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Fwd = CCCRN News: Formation Report 2001 #4 - Etzikom, Alberta

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      Original Subject: CCCRN News: Formation Report 2001 #4 - Etzikom, Alberta
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      The E-News Service of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network


      July 2, 2001



      Preliminary Report - July 2, 2001

      Etzikom, Alberta
      Early to Mid May, 2001

      Report received from reporter Sylvia Macbean and Amy Varga of an unusual
      'crater' found by a farmer in his pasture field near Etzikom, Alberta about
      100 km (62 miles) east of Lethbridge and 250 km (140 miles) southeast of

      The formation, first found in early to mid May (more specific date yet to
      be confirmed), is described as being nearly perfectly circular with three
      'indentations' or holes inside it near the outside edge (a possible landing
      trace?) and a raised rim / ring surrounding it, about .46 meters (1.5 feet)
      high and .4 meters (1.3 feet) wide. The main central depression is about
      2.45 meters (8 feet) in diameter and 15 cm (6 inches) deep. A local geology
      team from the University of Lethbridge examined the marking and described
      it as a possible meteorite crater. The 'holes' may have been caused by
      rainwater according to the team, although the farmer and others have said
      there has been a drought in the area the past several weeks with little or
      no rainfall. Rust-coloured 'flakes' were found on the ground surrounding
      the formation, which are still being examined at the University of
      Lethbridge, with analysis results due sometime next week.

      A local eyewitness described seeing a conical bright light, with tip
      pointing upward, or 'funnel of fire' over that field about three weeks to a
      month previous to when the formation was found, which lasted about an hour
      and reportedly 'lighted up the night' before fading. Dan Lockwood of the
      Prairie Meteorite Search team from the University of Calgary who also
      initially investigated the crater, is skeptical the two events are
      connected, but did tell CCCRN that the light as described would be
      inconsistent with a meteorite fall (a meteorite burnup normally lasting a
      few seconds, not an hour!).

      An initial 15-page report from the University of Lethbridge is being
      forwarded tomorrow. There are also two articles on this in the Calgary Sun
      newspaper (June 28, 2001).

      While again not a crop formation per se, this is an interesting case worth
      follow-up given the description of the 'crater' and the circumstances
      surrounding it. It does bear some similarities to other previous 'landing
      trace' cases documented over the years in Canada and elsewhere.

      Further details, photos, etc. when available.


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