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Glass Domes on the Moon?

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    Dear All, You may have recently read my article about the Apollo Hoax and why I think we have all been lied to about the real footage for over the past 30
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
      Dear All,
      You may have recently read my article about the 'Apollo Hoax' and why I
      think we have all been lied to about the 'real footage' for over the past 30
      years. Well, as a follow-up to that article I have managed to obtain some
      very interesting pictures of UFOs that were alledgedly taken by the Apollo
      astronauts. Is this the reason why NASA would go to the trouble of hoaxing
      the REAL FOOTAGE? Readers may also be interested in the 'secret
      transmissions' that were made by the Apollo astronauts whilst on the Moon's
      surface, where such things as UFOs, Glass Domes and strange structures were
      talked about. Obviously these transmissions were heavily monitored and
      censored by NASA, but it didn't stop radio hams picking them up!

      I have ALL of the transmissions and photos regarding UFOs etc during the
      Apollo Missions at http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/cosmicphotos.html

      Below are just a few of the other stories that Cosmic Conspiracies have
      broken over the past few months and all of them can be accessed from our
      main page at http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/COSMIC_MENU.html

      Picture of ET found on wall mural in Egyptian Tomb of Ptah-Hotep dating back
      to 5th Dynasty!!! (Come and see the photo!)

      Cosmic Conspiracies capture UFOs on film over Bonnybridge, Scotland!!!

      The 'Faked' Apollo Missions We show you the film footage that proves NASA
      hoaxed the Moon Landings!!!

      Angel caught on Cinefilm!

      Major Chupacabras Update 2001
      Chupa returns to Calama, Skull and Hair Samples Taken (see the photos)
      Witnesses paid to keep their silence!

      STS-75 Lead Flight Director Answers our questions about the 'Tether

      The Rockford Orbs - Hundreds witness strange craft over US State

      Stonehenge was re-built in the Early 1900s - See the Pictures and Story

      Did Spielberg Make The Alien Autopsy Film?

      UFO Abducts Passengers From Helicopter!

      Listen to Nick Pope Squirm on National Radio after Cosmic Conspiracies asks
      about his alledged abduction!

      Astronaut Gordon Cooper tells of seeing UFOs on secret Government Film!

      AREA 51 & Nellis AFB Radio Frequencies

      Many Thanks,

      Dave at Cosmic Conspiracies
      UFORCE International Director(UK)

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