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FWD: [UFOR] Judge Dismisses CAUS FOIA Army Case

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  • Frits Westra
    From: Francisco LopezC/O: Brian Zinkle Via: Mars Updates ListFrom: UFOLAWYER1@aol.com[SMTP:UFOLAWYER1@aol.com]
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 1999
      From: Francisco Lopez <d005734c@...>

      C/O: Brian Zinkle <bzinkle@...>
      Via: Mars Updates List

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      Support the CAUS---Dave Glover does--See his letter below!

      Dear CAUS Members:

      The CAUS Announcements this week feature the Judge's dismissal of the
      Army FOIA lawsuit and the new CAUS letter to the Departments of
      Defense and Justice.


      Prior to any legal action against the Federal and State governments
      under the above provision, CAUS must first demand that the respective
      governments take action on their own. CAUS has previously notified
      the states' governors. This past week CAUS sent the following letter
      to both the Department of Defense and the Justice Department (only DoD
      letter shown):

      Dear Secretary Cohen:

      Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) is a non-profit, judicially
      oriented public interest organization. CAUS has brought several
      lawsuits in US District Courts under the Freedom of Information Act
      (FOIA) for UFO-related information and presently has a pending FOIA
      lawsuit against the DoD in the US District Court in Phoenix.

      I am now writing to you for another reason. Pursuant to Article IV,
      Section IV of the United States Constitution, the federal government
      is required to protect the states against invasion.

      CAUS has evidence and can prove in a court of law, that an invasion is
      presently occurring and affecting citizens in each of the states, some
      more than others. This invasion is continually being ignored by
      federal and state authorities due to its strangeness, thereby
      implicitly allowing the invasion to continue unimpeded.

      This overwhelming evidence is in the form of eyewitness reports
      (affidavits available on request) videotapes and photographs. There
      is also expert opinion as to the nature and extent of this invasion.
      This invasion takes two forms, the second more sinister and invasive
      than the first.

      The first involves the continuous incursions in the skies over each
      state by aerial craft, which pose a threat simply by their enormous
      appearance, low-level operation and technologically advanced
      performance characteristics.

      The second and more invasive involves nonconsensual trespasses,
      assaults, false imprisonments, sexual abuses, rapes and kidnappings.
      The fact that the perpetrators have been continually described as
      non-human in appearance unfortunately has negated both the seriousness
      of the allegations and the believability of the eyewitnesses. This is
      a travesty and injustice, especially since these acts have been
      occurring for over thirty years and have been reported by thousands of
      people throughout the United States.

      These people have directed CAUS to act on their behalf in bringing all
      necessary attention to this matter in an attempt to stop these
      violations from continuing to them and their families. Since your
      Agency, logically, has the responsibility of implementing the mandate
      of Article IV, Section IV. of the US Constitution, CAUS is demanding
      that you take immediate steps to protect the residents of each of the
      states against this invasion.

      I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.


      No new responses received.


      CAUS is now also interested in obtaining affidavits from persons who
      have experienced what is referred to as an 'alien abduction.'

      The affidavit form and instructions are on the CAUS website. CAUS can
      also mail an affidavit to anyone who does not have access to the
      affidavit on the CAUS website. If you have been abducted or have seen
      the triangular shaped UFO or something similar (or if in Arizona or
      Montana any experience or sighting) please send CAUS your affidavit.
      If you have any questions, you can call me at 520-284-5248.

      CAUS in COURT

      1) CAUS v. Department of Army (documents based upon statements by
      Col. [dec] Philip Corso about seeing alien bodies and alien autopsy

      On April 26th, Justice Roslyn O. Silver granted the government's
      Motion for Summary Judgment and dismissed the CAUS lawsuit, without
      opinion, against the Department of Army. The dismissal was expected
      in light of last week's decision by the Judge to deny CAUS the
      opportunity to orally argue its opposition to the motion for
      dismissal. CAUS will not be appealing the dismissal.

      2) CAUS v. Department of Defense (information about the triangular
      shaped UFOs)

      A preliminary pretrial conference has been scheduled for June 14th.
      CAUS will, prior to that date, attempt to subpoena the heads of the
      Joint Staff and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
      for deposition purposes. The US Attorney representing the DOD has
      informed CAUS that it will oppose such an attempt.

      3) CAUS v. FBI; CIA & Department of Defense (information about the
      'alien abduction phenomenon')

      No change from CAUS announcement dated March 6, 1999.


      CAUS still needs Geographical Coordinators to form CAUS Satellites in
      their areas. If you would be willing to help, contact Joe Holman at:


      CAUS Director Peter A. Gersten will be speaking at the following times
      and locations:

      1) On Sunday May 2nd at 6PM PT The Politics Of UFOs; an online chat
      with Peter A. Gersten http://communities.msn.com/ufo/politics.asp <A
      HREF="http://communities.msn.com/ufo/politics.asp">MSN UFO

      2) Skywatch International meeting In Tucson, on Saturday, May 8th from
      1-4 PM at the Wilmot Library at 530 Wilmot Road. For information
      please call June Scherrer at 520-326-0078.

      3) Orange County, CA. MUFON on July 28th. Further details as they
      become available.


      Once again CAUS and I wish to personally thank and acknowledge the
      generous support of those who have answered my call. During the past
      week CAUS has received contributions from the following People:

      Norma Holm; Roy Givens; Jean Aya Schiff; Calvin Raamzi; Countess
      Mariha Vendrell; Lewis Haseltine; Coky Adams; Anne Wilson; Meleana K.
      Ipsdor; Eugene E. Paredes; Scott Liles; Steven B. Zeller; Astauffer;
      E. Seavy; Marc Stromberg; Peter R. Blake Jr.; George W. Ritter;
      Timothy J. Murray; Loran C. Rose; Dick Amison; Addie West; Erin K.
      Marshall; Gary A. Smith; Eugene I Smyda; Richard Street; Charles E.
      Cline; S. Kopecky; Hal Wetherell; Ronald R. Texter; Kathleen


      CAUS thanks Dave Glover (daglover@...) for this e-mail:

      "Hi Peter....I am truly amazed that a good portion of subscribers to
      your daily updates have not contributed to The Caus. I would have
      thought members would be willing to assist your efforts with the
      minimal contribution you are asking. $1 per month or $12 a year is a
      small price to pay for your considerable effort on our behalf and the
      excellent information you send us. As a senior on a limited pension I
      am more than glad to be a Canadian supporter of CAUS, even though
      American funds cost me about 50% more for the privilege! So Come on
      folks, dig down and give CAUS (and Peter) the support they

      CAUS and its CAUSupdates, CAUS lawsuits, CAUS website and other CAUS
      projects are made possible ONLY by the kind and generous support of
      People who want to find the truth and end the secrecy surrounding our
      contact with another form of intelligence. Isn't that you? Help
      support the CAUS as it keeps you informed and aware of this non-human
      intelligence that is interacting with us.

      You can support CAUS by joining its 'Dollar a Month Club.' All you
      need do is send CAUS $1.00 per month (or $12 once a year). CAUS also
      accepts donations of all amounts. For donations of $25.00 or more,
      CAUS will send you the CAUS video as a token of its appreciation.
      Checks, cash, credit cards and money orders are accepted. CAUS, PO.
      BOX 20351, Sedona, AZ 86341; 520-284-5248; e-mail: caus@...

      Peter A. Gersten Director Be sure to visit the CAUS web site at
      http://caus.org To join this mailing list, go to
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