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UFO Cover up: Daniken and Nazca

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  • Roger Anderton
    Daniken and Nazca Ignoring the book Gold of the Gods, where Daniken admits to being deceived by certain information. He tries to reclaim his reputation that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
      Daniken and Nazca

      Ignoring the book Gold of the Gods, where Daniken admits to being deceived by certain information. He tries to reclaim his reputation that was debunked on such topics as the Nazca Lines, and demonstrates how the Truth can be covered up by people. The Truth - namely being the possible alien visits going back a very long time.

      (Personally I wonder if the hoax that Daniken was deceived by in Gold of the Gods, was not some unknown group once again engaged in trying to deceive the public. Similar groups seem involved in other UFO issues such as crop circles - diverting attention from making possible genuine phenomenon seem like hoaxes and so forth.)

      Respected scholar Maria Reiche who has spent most of her life studying the Nazca lines from about 1946, compared the Nazca lines to being like a landing strip, in Secret of the Desert:

      "Looking down from the plane upon the flat surface of the desert, the traveller will discover, etched into the high terraces and slopes, gigantic triangles and squares whose outlines look as though they have been drawn with a ruler, and whose light surfaces contrast clearly with the dark ground. One could almost believe they were airstrips."

      Daniken got 'slagged off' for saying much the same thing in Chariots of the Gods:

      "The 60 kilometre long plain of Nazca, seen from the air, has the undoubted look of an airport - Is it really too far fetched to suggest that lines were drawn down here to give the message to the gods: 'Land here! Everything has been prepared as you ordained it!'...."

      Maria Reiche is a respected part of Establishment, but Daniken gets labelled a 'crank' for saying much the same thing. Reiche says it looks like an airstrip, Daniken gets 'slagged off' for speculating if it is an airstrip. The Establishment applies 'double standards.'

      Daniken then goes on to complain that he is misquoted as saying that the Nazca plain was once a 'landing station' for spaceships.

      When he was trying to make the idea out 'speculation', the debunkers wanted to take the 'idea' as making a statement of belief from him.

      He cites an example of his being mis- cited in a recent scientific magazine Felix Legare, La Revue Quebec Science 1995:

      "At the beginning of the seventies, a certain Erich von Daniken announced that the lines were landing strips for spaceships. His pseudo - proofs were pictures of geoglyphs with a startling similarity to modern airstrips. He added that it was impossible to create such large signs and markings without the help of aeroplanes.'

      Daniken replies:

      "The scientific literature is full of such bath - tub toys purporting to be truth. Not only have none of these clever writers read the book in question - let alone the ones which followed, instead copying down nonsense from each other - but they also maliciously invent and attribute to me things which cannot be found anywhere in any of my books...."

      In other words this is how the Establishment covers things up. It is

      "a textbook example of how falsely interpreted statements get carved in stone and filed in press archives cited again at every opportunity.."

      The Establishment does not want to consider the UFO - ET question seriously and has already defined it as a non-question. And when faced with heresies such as Daniken, it uses any means at its disposal to debunk, going as far as mis-citing the things it is debunking to 'muddy' the waters, and I suspect even go as far as to hoax UFO - ET type evidence so as ton throw into any possible genuine evidence into doubt.

      The Establishment does not work from proper science, where different ideas are supposed to be tested. Instead it works from religion, because it has already decided what to believe, and won't genuinely consider alternatives. But when you look at the human race in more detail, you find it true of much people, that they are Homo Religious. They all have their different beliefs based on Faith. It is just that the Establishment prevents that instead of Faith, it works from Science.

      Reference: Arrival of the Gods, Erich von Daniken, Element, UK 1998

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