, both active duty and retired. Military , Police, Security, and Fire retirees are excellent sources of information, as, genreally speaking, they have �heard it all�.

      State or Regional Highway Departments

      *All such organizations can, and will provide, usually free of charge, detailed maps of city, state, province or region. Most of these maps
      list major historic sites and cemeteries.

      Older Relatives and Friends of your family.

      Senior Citizens in general.

      *Long term residents of any community are a wealth of information regarding local �legends� and �stories�.

      The Internet

      *As odd as it seems, the internet is an excellent place to look for unusual occurrences and reported hauntings in your area. There are a great many sites dedicated to the Paranormal, and most of them maintain a dirctory of �haunted places�. An internet search for such a directory may be done through any of the major search engines by simply entering �Haunted Places� or �Ghost Hunters� (Regional Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation Groups generally maintain a list of �haunted places� which will contain locations not generally known to the larger, national and international groups.


      The first thing that you should do, regardless of what type of location you are investigating is to determine, to the best of your ability, if it does, in fact, have a spirit present. Many hauntings are "residual" in nature, and are just replays of some event. For some reason, the energy of a happening stays in the location, and replays the event over and over like a loop tape. This is easy to determine, since in the case of a residual haunting, there is no interaction with the entities present. It's exactly like watching a movie.

      If there is an active haunting... a spirit present, then you need determine exactly why he/she is there. Was there some event that "trapped" them? Are they tied to the place for some reason? Could it be that they simply do not realize that they are dead? Do they resist being dead, and for this reason remain? Are they trying to fulfill some "mission" or carry out some "objective"? Do they feel that something in their life was "unfinished"?

      In doing this, you should look into the history of the property, house, cemetary and person (if possible... obituary notices, former property owners, older people who might remember, local "legends" or other stories... any source of information might prove useful, don't neglect any). Police and Fire Department records are also a good source, depending on what else you find... was it a case of violent death?)

      Remember that an investigation is more than just getting a good "ghost picture" or a good video or audio tape. It is a combination of many things, all leading to the documentation of a spirit presence, but, more than that, it should include an effort to get into contact with the spirit, and help him/her cross over into the next plain, where they really belong.

      In any case, once you've done your homework, and know a little about the site, and hopefully the haunting, you are ready for the next step.

      Go to the location in daylight. Take a note pad and camera with you, and document the site as it appears in a "normal" atmosphere. This does two things. First of all, it acquaints you with the site, and makes getting around and navigating in darkness somewhat easier. Secondly, it gives you a "control".... something by which to judge results and something with which to compare. Try, as much as possible, to anticipate where you will work in the actual investigation, and duplicate it... a "dry run" for lack of a better term. It is also possible that you will get some results in the daytime, as well. We certainly have.

      Once all of the above, and you have all of your material gathered, you should assemble what you will need for the actual investigation. Since this is your first investigation, and I assume that you do not have an arsenal of very sophisticated equipment, here is what I recommend:

      Two Cameras:

      NOTE: As simple, and obvious as this may sound, be SURE and clean any and all cameras that you will be using completely and thoroughly both before and after use. Pay special attention to the lens, and in the case of SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Cameras, which genrraly have detachable/interchangeable lenses and fliters, be absolutely certain that BOTH SIDES of the lens or filter is clean and dry before attaching it to the camera. Clean all lenses with a clean, dry cloth (NOT a tissue, as the leave lint which will produce an unwanted flaw on your photos). It is best to use an anti-static and anti-dim cloth. These are available at a very low cost from any Optomitrist or Optical Shop.

      A. One camera that is loaded with the "fastest" film that you can lay your hands on. I recommend ASA/DIN 1,000 or better... 2,000 if you can get it, but certainly, nothing under ASA/DIN 400.

      (1.) This allows you to use less artificial light, and to "freeze" motion. ASA/DIN 400 film will stop most normal motion in daylight photography, and is adaquate for night work, with a good flash. It will stop an aircraft in flight, or a car moving down the road. It DOES, however, require a good, strong flash for night work, and in spirit photography, this is NOT a good thing, since it produces artificial "hot spots" and shadows.

      ASA/DIN 1,000 and up requires very little artificial light, and none at all in semi-darkness or twilight, or in the presence of a strong street light.

      The ASA/DIN number is printed on the film's box. This number indicates the "speed" of the film. The higher the number, the "faster" the film. There are some cases, such as time exposures, in which a very SLOW film might be desireable, but these are rare. In such cases, the camera should be set on a tripod, aimed at the target area, and the shutter speed and opening set for maximum exposure and time. In total darkness, or near total darkness, you would want the widest possible lens opening, and an exposure time of around five minutes. This type of photo has a VERY narrow depth of field, and will show only about one foot, or less, of the target area on either side of the actual focal point. It is useful only in the examination of very specific locations. such as closets, very small rooms, cabinets and items of furnature, such as beds or chairs.

      TIME EXPOSURE PHOTOGRAPHY REQUIRES A MANUALLY OPERATED SINGLE LENS REFLEX (SLR) CAMERA. If you do not own one, the best suggestion that I have is to go to a pawnshop and buy a good used one. New SLR's tend to be Hellishly expensive. You can get a good used one for around $50. to $150. at a pawnshop, BUT... take it to a good camera shop and have it gone over to make sure that it functions properly in all ways. Even something as simple to repair as a small light leak can cost you a lot of good photos, or cause �anamolies� to appear on film which do not actually exist.. Having the camera examined should not cost over $20. or so.

      B. One camera that is loaded with Infrared (IR) film. This handles the same as I have mentioned above, and loads exactly like normal film. IR film is sensitive to heat impulse rather than light, and can be used in total, or near total darkness, without a flash.

      (1.) IR film is available from any good Camera Shop or Photographic Supply House. It is slightly more expensive than normal film but not excessively so (usually about 20%).

      NOTE: This film processes differntly from standard film, and must be sent out. A minilab, such as those found in One Hour Processing laboratories cannot deal with it. BE SURE to mark the processing envalope "INFRARED" and "IR" in a very prominent place. Useing the wrong processing chemicals on IR film will produce a blank roll.

      A Hand Held Tape Recorder: This should be as sensitive as possible, and voice activated. A pocket sized, mini-recorder will do, if it has a sensitive microphone. Use the best quality tape that you can possibly get. This should be carried with you at all times.

      A Large Cassette Recorder: This should be set up in the target area, and simply left on. Once again, use the best quality tape that you can get. Use an external mike for EVP to cut down on motor noise. Placeing the recorder on a soft pad will also help to muffle any motor noises or noises caused by vibration.

      A Video Camera: Any good, high resoultion camera will do. Later, as you get more involved, you might purchase a unit that has special features for night use. Once again, you will need a minimum of 120 minutes worth of tape, and use the best quality tape that you can find.

      An EMF Meter: This measures fluctuations in the Electormagnetic Field. Fluctuations of the EM field are a certain indicator of spirit activity. Generally speaking a reading of between two (2) and seven (7) on a standard EMF meter indicates the presence of paranormal activity, HOWEVER, activity can be present at readings substantially lower than two (2). The thing to watch for is fluctuation in the EMF field. If yor meter is hovering around .5, and suddenly jumps to 1, and there is no other cause for the fluctuation, such as the presence of overhead or buried cables, household wireing, microwave transmitters in the area or microwave ovens in the building, then you most likely have some form of paranormal activity, even though the reading is significantly below that which would normally indicate such activity.

      NOTE: If you do not have an EMF meter, you can substitute a VERY good, lensatic compass... the kind that can be set manually for a "true" reading. You should calibrate the compass before going on site, well away from any kind of electormagnetic interference such as power lines, etc.

      This will not indicate the strength of fluctuation in the electromagnetic field, but it will indicate a fluctuation. The needle will be pulled off of "true", and in some cases, if a very strong anamoly is present, it will "go crazy". Depending on the charge of the anamoly, the needle will either point directly toward, or directly away from the source of the field disturbance in most cases.

      Metal Detector: Not essential, but handy to have, especially in outdoor locations. DO NOT take such equipment into a cemetary, UNLESS it is extremely remote, OR you carry written permission of those responsible for the cemetary. It can get you arrested. Graverobbing is still a crime in most places, and police are generally NOT either amused or convinced by the explanation of being a Paranormal Investigator.

      Since one of the mission objectives of our group is the location and recovery of the remains of soldiers missing from our country�s wars, this is an essential piece of equipment for each of our �strike groups�. We have actually found several sets of remains, in in isolated areas that were battle sites. The discovery of the remains and their proper burial ended the hauntings being investigated in those areas.

      Digital Thermometer or Electronic Heat Sensor: A fast registering Digital Thermometer or Electronic Heat Sensor for recording the actual ambient temperature of the site, and that of any "hot spots" or "cold spots".

      Note: Be particuarly aware of cold spots, as they are a near certain indcator of spirit activity. Note Pads and Pens: Take writen notes, so as not to use up tape on either recorder, or to make any unnecessary noise.

      Flashlight: Any good hand held flashlight, with fresh batteies.

      A "red" flashlight is better, as it diminishes glare. If you do not own one, a piece of red celophane taped over the lens of a regular flashlight will work just fine... BUT... make sure you have no creases or folds in the celophane, as this creates shadows and false images.

      Penlight: The smaller the better. This is for use in making notes, reading maps, etc. As with the above mentioned large flashlight, a red bulb or red lens cover is advisable.

      Dependable Watch and Stopwatch: This if for the documentation of times involved with any sighting or other activity.

      Protective Items: Each member of any team should carry protective item(s) such as they feel comfortable with. This can be any talisman or religious symbol, representing any faith or any philosophy. It/they should serve as a focal point for positive energy, in the event that a hostile, negative, beligerant or angry spirit entity is encountered.

      AT LEAST ONE PARTNER OR TEAM MEMBER: Never... Repeat... Never go on an investigation alone, no matter where it is, or how "benevolent" or "non-threatning" the haunting. There are three, very logical reasons for the above warning:

      First of all, it just isn't safe. From a physical standpoint, since you will most likely be operating in an unfamiliar, or at best, semi-familiar location, in darkness, it is best to have at least one companion along. I've fallen, tripped, or run into obsticles on sevral ocassions, with various degrees of damage.

      Secondly, you never know what kind of spirit(s) you might encounter or find yourself dealing with. A second, preferably a third member of your team will be useful in dealing with any hostile, or angry entity. (See "Protective Items" covered above).

      Thirdly, documentation of any spirit activity, to accompany any photographic, audio or video results is essential. Therefore, the maximum number of witinesses is desirable. While too many people on an investigation is not good, it is never a good idea to go alone, as an unsubstantiated report is practically worthless, no matter how reliable the witiness.

      From a practical, pragmatic standpoint, a second or third set of hands is also useful, since it is very difficult for a single person to effectively handle the amount of equipment needed to conduct a successful investigation. Our group varries between twelve and eighteen members. On only two ocassions have all of us gone to a single site at once. We usually divide up into three or four person teams, and go to seperate sites. Once a team has investigated a site, we then re-assign that site to a different team for a second evaluation, then compare the results before documenting any findings. On rare ocassions (three in the past five years), we have investigated the same site as many as five times, each time being with a different team.

      While on this topic, it should also be mentioned that the compitent (and smart) Investigator ALWAYS notifies Police and other authorities of planned outings and locations to be investigated. . Aside from problems that oculd arise by simply being seen in a deserted building or cemetary late at night, it should be remembered that vagrants, homeless people, and drug abusers also use abandoned properties for hang outs and a place to sleep. In most major cities, police and, in some cases, private secutity companies, make regular and routine patrols of all abandoned or vaccant buildings, and especially of cemetaries, which have been suffering much from vandals and �satinists�. Even if you have written permission, the presence of such a patrol, at an unexpected time, and the questions that must he answered, will interrupt the investigation and possibly spoil any results that you have achieved. It is further advisable to appoint a single person as �group leader� or �spokesperson� in dealing with any authorites who do happen to �drop by�. This not only looks more professional, it is less confusing to the authorities, as they will not have todeal with several people attempting to answer each question.

      When going to a property, always contact, and have the permission of the owner or legal custodians. Get this permission in writing, even if it is nothing more than a simple, signed note. Threre are two reasons for this. (1.) Having a written permission will answer any questions that authorities such as the above mentioned police and fire authorities might have concerning your presence, and (2.) it is an invaluable piece of documentation concerning the site. Always appoint one person as leader to answer questions if and when the local police happen to drop in for a visit. They wil l respond much better to a single person answering questions than to everyone trying to talk at once.

      OPTIONAL NOTE: Each or our "Strike Teams" has a mascot. At present we have three cats and two small dogs pressed into service. This may sound silly, but it has been worth the trouble more times than not. Animals are far more sensitive to spirit presence than humans, and will react to their presence. The mascot, however, must be extremely tame, and not subject to "investigation" on it's own. It should be leashed or carried at all times.


      Upon deciding on a location and scouting it and reviewing the results of the dry run, you should then assemble your team and your equipment, and proceed to the task of the actual investigation. Before going to the site, each team member should be completely briefed in all known information, and assigned specific areas and tasks. It is vitally important that there be no confusion at the site. The use of a pre-determined "plan of attack" is strongly advised.

      Apperance, Personal Hygene and Standards of Behavior:

      The Ten Commandments:

      1. All members of the Investigation Team should be dressed neatly, in clean, well mainained clothing. NO HATS, CAPS unless weather conditions warrant such apparel and no TANK TOPS, HALTERS or TEE-SHIRTS. Any item of clothing that would be considered �faddish� is unacceptable. In a word, all members of the party should dress in such a way as to project a dignified and �Professional� Image. PLEASE NOTE: While dark colored clothing and subdued colors are highly recommended, showing up at an investigation dressed like Count Dracula or a character from an Anne Rice novel is not.

      2. Thou shalt not chew gum at any time during an investigation.

      3. Thou shalt not EATor DRINK during the course of an investigation. If you are hungry, eat before the investigation begins, or wait until it is over. Nothing looks less professional than walking through a site with a candy bar, sandwich, or canned drink in your hand.

      4. Men�s hair should clean and neat in apperance, and they should have be either clean shaven or have neatly trimmed beard and moustashe. Women should have have clean, neatly done hair.

      5. No drinking or alcaholic beverages before or during an investigation, or afterwards, as long as the group remains On Site. Most Especially, ABSOLUTELY no use of drugs.

      A. The practices listed in this section not only present a poor image of the Investigation Team, they pose a real and present danger to you and the other members of your group, NOT TO MENTION that alcahol use, in public is generally illegal, and that drug use is always so. This can not only cause legal problems for you and your group, but can result in damage to the group�s reputation which is irreparable. DON�T TAKE THE RISK.

      6. No smoking, taking of snuff or any other tobacco product during the course of the investigation.

      7. No loud talking or boisterous behavior On Site, either before, during or after the investigation.

      8. No portable radios, �Walkmen� or CD players on site.

      9. No unnecessary conversations with property owners or spectators, any questions or comments by �outsiders� should be addressed by either the Group Leader, or the Group�s Appointed Spokesperson.

      10. All vehicles and equipment, other than that used for the actual investigation, which is seen by the public, should be clean and well maintained. Motorcycles, Scooters, Dune Buggies, �Mud Hogs� and �Bigfoot� clones are not acceptable modes of transportation to an investigation. Once again, the key is a dignified and professional apperance. Micharl J. Fox might be able to get by with driving a wreck in the movie �Frightners� but true professionals do not.

      Typical T.O. (Tactical Order):

      The location should be carefully, and slowly gone over, location by location with the view of familiariazation. Each potential location of activity, if not actually known in advance, should be noted.

      The stationary recorder(s) should be set up and switched on, then left running for the duration of the investigation.

      All hand held or portable recording devices should be activated.

      Each location, room, or area should then be photographed with standard photography. Special attention should be paid to corners, closets, items of furnature, ceilings, hallways and doorways.

      Each member of the team should be aware of "hot spots" or "cold spots". These areas should then be completely photographed.

      Once the standard photography is complete, an IR tour should be made of the entire sight, duplicating, as closely as possible, the photos made with the standard cameras.

      Temperature readings should be made in each area, as to ambient temperature and to the temperature of any "hot spots" or "cold spots".

      The mascot, if one is used, should then be led throught he site, paying careful attention to the animal's behavior. Any location which excites a response from the mascot, no matter how slight, should then be photographed with both standard and IR units.

      NOTE: Since our group includes "Special Unit", equipped with a very sophisticated Thermal Imaging Unit, and several of us own thermal visors and binoculars, we then do a thermal scan of the entire site, however, this type of equipment is expensive in the west, and difficult to acquire. Still, it is reccommended equipment if the funding and availabillity are both present. "Starlight" goggles are available from military surplus stores, although expensive. IR goggles are also available, and less expensive, although not as effective. A similar �good investment�, when funding permits, is a geiger counter. These, also, can be purchased as surplus. While this kind of equipment is not always useful, in some cases, they will indntify an energy emission or source, and give a good indication ot it�s strength. This is especially true of high output burst emissions. It will also elimintate the possbility of low level radiation, such as microwave or x rays, being the cause of photographic anamolies. A surplus geiger counter shuld run in the neighborhood of $50.00 US. Please note that some modification might be required to accomodate more readily available batteries.

      Another �good investment� to consider, as your group grows, is at least one set of miniature, or �headset� model, two-way radios (walkie-talkies). These are useful in communicating between elements of a group, when they are in different locations on a given site, especially inside a building. These items are relatively inexpensive, with several good variants generally available at sporting goods, and some (very short rang, but inexpensive) units can be found in toy stores. Range should be no less than � mile in the open.

      Complete notes should be taken of the entire investigation, by each team member, and a single person should be appointed to review all notes and compile a consolidated report of the events involved.


      If a spirit entity is encountered, NO ATTEMPT SHOULD BE MADE TO CONTACT THIS ENTITY UNLESS IT FIRST ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT YOU! Any contact should be attempted by the most experienced member of your team (preferably a psychic or one who is VERY sensitive) or group, on a second, or subsequent follow-up visit.

      What Results to Expect:

      As difficult as this is to admit, and as much as I would prefer to say otherwise, the majority of Investigations have absolutely no noticable or recordable results. In our experience, somewhere around ten per-cent of all investigations yield some recordable anamoly or paranormal activity. This activity can range from simple �cold spots� or �hot spots� and recodable fluctuations in the Elecrtromagnetic (EMF) Field, to Photographic, Video or Audio documentation of an anamoly and Psychic contact with a spirit entity (this last case being extremely rare, less than 1% of the cases that our group has thus far investigated over a fifteen year period). This is not to say that activity does not exist in more locations, it is simply stating an obvious fact. As the old saying goes, �you have to be in the right place, at the right time�. Many �reported� hauntings are just that� reported. You are, in fact, in the wrong place, because there is no actual activity present. And� it does no good to be in the right place at the wrong time. Paranormal activity is not always present, even in a location that does have an active haunting. The main thing is to not become discouraged if your first hunt is not an overwhelming success. Go about �business as usual�, and record all the pertinent details of the investigation in an orderly and easily understood manner, then, file them for future use. There is always �next time�. Chances are good that, if activity at a certain location actually exists, a follow-up visit will uncover it. It is possible that several follow-up visits will be required, but� that�s one of the things that makes the field of Paranormal Investigation interesting. However, do return to the same site immediately. Select a new site and start over from step one. Remember the old saying� �If at first you don�t succeed�� There is nothing as satisfying to the Paranormal Investigator as the feeling one gets when an investigation has been successfully completed. Whether activity was present or not, there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes form adding a further piece of hard, empirical evidence to the developing science of Paranormal Investigation, and� if the investigation does uncover activity, and you have �done your homework�, you can feel confident that you have made a valuable contribution to the quest for a definitive answer to the great question about the continuity of the human spirit� you can say with certainty, and beilef based on evidence, that there is, in fact, life beyone what we, in this plane of existence, call �death�.

      International and Russian Federation � 2001, by �Angels of the Battlefield� , A non-profit organization devoted to the Recovery and Identification of Soldiers Missing in Action and the Investigation of the Paranormal based in Moscow, The Rueeian Federation

      (Editor's Notation: James L. Choron is the Director General of "Angels of the Battlefield" The Moscow Area Paranormal Investigation Society. James is also a retired Executive with the Eastman Kodak Company.
      The organization has been together since the ending year of 1991 and has worked on the investigations of the paranormal, and the recovery and disposal of unclaimed dead from Russia's many battlefields and has since investigated some 1,500 cases of hauntings and other paranormal activity. The organization has also recover, at last count, 132 bodies, from all sides, in two World Wars, three revolutions and a Civil War. James has been very busy with his writings and also putting together a book on Russian Hauntings.)

      #2. GUARDIAN's Return? by: Mark Andrews ufo1128@...

      Ten years to the day of the taping of the "Guardian" incident near Carp, Ontario Canada. (August 19, 1991)

      The crop formations that appeared on the morning of August 19, 2001 appeared 10 years to the day of the taping of the very low hovering craft over a field near Carp, Ontario, Canada.

      This incident (with accompanying video of the craft and ground level red "flare" formation along side) has been the focus of Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, and various other U.S. and International programs.

      The circular red flare-like formation shown in the night-time video is somewhat similar to the pattern shown in the third photo of the attached page from the Art Bell web site.

      It would seem to be more than coincidence that the SETI responses also shown on the attached page appeared on 8-19-01; the 10 year anniversary of the Guardian taping.

      The photo of the extraterrestrial that accompanied the Guardian tape is facially (almost) identical to the right side of the divided humanoid face crop formation shown in the second photo. If you block off the left side of the crop formation ( the more human side ) you have an image of the classic "Gray" face/

      Serious consideration should be given to the possibility that the Ontario incident was offered as a precursor to the crop formations ( so near to a radio telescope ) in the English countryside on 8-19-01..

      #3. Did A Real Angel Come To My Rescue by: Karen Lyster zblue@... Award Of Excellence Winner For The Month at WOTS "UFOs The Beginning Of A New World" http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/2301/Directory.html

      This Web Site is devoted to unraveling the mysteries of ages past and ages yet to come. As you will see, a Veil of Secrecy has been placed around you, ever so gently over your eyes so you no longer see, you'll learn that what you have been taught has made you deaf to the truth. Now is the time to lift that Veil, to discard old views and belief systems which were never yours in the first place, but forced upon you by others who benefit from the ignorance placed upon you. Come journey with me, and we shall slowly lift the Veil to reveal an abundance of riches that have been hidden from you. We shall open the windows and let the refreshing breeze of enlightenment let your spirit soar free for the very first time.

      This site is extensive - there are Six Main Directories which you can enter via the menu to the lefton this site:
      Holy Grail
      Our Origins

      Below you will see articles on all topics either written by Karen or well established researchers in their field. I hope that you will enjoy her site as much as I have...Below is an article that Karen has recently written.

      Did A Real Angel Come To My Rescue by: Karen Lyster zblue@...

      The those of you who haven't read the first part of this story please visit the Missing Time article. http://www.worldofthestrange.com/Archives/082001.htm

      I was in a good mood that late afternoon when I turned the key in the front door and walked inside. Something seemed different but I couldn't put my finger on it until I walked down the hall and noticed that the bedrooms on either side of the hallway had been stripped of linen "oh they're doing a really big laundry this time" I chuckled to myself as I carried on down the hall and into the main living room. Something was different there as well and it took a few seconds for my senses to take it in. Alot of the items were missing, the TV, the ornaments on the sideboard and loads of other things. Now you would have thought at this realisation that I'd be thinking that we had been burgled, but instead my heart sank as I realised that my friends whom I'd been living with had been very busy that day, packing up their belongings and leaving without a trace. I stood there in the middle of the lounge taking it all in and then I moved over to the kitchen table trying to pull myself together. I had to be strong, "be strong Karen", I kept repeating to myself. I sat down at the table and pulled out my cigarettes and light one to try and calm my nerves. What on earth was I going to do now? I was in this large apartment all alone and had no idea of where to go or what to do. Why hadn't I seen this coming, why hadn't I realised they were going to leave.... of course it had been there right in front of my eyes for weeks now and I just didn't want to face up to it. Well now I had to whether I liked it or not. You see "it" all started after that weekend of missing time. Right afterwards strange things had started to happen all through the apartment. We had it all, the flying glasses, the tables wobbling, and even the odd person walking right through the walls right in front of all of us. I'd found the whole thing so amazing, so exciting, so thrilling.... but I'd failed to realise the terrible toll it was taking on my dear friends who shared the apartment with me. I'd seen the looks of terror on their faces, so I had no excuse saying "I didn't know"... because "I did know". And who could blame them for being scared out of their minds, who could blame them for packing up and leaving without a word. If they had of told me I probably would have begged them to stay.... stay in an apartment that terrified them and yet only made me more inquisitive of the world around me.

      As I sat there smoking that cigarette at the kitchen table, I felt so wretched that I had put my friends through such an ordeal. I wanted to reach out to them and say it was ok; what they'd done was ok; I knew they must be feeling so guilty right at that moment for leaving me alone like that, but I understood that was probably the only course of action they felt they had open to them. Discussing it with me would have gotten us nowhere. Yes - they had done the right thing. I took a deep breath and thought about what I was going to do next. There was no way I could pay the rent on my salary so after an hour of ideas flying through my head, the only solution seemed to be to pack up and leave Sydney, returning to New Zealand. I didn't want to do that, but really I didn't have much of a choice. The landlord lived in the apartment right above mine so I bounded up the stairs and knocked on his door to tell him the bad news that I was moving and the flat would be free within the next few days.

      As he opened the door and I went to say what I'd come for I suddenly burst into tears. I'd been fine right up until that moment - but the heavens opened up and all my emotions just burst out. Through my sobs I told him the situation and that I was leaving - he listened sympathetically but also looked rather scared as "what the hell do I do with this woman LOL". With that part over I returned to my own apartment and made a phone call to the airlines to book a flight back to New Zealand. There was only one available and it was for the very next day at 6pm - I took it gladly.

      There was so much to do and I was hardly in a fit state to do any of it. I had to deal with my job, and a host of other things but I still felt in such a state of shock and my brain was in neutral and didn't look like it was going to reave up a gear any time soon ;). Then there was a knock at the door. "Oh god" I thought "who the hell is that"... the last thing I wanted was a visitor. As I walked down the hallway I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My makeup had run and I looked like a racoon having a hell of a bad day! "Too bad" I thought "who cares what the hell I look like". So I opened the door and there stood a stranger who I'd never seen before in my life. He had the kindest face I've ever seen in my life and the bluest eyes you could ever image. His hair was a gorgeous blond. I guess it was obvious to him that I was embarrassed at the way I looked as he gave me a beautiful grin and said "don't worry you look just fine to me". For the first time in a few hours I allowed myself a little whimper of a laugh - heavens I really did look a mess and he must have wondered why I'd been crying like I had to leave all those streaks down my face.

      He told me his name was Simon, and that he'd just moved into the apartment right next to mine and he was putting rubbish outside the door when I'd been upstairs at the landlords front door, and he couldn't help but overhear my plight and wondered if there was anything he could do to help me. "Wow what a guy I thought". The apartment next door was owned by a lady named Sarah whom I gotten to know quite well and she had told me a new guy was moving in so it all made sense to me who he was. I thanked him for caring but said I'd so much to do as I was flying back to New Zealand the next day and should start to pack and get things organised. His manner was so incredible, each time I looked at that face I swear that some of the tension I was feeling just melted clean away. He told me that he was making a special Italian dish for dinner and he hated to eat alone, so he'd love it if I'd join him for a glass of wine and a home cooked meal. Ummm sounded good but I still didn't know this guy from Adam and thought I better not. So again I thanked him but declined his offer in favour of sorting out what had to be done before I left tomorrow. He seemed satisfied with my answer and he smiled again as we said our goodbyes and I closed the door. After the door was closed I thought to myself "god you're a stupid cow, he's a lovely guy and he's got dinner ready and you know jolly well you need a glass of wine... but no you turn him down... silly cow".

      I sat back down at the kitchen table and started to make a list of everything I had to do. Quitting my job was going to be a tricky one as I'd only been there 3 weeks and the manager had told me he hated hiring Kiwi's as we always moved on! Well I sure wasn't going to give him more confidenence in hiring more New Zealanders was I! About 30 minutes went by and there was another knock at the door. I opened it and there was the same man, but this time he was holding a tray with dinner on it. There was a large plate of some gorgeous smelling Italian dish, a glass of wine and a red rose. I just beamed at him. He said "well if you won't come to my place at least take this and have something to eat". I decided "what the hell" and told him that I'd come over to his apartment and eat with him. So I shut my door and we went into the apartment next door. The smell of garlic and herbs filled the room and I suddenly realised just how famished I really was! He sat me down on the couch and poured me a glass of red wine.

      I must have spent about 4 hours there that night. He was the perfect host. He listened to everything that had happened, I poured everything to this stranger - my missing time, the UFO experience, and all the odd things that had caused my friends to pack up and leave. We shared the meal, we shared the wine and he shared my story. He was so kind and gentle - I couldn't believe my luck that he was there to listen to me bleating on and on and now wonderful he was at calming me down with everything that was going on. I left just before midnight feeling so much better after such a lovely evening. I thanked him over and over again and he just gave me that fabulous warm smile of his to let me know that everything was going to be all right.

      The next morning he arrived at my door again, this time with breakfast. Orange Juice, toast and honey. I remember shaking my head at him and saying "just who are you, some angel or something" and laughing while I said it.

      He told me that he'd taken the day off work and was going to spend it with me helping me sort everything out that needed to be done. His generosity was overwhelming - what on earth had I done to deserve such kindness from a stranger like him. In fact Simon did "everything" for me that day. He quit my job, he sorted out all the airline tickets, he closed all my banking accounts (I had to sign of course), and he helped me pack what I needed to for the trip home. He was there beside me all day, and he held my hand the entire time. He knew I was feeling overwhelmed by everything and so his gentle friendship was something I will never forget.

      He drove me to the airport that night and as we said our goodbyes at the department gate I didn't know how to thank him for everything he'd done to me, and for the incredible kindness he'd shown me. Tears welled up in my eyes as I kissed him on the cheek and a muffled "thank you" passed my lips. He gave me a hug and said "you deserve it". I turned and walked away, just about bumping into a rubbish bin as the tears had filled my eyes and I could hardly see a dam thing now.

      I turned back for one last look and he was still standing there with that gorgeous warm smile and he gave me a wave. I waved back and then turned away and walked onto the plane. It wasn't the best of trips that I'd had. I was so nervous as I knew the many questions my parents would have for me the moment I got off the plane. Oh well I had to just relax and try not to worry about it as it was over now and I was heading off back to New Zealand where I'd start a new life and hopefully things would settle down.

      I'd been back a week and living in Wellington with my family when I just had to give Simon a call to thank him again for everything that he'd done for me. I'd never be able to repay him but at least I needed to tell him how grateful I was.

      It was Sarah who answered the phone (the lady who owned and lived in that apartment). We chatted small talk for a few minutes then I asked if I could please speak to Simon. "Simon Who?" she replied! "Simon your new flatmate". "No Simon here Karen, I don't even know a Simon". I was stunned! There must be some mistake surely. So as if I asked again I'd get through to her, I again said "I want to speak to Simon". She again told me that she didn't know who on earth I was talking about and in fact she still hadn't found a suitable guy to share the apartment with so she was still living there on her own.

      My mind was racing.... I mean I'd been in her apartment with Simon, he's cooked dinner there. Sarah worked nightshift so that's why she wasn't there that night. I just couldn't understand it! I told Sarah about having dinner at her place with Simon but that didn't change a thing - he didn't exist! She tried to say I'd been mistaken and he probably was on the floor above us or something. Well no he wasn't as he was right next door to my own apartment and besides we'd talked about Sarah and we'd laughed during dinner about leaving her some of the meal for her to have when she got home. I hung up the phone from Sarah and walked around in a daze for the next few minutes.

      Who was he? I thought about all the strange things that had been going on in the apartment and wondered if Simon was more than just a mere mortal. Those crystal blue eyes and that blonde hair, that smile, the warmth of his nature. Was I touched by a "real" Angel. I think I was. And I will be forever grateful to whoever sent him my way at a time when I needed a helping hand the most.(See references).

      #4. Play If You Dare - Games Get More Real by: John R. Quain

      Video games are about to get even more real, thanks to a company called Mad Catz, which has taken force-feedback joysticks to a new, curiously disturbing level. The key: bio-stimulation technology. Much like devices used in physical therapy, the BioForce controller includes electrical shock pads that are attached to a player's arm (hey, no one is forcing you).

      Whenever you are kicked or blasted in the game, the controller gives you a jolt of electricity that stimulates your nerve endings and causes your muscles to contract �you'll think twice before acting. So far, BioForce is just a conceptual product for Sony's PlayStation 2, but the possibilities are endless. Not only could it be used in fighting and shooting scenes, for example, but the stimulation technology could conceivably enhance eerie scenes by producing a tingling sensation. If you're concerned that the game controller could become some sort of digital torture device, not to worry. It uses just three AAA batteries, so you can't get a jolt that's all that intimidating.

      #5. Russian Scientists See Flying Saucers by: Sergei Blagov

      MOSCOW - A group of Russian scientists has come up with sensational claims of fundamental discoveries. However, their assertions provide more questions than answers about the current, deplorable state of Russian science.

      The group, headed by Professor Valerian Sobolev, claims "seven major discoveries". One of these relates to a new electrochemical process, which allows production of new, previously unknown types of materials from silicon. Sobolev, who heads the Material Technology Research Center in Volgograd, Central Russia, claims that his new materials may contain electromagnetic impulses and could therefore become a source of virtually free electric energy.

      Sobolev says that his know-how may help to build new types of engineless flying machines evocative of flying saucers. He and his team have sent a letter informing Russian President Valdimir Putin of their "discoveries" - casually pointing out that commercialization of their know-how would require some US$2 million.

      The Russian scientists say they can build generators of free electric energy on a commercial basis within 18 months. However, established researchers remain skeptical. "They are yet to show us any concrete proof," said prominent physicist Sergei Kapitsa. The talk about new materials and sources of energy is either "an honest mistake or an intentional deception", he added.

      Large sections of the Russian media have not expressed any doubts over Sobolev's claims. For instance, the official RIA news agency, which also organized a media briefing for Sobolev earlier this month, presented his assertions as fact and omitted Kapitsa's and other critical remarks.

      The former Soviet Union used to pride itself on its scientific achievements, notably advances in natural sciences, and the country had a system of finding and encouraging prodigies to become scientists. These days, however, Russian physicists and mathematicians are complaining that fewer talented young people are willing to embrace scientific pursuits and prefer, instead, to work abroad or in business.

      Government funding for fundamental research programs in Russia has plummeted more than 12-fold since 1991, according to Yuri Osipov, chairman of the Russian Academy of Sciences. During the same period, Osipov added, the number of scientific workers dropped to 1 million from 3 million. More than half of the nation's scientists live in Moscow or areas adjacent to the city, yet the capital's high cost of living serves as an additional incentive to abandon research.

      Once the country's scientific elite, associated with the Russian Academy of Science, known by its Russian acronym RAN, scientists now must contend with unpaid wages and falling prestige. Within the past decade, RAN has seen nearly 100,000 scientists leave for the lucrative private sector.

      Russian officials suggest various ways to support scientific research. Earlier this month, Russia's Education Minister Vladimir Filippov suggested the merger of research centers with money-making colleges and universities. However, it remains to be seen whether Russian scientists would do well in the education sector. As recently as the 1970s, more than two-thirds of Russian students pursued engineering, natural sciences and medicine, but enrolment fell, along with prestige, after the end of the Cold War.

      Peter the Great launched the RAN nearly three centuries ago by recruiting academics from Europe. Now, according to official statistics, some 20,000 Russian scientists work abroad. Many of them have taken with them the results of decades of collective work that often had yet to be patented. Russia thus is losing potential for much-needed earnings.

      As younger scientists join the brain drain, the average age of remaining holders of doctoral degree has risen to 60 years, Osipov said. He urged a review of current legislation, which causes over-taxation of private grants to fund fundamental research. Russia's state budget allocates hardly enough to ensure the mere subsistence of state-employed scientists. Not surprisingly, many researchers survive relying on grants from the International Science Foundation of US billionaire George Soros, as well as smaller grants from the Russian Fund for Basic Research.

      Experts say that Russia - both the private and state sectors - now invests less than $200 million per year to commercialize high-tech know-how, including military technologies. This is a far from adequate figure for a country with thousands of research centers and high-tech enterprises.

      However, skeptics argue that Russia's perceived "great science" was not based in reality, as scientific achievements were used for Cold War aims such as making atomic bombs, and other weapons. By contrast, the general population saw no benefits. Scientists counter that their achievements could be used for more practical goals.

      A few scientists have managed to take care of themselves - notably Russia's controversial billionaire Boris Berezovsky, who worked as a mathematician in the Soviet era. But his former colleagues argue Berezovsky's notorious wealth, acquired "via a variety of murky means", is not the kind of achievement for which Russian science should pride itself.

      Russian science still has considerable potential, as technology transfer, and commercialization of intellectual property could bring Russia up to $1 billion per year, according to official estimates. These would-be huge revenues remain somewhat of a dream, however.

      It remains to be seen whether Sobolev's claims prove to be true or a sheer hoax. If they turn out to be fraudulent, however, this would further illustrate the desperate measures that Russian scientists must embrace to attract publicity and funding.
      (Inter Press Service)

      #6. US Base's Report of UFO Crash 'had MoD in a Panic'
      by: Richard Norton-Taylor The Guardian <http://www.guardian.co.uk>

      A report by the deputy commander of a US nuclear base in East Anglia of an unidentified flying object provoked panic in the Ministry of Defence, newly-released documents have revealed.

      In what was claimed to be Britain's first UFO landing, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, commander of the US Bentwaters base near Woodbridge in Suffolk, reported that two of his security patrolmen had seen "unusual lights" early in the morning of December 27, 1980.

      Thinking that an aircraft had crashed, they reported seeing "a strange glowing object in the Rendlesham forest". The object was described as being "metallic in appearance and triangular in shape".

      It had a "pulsing red light on top and bank of blue lights underneath".
      Animals on a nearby farm were said to have gone into a " frenzy". The following day three depressions were found as well as traces of radiation, Col Halt reported.

      His report was released under the US freedom of information act two years later. What has not been disclosed until now is the MoD's response to it.

      British papers on the incident have been discovered by David Clarke, a researcher at Sheffield University who is writing a book on UFOs.
      The Halt report was sent to the MoD with a covering letter by Squadron Leader Donald Moreland, an RAF liaison officer, who referred to "some mysterious sightings".

      The ministry's scientists said they could offer "no explanation for the phenomena", or the radiation. Radar tapes from the night in question were impounded from nearby RAF bases to see if there was any evidence that British airspace had been invaded.

      The papers make clear the MoD was concerned more about protecting the base from unwelcome publicity than about the alleged UFO sightings.

      The ministry was worried about rumours being spread suggesting that the "alien landing" was a clever cover story for an accident involving nuclear weapons, the crash of a prototype Stealth aircraft, or even the secret recovery of part of a Soviet satellite.

      It was also worried that anti-nuclear campaigners would be alerted to the presence of nuclear bombs at Bentwaters.

      Yet it had something else to hide. Five documents are being withheld on the grounds that they contain confidential briefings to ministers, relate to national security, or affect Britain's relations with the US.
      Dr Clarke, of Sheffeld University's centre for English cultural tradition, and whose book is due to be published by Piatkus next year, has asked the MoD to release them.

      He said: "Here we had USAF servicemen at a highly sensitive Nato base chasing UFOs around a forest in the middle of the night."

      He added: "The files raise questions about how easily our defences could be fooled."

      #7.The Brown Mountain Lights-New Video Evidence May Finally Provide More Clues to Potentially Solve the Mystery by: Davy Russell, Editor X-Project Magazine <mailto:editor@...>

      The Brown Mountain Lights - Brown Mountain, North Carolina. CREDIT: L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Research.

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