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USUFOIRC News and Updates - Important Belated Edition

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  • dreaman.org
    Greetings To Each and Everyone of you... Light and Truth to you and yours!!! Welcome to another edition of USUFOIRC News and Updates ! Inside This Issue: 1)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
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      Greetings To Each and Everyone of you... Light and Truth to you and yours!!!

      Welcome to another edition of
      "USUFOIRC News and Updates"!

      Inside This Issue:
      1) www.dreaman.org Additions and Updates
      2) www.nationaluforeporting.org National Sightings Database Updates
      3) www.americanufojournal.com Collector's Issue To Be Published Soon - Subscribe Now!
      4) www.usufoirc.org Organizational Updates
      5) www.etconference.org "E.T. Conference 2002, Paranormal Realities"
      6) www.etmall.org Exclusive Video of "E.T. Conference 2001, Extra and Ultra Terrestrial Contact" on Sale NOW for a Limited Time!
      7) www.ufofund.org The United States UFO Information and Research Center, Building Program
      8) www.xzone-radio.com Allen McGee scheduled appearance on "The X-Zone Radio Show"
      9) USUFOIRC Office Hours Update

      1) www.dreaman.org Additions and Updates...

      Hi everyone... so wonderful to be back with you following E.T. Conference 2001, Extra and Ultra Terrestrial Contact. Since we have been back in the USUFOIRC Offices we have been hard at work adding new information to and updating our principle website and all of its subdirectories. Here are a few new items to look for while you're browsing through our site... a) A new Extraordinary Experience Case Form, recently redesigned to be more effective and user friendly. b) Another interactive form to make requesting information on UFO sightings contained within our database, which now includes over 6,000 UFO sighting reports easier and more convenient. c) Redefined USUFOIRC Membership Benefits. d) An upcoming Movie Gallery which will contain movie clips donated to the Center's online archives by contributing authors. e) A forthcoming page entitled "Meet The Staff" which will give visitors to our site a chance to get up close and personal with the USUFOIRC Staff. f) Six new articles by contributing author Billy John Booth in our "Articles and Editorials" section (with a seventh new, six part, article about The Roswell Incident). g) Several new directories placed strategically throughout the site to make your online experience much more convenient and enjoyable... with Much More To Come!!! Important Note: Please sure and set your browsers to check for the newest versions of this, or any of our "backdoor" sites if you have previously visited this, or any of the following suggested domains!

      2) www.nationaluforeporting.org The USUFOIRC National UFO Sightings Database has now been updated with over 700 new UFO reports that were added to the system from May 2001 until July. There are new sightings for nearly ALL of the 50 states, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Please come and visit with us when you have a convenient moment to see what's new in yours and surrounding States.

      3) www.americanufojournal.com The AMERICAN UFO JOURNAL, the official publication of the United States UFO Information and Research Center will go back into publication with its first issue since the January/February 1997 edition in October 2001. We are now taking subscriptions to the journal and anyone interested in viewing previous copies of the journal can view them online at the Journal's website! You can also get subscription information from there as well. This will be a collector's issue so subscribe to the Journal today for the latest and best in UFO Journalism!!!

      4) www.usufoirc.org The principle organizational website of The United States UFO Information and Research Center has recently undergone a face-lift and a NEW and easier membership application which functions across multiple browser platforms is now available for interested parties who wish to apply for membership to do so On-Line! Come and read the latest information concerning our aggressive public awareness and research campaigns.

      5) www.etconference.org The next International Public Awareness Conference of The United States UFO Information and Research Center is scheduled for June 21-23, 2002. The latest and most up-to-date conference information can now be found on our newly update conference website. Pre-Registration is FREE and EASY! So, make your plans now to come and attend "E.T. Conference 2002, Paranormal Realities"! Join us in the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains for the 2002 Summer Solstice for our annual solstice celebration and public skywatch on Friday evening, June 21st and stay the weekend to hear extremely informative speakers in the brand new 2,340 square foot Conference and Convention Center while enjoying the 56th Annual Rhododendron Festival at Roan Mountain State Park! Enjoy a weekend of outdoor camping in the improved campgrounds of Roan Mountain, or stay at one of the areas fine hotels. More information concerning the talks and lectures of next year's conference will be included in an upcoming issue of "USUFOIRC News and Updates"! For full details about our next UFO, Extraterrestrial, and Bigfoot Conference please visit our conference website. Space and seating is limited so submit your pre-registration On-Line today! Hope to see you there!!!

      6) www.etmall.org Videos of E.T. Conference 2001, Extra and Ultra Terrestrial Contact are now available exclusively from our online store "The E.T. Outlet". For a description of this informative 6 hours video please visit "The USUFOIRC and SAUN Shopping Mall" soon. This limited edition video will only be available for a short time while supplies last. Order yours today!

      7) www.ufofund.org The Building Program for The United States UFO Information and Research Center Complex is now underway. The USUFOIRC is seeking investors and contributors to help fund one of the most aggressive public awareness projects ever embarked upon within the Continental United States. We need your help. For information on how you can help contribute to a dream visit our domain dedicated to the furtherance of this project today and forward this message to as many persons as you know who would be willing to contribute to this effort. We are working to make all contributions tax deductible for public and private investors alike. Any person who contributes $1000 or more will be immortalized on a handsome plaque that will hang in the museums breezeway! Thank you in advance for your current and continued support!!!

      8) www.xzone-radio.com Allen McGee will appear on "The X-Zone Radio Show" on the morning of August 15th to discuss current USUFOIRC Public Awareness Campaigns, Next year's conference, Current UFO Sightings, and much more. The show will air between 4-5 A.M. on Wednesday Morning. Please show your support by listening and/or calling in for the show. The Affiliate Feed in Canada and the United States is available on Satcom GE-8 and around the world on the internet at www.xzone-radio.com Rob McConnell, is the Host & Executive Producer, The 'X' Zone Radio Show.

      9) USUFOIRC Office Hours... Important Note: The USUFOIRC Offices will be closed from August 1 - 8, 2001. We will return on the 9th to beginning the follow-up of the week's email messages including your comments, suggestions, ideas, and questions. We look forward to your continued support and our dedication to serving you and humanity in the search for Truth!

      Universal Blessings... Clear Skies and Happy Skywatching!

      Allen McGee
      Founder & National Director
      United States UFO Information and Research Center
      ~ www.dreaman.org ~ www.usufoirc.org ~

      USUFOIRC Shopping Mall ~ www.etmall.org
      E.T. Conference 2002 ~ www.etconference.org
      USUFOIRC Building Fund and Donations ~ www.ufofund.org
      The AMERICAN UFO JOURNAL ~ www.americanufojournal.com
      Report Sightings & Experiences On-Line ~ www.nationaluforeporting.org

      Email: dreaman@...
      Mailing Address & Telephone Number:
      Post Office Box 153, Unicoi, TN 37692 USA
      Sightings & Information Hotline: (423) 735-0848

      Quote: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The evidence has been denied the American people for over 50 years!" ...UFO Investigative Colleague and Researcher, Clifford Stone.

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