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Campaign For Disclosure: 2001 Tour

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  • Tim Edwards
    The Campaign For Disclosure: 2001 Tour The Campaign for Disclosure will be coming to the following cities (dates are tentative and subject to change). In
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2001
      The Campaign For Disclosure: 2001 Tour

      The Campaign for Disclosure will be coming to the following cities (dates are
      tentative and subject to change).

      In each city, we will begin with an exclusive showing of the 4-hour
      Disclosure film of 50 government and military witnesses to UFO and
      Extraterrestrial events and projects, followed by a presentation by
      Disclosure Project Director Steven M. Greer MD.

      To build a grass roots campaign to push for open congressionalhearings, we need your
      help and your support:

      > Campaign for Disclosure Sponsors - To bring the Campaign for Disclosure
      to your city will cost a modest $5000. If you can help underwrite part or all

      of this cost and become an individual or corporate sponsor, please contact
      us. You may also support the campaign anonymously. Please contribute what
      you can.

      > Become part of the local host committee - We need local volunteers to
      help with organizing the event, locating suitable venues for the event,
      getting the word out, helping during the day of the event, etc. If you can
      help coordinate the local Campaign for Disclosure, please let us know today.

      > Local Networking - If you can help us reach local VIPs, environmental
      leaders, civic leaders, and potential funders, please let us know. We will be

      meeting with people who can help advance the Campaign in each area and need
      local networking support.

      > Identifying new government, military, and corporate witnesses to UFO and
      ET events and projects - If you can help us identify new witnesses who live
      your region, we will interview and film them when we come to your city.
      Please help us identify more of these heroic witnesses who stand ready to
      testify to the truth.

      If we unite in action, we can begin a new, open chapter in human history --
      one with new technologies for energy and propulsion without pollution; one
      where we go into space in peace -- not with weapons. Please join us and help
      us today!

      City: Date:

      Denver, CO June 23, 2001

      San Francisco July 22, 2001

      Los Angeles August 11, 2001

      San Diego August 12, 2001

      Miami, FL August 19, 2001

      Seattle, WA September 8, 2001

      Vancouver, BC September 9, 2001

      Washington, DC October 6, 2001

      Charlottesville, VA October 7, 2001

      Boston, MA October 20, 2001

      New York, NY October 21, 2001

      Atlanta, GA November 3, 2001

      Asheville, NC November 4, 2001

      Phoenix, AZ November 10, 2001

      Dallas, Tx November 11, 2001

      London, UK December 8, 2001

      Note: Cities and dates subject to change, local support and funding support.


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