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    Dear Listers Below an update from Andy Thomas Swirled News website, Regards, Dave Haith SWIRLED NEWS UPDATE: 31 JULY 2001 Swirled News has been expanded with
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      Dear Listers
      Below an update from Andy Thomas' Swirled News website, Regards, Dave Haith


      Swirled News has been expanded with new stories today! There's an article
      with scientific proof that balls of light are connected to the formation of
      crop circles... and a review of a video which investigates this very aspect
      of the phenomenon... There's a report on the recent Centre for Crop Circle
      Studies convention... News of the latest TV-filmed man-made glyph... and
      loads of new Feedback items, too.

      Click www.swirlednews.com now...

      You're all going to have to wait another week or so for Part Two of Mary
      Bennett's expose of the Egyptian sand spiral and the implications from it
      all, we're afraid, despite earlier promises! But look out for it soon -
      it's worth the wait...

      Things may go quiet for a week or so while Swirled News absorbs itself into
      the Glastonbury crop circle Symposium this coming weekend - we'll be back!



      Swirled News is THE new web site to access for informed up-to-date news and
      reviews on the latest happenings and discoveries in the world of crop
      circles, supported by incisive and frank commentary, analysis, opinion and
      humour. The most recent cerealogical­ discoveries, pronouncements, media
      stories, intrigues­ and enlightenments. all are reported here, as Swirled
      News provides a vital information service, fighting sceptic propaganda with
      reason and passion.
      Swirled News is provided by the Southern Circular Research (SCR)
      organisation, founded in 1991, which for nine years produced the influential
      journal SC. Regular contributors include Andy Thomas (editor), Michael
      Glickman, Karen Douglas and Steve Alexander, amongst other names at the
      frontline of circle investigation.


      ...and don't forget to check out the very latest crop formations with our
      friends at www.cropcircleconnector.com..!

      This is an occasional mailing update service. If you have been placed on
      our mailing list in error or do not wish to be contacted by Swirled News,
      simply send an e-mail to: info@... asking for your name to be
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