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  • Frits Westra
    From the Scout Report -- April 30, 1999SciCentral http://www.scicentral.com/SciCentral will appeal to a wide variety of users interested or working in
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      From the Scout Report -- April 30, 1999


      SciCentral will appeal to a wide variety of users interested or
      working in science or medicine. The site is first and foremost a
      gateway to thousands of online resources, grouped by science area
      (Biological, Health, Engineering, Physical & Chemical, etc.) and then
      subdivided by resource type (directories, specialized resources,
      databases, special reports, articles). SciCentral also features a
      number of diverse Special Features, including Academic Programs, K-12
      Science, The Media Room, and a Bulletin Board, among others. Other
      resources include an internal search engine as well as links to
      science news wire search engines and science journal metasites. The
      site is quite large, and some users may feel overwhelmed at first, an
      impression not helped by the site's inclusion of several tangentially
      related resources. However, SciCentral's real appeal is what sets it
      apart from other science metasites: its strength as a current
      awareness resource, with links to current research highlights,
      breaking science news, and new articles from an impressive range of
      sources. In addition, the site has recently introduced a free
      customizable weekly science e-mail update service, which allows users
      to select from over 120 topics. [MD]
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