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Flaming Mystery in sky over Alice Springs

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 1999
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      Darwin Thursday April 22nd 1999

      Flaming Mystery in sky over Alice Springs

      Alice Springs have received a report of a large flaming orange
      ball hovering in the sky over the town. A man told police he saw
      "a fireball" in the eastern sky about 8.40pm on Monday. The
      object moved around the sky.

      The man estimated it was the size of an aircraft and its
      altitude varied from 80 to 400m. During the nine-minute sighting
      the object apparently darted around the sky. The man said the
      object's movement was totally inconsistent with a hot-air
      balloon. The object eventually moved north of Alice Springs and


      Police reported the sighting to aviation authorities. The Alice
      Springs Ufologist Keith Douglass did not think the object was
      either a meteor or a balloon. "Keith Douglass said: "I suppose
      it could have been a meteor burning up in the atmosphere, but it
      sounds like it changed direction.

      "I've seen Fireballs before but they do not dart around the sky.
      These things seem to be controlled". Mr. Douglass said Alice was
      a very active area for sightings.

      "In fact only a couple of weeks ago we got a report of a nice
      green one from someone at Santa Teresa, about 80km south-east of
      Alice Springs. DH.
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