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Archetypes of the collective unconscious

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    Archetypes of the collective unconscious abound in UFO contacts, according to C. G. Jung. This does not mean that UFO s are immaterial of the projections but
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2001
      Archetypes of the collective unconscious abound in UFO contacts, according to C. G. Jung. This does not mean that UFO's are immaterial of the projections but that the images and designs seen in UFO contacts parallel symbolism found at deep levels of the universal psyche. Archetypes are dominant in crop circle patterns as well as UFO experiences.

      Jung cautions that, "One must, for the sake of accuracy, distinguish between 'archetype' and 'archetypal ideas.' The archetype as such is a hypothetical and irrepresentable model, something like the pattern of behavior' in biology." ("On the Nature of the Psyche")

      Discrete information about one's country of birth, the number of children an individual had, or the experiences of one's children are not archetypal but are objective data. In contrast, archetypes of the collective unconscious are expressed as symbolism or symbolic archetypes. Efforts to interpret the symbols of UFO experiences in discrete, concrete terms produces confused and erroneous data that are extracted from meaningful context.

      "...so far as the collective unconscious contents are concerned we are dealing with archaic or -- I would say -- primordial types, that is, with universal images that have existed since the remotest times. The term "representations collectives," used by Levy-Bruhl to denote the symbolic figures in the primitive view of the world, could easily be applied to unconscious conents as well, since it means practially the same thing. Primitive tribal lore is concerned with archetypes that have been modified in a special way. They are no longer contents of the unconscious, but have already been changed in conscious formulae taught according to tradition, generally in the form of esoteric teaching. This last is a typical means of expression for the transmission of collective contents originally derived from the unconscious... The archetype is essentially an unconscious content that is altered by becoming conscious and by being perceived, and it takes its colour from the individual consciousness in which it happens to appear." (Archtypes Of The Collective Unconscious, C. G. Jung)

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