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Re: [UFOnet] Dutch Scientists to Try to Create Crop Circles Using Plasmas

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  • Roger Anderton
    Looking at Hoaxing is a can of worms . Most of our mainstream beliefs derive from hoaxes. Freud hoaxed. Galileo hoaxed. The man who invented IQ tests didn t
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      Looking at Hoaxing is a "can of worms". Most of our mainstream beliefs
      derive from hoaxes.

      Freud hoaxed. Galileo hoaxed.
      The man who invented IQ tests didn't have enough twins to scientifically
      prove the validity of his tests, so he made his data up.
      One campaign to massacre the Indians was due to a hoax giving the
      justification for otherwise decent people to believe they had reason to
      engage in the activity.
      The famous Protocols of Zion were a hoax used by Hitler to justify his
      actions with other things, and believed by some Big Business Americans who
      then funded him big time.
      Columbus couldn't get finances for his voyage without a few hoaxes in
      circulation which made it sound a plausible venture.
      The Pope was given the authority to be head of the Catholic Church came from
      a hoax.

      Radar was a secret in WWII. The British public were not stupid and realised
      there had to be some early warning method to enable the Spitfires to get
      scrambled to meet German planes, so they were told a load of nonsense. Only
      long after the war do the secrets of the war come out into the public

      Hoaxes have been used throughout history to control people.

      My deductions are that democracy does not work. Secrets have to be kept from
      the general public, because of national security reasons. Only after the
      truth is no longer important does it come out. At the time when anything
      important is happening a load of lies are said. The public are kept in the
      Dark. If the public were not in the Dark, and really knew what was going on
      as it happened, they would be able to make sensible decisions of what they
      wanted. But they are keep in the Dark, and a small elite make the decisions
      for them. Hence national security considerations mean when we think we have
      a democracy, we have been deceived. What we have is a 'false front.' True
      democracy just does not work.

      The world has been in the Cold War, and there was still a need for secrets.
      After that war is over, they look around for new reasons for them to keep
      the secrets.

      The public's beliefs are just a 'political football.' One moment we are told
      one thing and later we get told an update. We are expected to believe
      whatever we are told at moment by the News Media, ignoring the differences
      we were told decades ago.

      Some crop circles might be hoaxed by CIA using electromagnetic weapons to
      microwave the crops, who knows? The simpler ones in the past might have
      been a genuine physical phenomenon? Why would the CIA hoax them? Probably to
      divert certain peoples' attention from something else that's happening.

      There are a lot of people investigating crop circles. These people are the
      part of society that are interested in mysteries. So, if there is anything
      else happening worthy of their attention, then they are being diverted away
      from it. Its the usual diversion trick played out again and again.

      It does not have to end up with the public believing in aliens because of
      crop circles. Eventually it might end up with some 'scam' with crop circles
      being exposed as a 'hoax, nothing to do with aliens' with the CIA setting
      someone up as a patsy.

      Cheers Roger

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      > Forwarding an 'unknowncountry' link here (below) fr Dr Haselhoff.
      > >From that page first, here are his conclusions: "Opinion: If the circles
      > being created in secret by people with a command of unknown technologies,
      > these people do not have the better interests of mankind at heart. They
      > to create the impression that aliens are here when they are not, in other
      > words, to mount a massive deception for obscure and possibly dangerous
      > reasons. Such people need to be found out and their motives revealed, on
      > behalf of the public good."
      > Regards, Dave Haith
      > > Dutch Scientists to Try to Create Crop Circles Using Plasmas
      > >
      > > Every year in The Netherlands 20 to100 crop circles mysteriously appear
      > wheat
      > > fields. They remain a mystery, but new research, reported in the
      > scientific
      > > journal Physiologia Plantarum, may help clear up their origins. Dr.
      > > Haselhoff is the author of the article. He's a physicist and also a
      > of
      > > the Dutch Center for Crop Circle Studies
      > >
      > > Full Story http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/?id=729
      > >
      > >
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