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  • Roger Anderton
    Probably a great deal of this is not understanding how to use the Shamanic Experience properly, and getting in contact with the wrong sort of entities. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2001
      Probably a great deal of this is not understanding how to use the Shamanic
      Experience properly, and getting in contact with the wrong sort of entities.

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      Subject: [UFOnet] SINISTER "ALIEN" LOVE BITE

      > I recently read a book called "The Love Bite: Alien Interference in
      > Human Relationships" (excerpt shared below) that I found so
      > interesting. It's like the continuation of John Keel, Imbrogno,
      > Hynek, Thompsons, etc. investigations into the demonic reality of it all.
      > The above authors studied the phenomenon at length and concluded
      > things are not what they seemed. The Love Bite book gives one a
      > visual feel or background of what lurks behind UFOlogy. Many brave
      > souls have investigated the field and the findings were written in many
      > works but most are now lost amidst all the nuts and bolts craze. But
      > the reality of it all is beyond nuts and bolts as we are clearly dealing
      > with demonic reality underneath the "high technology" clothing of the
      > entities. That's right. We seemed to be dealing with combination of
      > high technology such as spacecraft and interdimensional "demonic"
      > entities (who may be its crews). I guess we need a new generation
      > of researchers to tackle this multi-disciplinary field. Either one sided
      > only such as nuts and bolts or demonic research will make them miss
      > the complete picture and fail to understand the ultimate agenda of the
      > demonic or interdimensional aliens.
      > Excerpt from the book "The Love Bite" by Eve Lorgen
      > "The alien lust for human energy, both pain and pleasure, and the
      > methods they employ, strangely echo Tantric Buddhist and ancient Hindu
      > sex practices. In Kenneth Grant's book, Aleister Crowley and the
      > Hidden God, the author tells us how Crowley used ancient Tantric
      > rituals, known as the Varna Marg, to attain power from sexual energy
      > after prolonged withholding of the orgasmic response. This technique
      > can only be successful through a special woman, a selected love-mate,
      > who has the right Tantric-Kundalini ma tch for that priest. This again
      > sounds like what the aliens are doing. The correct selection of the
      > woman is of the utmost importance, as she is the only one who can
      > facilitate the creative energy through a magical Tantric sexual union,
      > one that is not necessarily orgasmic, a process also known as Karazza.
      > In Hindu lore the connection is also known as Yab-Yum. This may not
      > even involve physical contact in some cases, but always involves the
      > draining off of the Kundalini, or serpent power coiled up at the base
      > of the spine at the Mulhadara chakra, the pelvic center.
      > Most western secret societies claim to have been in contact with
      > nonhuman intelligences over the years. Aleister Crowley's "Lam" was
      > described as a typical Grey alien! It was this being who dictated to
      > Crowley the Book of the Law. But, Crowley admitted that in order to
      > obtain the power, it was necessary to engage in numerous sexual
      > rituals with a "Scarlet Woman". In other words, in the alien agenda
      > sexuality of many kinds, and specifically sexual intercourse of a
      > mysterious kind must be performed with a specifically conditioned and
      > selected woman, if the cosmic life force is to be transmitted to the
      > aliens.
      > According to sexual magic practices, if the Fire Snake (Kundalini
      > rising) unwinds too rapidly or, if the primal power ascends up the
      > spine before all seven chakras are balanced, the power is deflected
      > and all sorts of neurotic traits develop, most importantly enigmatic
      > obsessions!
      > The natural goal of the Kundalini is to reach the mind (Ajna chakra)
      > for a joyous illumination and higher state of consciousness. This
      > experience is usually described as the Clear White Light realization,
      > you'll know it if it happens to you. Furthermore, it can crumble your
      > mind if you are not properly prepared. Gurus and yoga masters from
      > Patanjali onward warn adepts of the dangers of evoking the serpent
      > energy in a person not properly prepared to receive it. The serpent
      > energy is said to shoot forth venom with poisonous vibrations which
      > can attack the unprepared individual.
      > In Western Black Magic this process can be used with deadly effects.
      > Materializations of interdimensional beings and demons can, some say,
      > be called into full reality. Faust, forging a compact with the devil,
      > is a case in point. The intake of the venomous vibrations (cynicism,
      > sexual perversion, narcissism and negative thought) can bring any
      > human being into direct contact with the demonic worlds and the lower
      > elementals. Conversely, if done with impunity, the properly trained
      > can direct these currents to t ransform human consciousness, making
      > awareness possible on many transcendental levels.
      > In Janice and Alex's case, the aliens communicated to Janice that
      > "Your bonding is no longer useful to us." This response implies that
      > the bonding dramas created are for some temporal purpose -whether for
      > extraction of life essence or creative energy, or to bring certain
      > persons together for a specific reason.
      > Janice, Sophia and Angelina continued to have encounters involving
      > other bonding partners instigated by the aliens. In one event Janice
      > recalled standing in a dark place, close to another man. She could
      > distinctly feel his soul essence and she empathicly knew what this man
      > felt like - his thoughts, feelings, and desiresas if he was a part of
      > her. The aliens' message during this abduction was, "Remember this
      > person. He will be important."
      > Another woman described how she believed she was set up with a
      > targeted love bite partner by being sent via out-of- the-body
      > experiences to have astral sex with the intended male. She claimed
      > that after she heard a telepathic trigger- cue phrase, she immediately
      > felt a strong passion for the man and made love to him in an OBE
      > sexual melding experience. Within days after the astral sex episode,
      > the targeted partner began contacting the woman, and the two described
      > a strong psychic connection with one another. Coincidence? Could it be
      > possible to create bonds with one another in such a manner?
      > One sad question may never be answered, Why couldn't the
      > aliens have just soul bonded the women with their current husbands?
      > That question seems difficult at first, but if we then assume the
      > aliens want us to experience a certain degree of existential pain, and
      > want to lead us away from a kind of innocent happiness, the answer
      > comes quickly. The aliens are exploiting our suffering.
      > There are numerous sources of information that address the parallels
      > of demonology and folkloric tradition with extra- terrestrials. My aim
      > here is to address the similarities and other pertinent observations
      > that I have made in my own work with abductees, rather than quoting
      > literature references.
      > The first parallel is the interdimensional and para-physical nature of
      > the aliens. Their ability to materialize in our physi- cal dimension
      > "out of thin air" is a prime example. The apparent telepathic ability
      > of aliens is also reported in demonic and angelic encounters, or
      > even with some very psychic humans.
      > In occult practices such as witchcraft, the witch or warlock will
      > invoke familiar spirits for special knowledge or power, such as
      > psychic ability. These abilities may include precognitive or
      > divination abilities, astral projection, telekinetic abilities and
      > mental control over others. As the witch or warlock gains more
      > familiar spirits, she or he increases their personal power and psychic
      > abilities, accordingly.
      > Many abductees have some sort of clairvoyance and have experienced
      > paranormal and even poltergeist activity in their lives. There is a
      > question about why they tend to have heightened psychic sensitivities
      > after their abductions. It is also known that a great deal of
      > clairvoyance comes from people after they have been frightened and/or
      > had a near death experience, with or without alien intervention.
      > Something normally happens in the Rhinencephalon and the midbrain that
      > heightens our ability to think past our own footsteps. On the other
      > hand, some abductees claim they have been "modified." Some abductees
      > have reported the indwelling presence of a Grey or Reptilian within
      > them.
      > A few have been observed by their close associates and lovers to have
      > momentary appearance of a serpent being, replete with snake eyes,
      > reptile body, scales or webbed fin- gers. I believe that these
      > spontaneous shape shifting observations are paraphysical or "psychic"
      > in nature. Some very sensitive abductees are able to clairvoyantly
      > perceive the aliens as interdimensional beings, superimposed "with-in"
      > certain individuals whom they believe to be "hosts."
      > Some abductees, such as Dr. James L. Walden, author of The Ultimate
      > Alien Agenda, describes his. experience and identity as a
      > mufti-dimensional or inter-dimensional reptil- ian-human hybrid.
      > Walden describes it as having another body, in this case, an
      > interdimensional reptile being, who co-exists with him. But instead of
      > a being outside of himself, he recognizes this to be a part of
      > himself, being able to co- exist in another dimension or reality.
      > Other abductees have reported that they have found themselves in
      > another dimension as an alien, sometimes during abductions (they
      > become an alien in the abductions, an alternate identity of sorts),
      > dreams, or in hypnotic regressions. Many have described having a past
      > life as an alien or extraterrestrial.
      > I have spoken with alternative healing professionals who have
      > witnessed the exorcism of alien Grey beings out of individuals. In
      > more dramatic cases, I've interviewed at least three abductees, who
      > have had reptilian encounters, report reptilian demonic possession
      > ranging from minutes to several hours. In the case of Angelina, her
      > neighbor became momentarily possessed by a demonic being, writhing on
      > the ground, grunting, hissing, and salivating at the mouth. In another
      > case, a male abductee (who has seen Reptilians and Greys in his
      > abductions) was taken over by a reptile spirit being or "fourth
      > dimensional" reptilian, for several hours. He described it as a very
      > frightening, controlling evil force that he had to muster every ounce
      > of willpower to fight this thing and regain control. During the
      > possession, he saw himself (outside and inside his body at the same
      > time) on all fours, in animal like fashion, growling and hissing, as a
      > reptile would. This also happened in an anonymous abduction case where
      > a drastic personality change transpired. In an other anonymous case,
      > the abductee was observed to have indwelling reptilian entities moving
      > through them after a series of metaphysical "healing and psychic"
      > exercises in a locale (near Sedona, Arizona) known for paranormal
      > activity. These "astral pods" or alien entities caused the individual
      > to become ill and immobilized until the situation passed. Needless to
      > say, it was very frightening for the abductee.
      > In one of Angelina's experiences she recalled being taken to some kind
      > of facility, where human military personnel were present. She was told
      > to sit down in a chair and was surprised to witness another alien
      > being (a Grey) come out of her body and stand next to her, as the
      > military humans had a conversation with the entity that coexisted
      > within Angelina. She was shocked and had no idea that an entity had
      > been living inside of her.
      > In another case, the abductee was led by extraterrestrial "spirit
      > guides" to perform certain psychic and healing exercises in a
      > special location, which was some kind of energy "ley line" area. What
      > may have happened from a metaphysical level is that these psychic
      > exercises somehow led to the opening of interdimensional portals,
      > where the entrance and exit of aliens (Reptilians in particular)
      > increased. This increased paranormal activity as well.
      > In many occult practices, the specific reason for performing certain
      > rituals is to create an interdimensional doorway or "access point" for
      > spirit beings. Once this has been done, the poltergeist activity and
      > alien encounters may increase. This may be what occurs in some haunted
      > houses.
      > In the Ted Rice case, the reptilian creature goaded Ted's grandmother,
      > "Grandy", into having sexual relations with the "image" of her dead
      > husband. What was notewortny in this account was the reptilians' angry
      > reaction to her protective use of the name of Jesus Christ.
      > Throughout Ted's early life, his alleged "spirit guides" had a
      > tendency to deter him, and his spiritualist friends from pressing
      > deeply into his alien abductions. Instead the spirit guides put forth
      > metaphysical explanations. The propaganda line of these spirit guides
      > was to give the extraterrestrial theory a consciousness-raising twist.
      > What Ted discovered in his encounters was quite the opposite!
      > Sophia privately told me that the more she focused on God and closing
      > the doorways of "sin" in her life, the less frequent her alien
      > encounters became. This implies to me that, at least some of the
      > aliens "get off "on emotional energies. For example, she believed that
      > the more she obsessed about her Love Bite partner (sexual fantasies,
      > dwelling on negative thoughts and emotions), the more she was accosted
      > by the alien phenomena and as soon a she shut down the obsession the
      > aliens began to leave her alone.
      > Sophia also has reported experiences in which she was able to tell the
      > aliens (Greys) to leave in the name of Jesus, after which they
      > disappeared, "like a vapory smoke popping out of thin air."
      > Sophia admitted that the more she was involved in the occult, for
      > example channeling classes, psychic readings and so forth, the greater
      > the frequency of alien and poltergeist activity. She also said that
      > during the late 1980s she was being led telepathically to go to
      > Arizona and New Mexico for a mountain trip - at which time she had
      > abduction related experiences. Gradually, Sophia learned how to use
      > prayer, counseling and healthy communication skills to decrease the
      > alien activity in her life.
      > Angelina has experienced both alien and military abductions. She, like
      > Darlene, has been a victim of psychic rape by demonic entities and has
      > called upon the name of Jesus and Archangel Michael successfully, yet
      > she still battles the negative entities from time to time.
      > At times, Angelina experienced abductions as an actual (non-dream)
      > physical event in which she was taken through an interdimensional
      > portal in the bedroom wall. Aliens have also been seen entering and
      > exiting the same portal loca- tions throughout the house. She
      > describes the doorway as a dark area which expands like a black void
      > and will literally pull her through, much like in the movie, Stargate,
      > or the Matrix. During these times, she has heard nondescript voices
      > on the other side, as if it were a laboratory or workshop.
      > On other occasions, Angelina recalls being pulled through an
      > interdimensional portal to another reality. In this extra reality
      > medical procedures and training sessions took place. Sometimes the
      > aliens or military people would come through these portals into the
      > room. Most often, Angelina would find herself in the new environment
      > after she was brought through the portal in a dream that felt very
      > real.
      > In these dreams she experiences medical procedures and all manner of
      > psychological testing and training exercises.
      > In a number of encounters Angelina was able to discern humans from
      > Reptilians. She recognizes the smell of a reptile as, "dank and like
      > mildew." She also has been able to discern whether a reptilian was
      > really a shapeshifter in the image of the a human. It should be noted
      > here that Reptilians, have the ability to change their image like
      > chameleons.
      > The Reptilians are known to take part in aggressive sexual acts
      > (sodomy, rape, etc.). Sometimes it appears to be an act of territorial
      > possessiveness of their "victim." There is also a type of reptilian
      > sexual encounter that some female abduct- have reported to be sexually
      > stimulating. They have described it as the most arousing type of sex
      > they ever had, resulting in heightened orgasmic response and a raising
      > of their sexual drive to an unnatural degree. At the same time, some
      > of these female abductees have been coerced into the sexual encounter
      > and may be paralyzed during the sex act, although their body may
      > respond. If the female continues to have these kinds of sexual
      > liaisons, they may "turn-off" to human males.
      > In Angelina's case, the reptilian handler acted in possessive ways, so
      > as to prevent her from having sexual contact or "desire" for her
      > husband. The method of switching off Angelina from her husband
      > included an overt reaction to human male pheromones, and possibly mind
      > control. The Reptilian also behaved jealously toward Angelina's
      > husband. It is not known whether this was a true emotion or a masked
      > reaction designed to elicit a response.
      > Some female abductees who have experienced the heightened orgasmic
      > response of reptilian sexual contact also have remarkable clairvoyant
      > faculties. These females report that during love making with their
      > human partners where passion is ignited, they have observed
      > paraphysical, energy vortex swirls in their room, It is as if the
      > sexual energy creates some kind of interdimensional vortex, once their
      > base chakra center has been opened and manipulated by the reptilian
      > being, or in some cases, sexual magic practices.This rare phenomenon
      > could possibly occur in those persons who have had a natural kundalini
      > also.
      > <End Excerpt. Read the entire book to get the rest of most interesting
      > facts>
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