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Re: [UFOnet] #2 Counting coup in the final conflict

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  • Roger Anderton
    Hi Banshee I don t like lies, and I find that it is the human activity in this world to engage in lies. We learn to not speak the truth, because the truth
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 2, 2001
      Hi Banshee

      I don't like lies, and I find that it is the human activity in this world to
      engage in lies.
      We learn to not speak the truth, because the truth hurts people. If a person
      is fat, they do not want to be told that they are fat. When they ask 'are
      they fat' then don't want the truth, they want to be lied to. When a person
      is dying in hospital, they want to be told everything is going to be okay,
      they don't want to be told that doctor says there is no hope.
      It is not polite to tell the Truth. Religion is founded on making people
      happy. Telling lies makes people happy. In religions like Christianity it is
      pleasing to know that no matter what the suffering is now, everything will
      be all right in the end.
      People who tell 'white lies' make the listener happy, and are considered
      good kind people. Much of Religion comes from these people. As my daughter
      said to me about her teachers "they are good kind people they wouldn't lie
      to me," so she trusts their word.
      Science functions on the Truth, and the Truth is often very unpleasant.
      Religious types were unhappy with Darwin's theory that they were all
      monkeys, and still try to rebel against it.
      I have studied in great detail the history of physics, and it has never
      escaped religious influence.
      People believe in various different religions, and there are various
      different religious pressure groups trying to shape the Society in which we
      live in. Physics has never escaped that pressure. Religious pressure is
      brought to bear on physics by these people wanting Physics to confirm its
      particular religious beliefs over other religious beliefs.
      Hence Physics has now been corrupted, and no longer functions on Truth.
      Our environment has been subjected to an increase in the electrical fields
      around us by the machines that we use. The news of the health effects of
      this is being suppressed. Electrical fields interfere with the electrical
      field of the human body, and the right frequencies cause various different
      health problems. Cancer rate has increased from 1 in 10 to now 1 in 3. And
      as our technological 'fix' increases, we increase the damage that we are
      I now watch those I love die, and am unable to do anything.
      People prefer to be told lies, but they word it as their right to religious
      freedom to believe whatever they like and the price for this freedom is
      massive human sacrifice.
      When I speak the Truth, I receive only Hate. I live in world being made into

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      > Hi Roger,
      > No hell, I told you. If you die in hate you have the same problems
      > in your next life.
      > You come on Earth to learn what life's about. And that it's not about hate
      > you can tell yourself.
      > Perhaps you must take another look to the world. Look at what is good and
      > what you love in Nature.
      > There must be something you love......
      > There must be some things you don't want to miss because you can't live
      > without.......
      > Write me back please, I'm curious....
      > Friendly greetings, Banshee
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