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Fwd: [jlnlabs] Switzerland free energy congress !

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    Subject: [jlnlabs] Switzerland free energy congress ! From: Stefan Hartmann, harti@harti.com New Hydrogen Technologies and Space Drives Saturday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
      Subject: [jlnlabs] Switzerland free energy congress !
      From: Stefan Hartmann, harti@...

      New Hydrogen Technologies and Space Drives
      Saturday, June 23, and Sunday, June 24, 2001
      Congress Center Thurgauerhof, CH-8570 Weinfelden/Switzerland

      Institute for New Energy Technologies (INET), Jupiter-Publishers and
      German Association for Space Energy (GASE)

      12:00 Welcome address: Adolf and Inge Schneider (INET)
      Prof.Dr.Dr.Dr.h.c. Josef Gruber (GASE)
      12:30 Free Sources of Clean Energy
      Meetings with Inventers and Investigations of Revolutionary Inventions
      Jeane Manning, Journalist and Book Author, Vancouver / Canada
      13:30 Advanced Concepts for Wireless Energy Transfer
      Highly Efficient Power Engineering with Scalar Waves
      Prof. Dr.-Eng. Konstantin Meyl, Transfer Centre of the
      for Economic Assistance, TZA, St. Georgen/Black Forest, Germany
      14:30 Low-Temperature Nuclear Reactions with Excess Energy
      Successful Experiments with Magnetic Field assisted Low Energy Fusion
      Prof. J. P. Vigier, Editor Physics Letter A (ret.), Paris / France
      15:30 Foundations of a Space Time Energy Pump
      Concepts for the Engineering of Quantum Spacetime Gravitational
      Prof. Dr. A.A. Nassikas, Technical Education Institute of Larissa,

      16:30 Interval for coffee, tee and demonstrations

      17:00 Generator with Energy Conversion and Anti-Gravity-Effects
      An Experimental Investigation of the Physical Effects in a Dynamic
      Magnetic System
      V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin, Institute for High Temperatures,
      Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia
      18:00 New Methods for Energy Generation and Gravity Control
      Electrogravitic Phenomena based on the Subquantum Kinetics Theory
      Dr. Paul LaViolette, President of the Starburst Foundation,
      Alexandria, VA /USA

      19:00 Break for Dinner and Discussions

      20:30 The Searl Effect Generator and the Levity Disc
      Energy Generation and Gravity Control for Space Flight Systems
      John R.R. Searl, President SISRC, London / Great Britain

      Sunday, June 24, 2001

      09:30 A New Future with Non-Conventional Energy Technologies
      New Localized Energy Sources for Heat, Electricity and Transportation
      Thomas Valone, M.A., P.E., President of the "Integrity Research
      and Organizer of the Congress on Future Energy, Washington / DC, USA
      10:20 The Dynamics of Space Technologies
      Strategies for the Marketing of New Energy Products
      Adolf and Inge Schneider, TransAltec Inc., Egerkingen, Switzerland
      11:00 Resonance Principle and the Physics of Oliver Crane
      Reflections on the dynamic Background of Life and Energy
      Dr. rer.nat. Dietrich Schuster, Prien, Germany

      12:00 Lunch break

      13:30 Space-Quanta-Generator with Magnetic Resonant Coupling
      Energy Transfer from Vacuum via Magnetic Nuclei Stimulation
      Dr. Hans Weber, PhD nat.sc., Scientific Director of SQR, Switzerland
      14:15 Water as a new Source of Energy
      Theory and Experiments with a Highly Efficient Plasma-Electrolytic
      Prof. Ph. M. Kanarev, Kuban State Agrarian University, Krasnodar, Russia

      15:00 New Highly Efficient Water-Splitting System
      Theory and Experiments with "On board" Hydrogen Generation
      Adolf Schneider, Dipl.-Ing., TransAltec Inc., Switzerland

      15:45 Coffee break

      16:45 Decentral Energy Plants with Quanta-Electro-Stations
      The Heat Generator "Yusmar" and the Quanta Motor of Prof. J.S.
      Wilfried Fittkau, Dipl.-Eng., Black Scorpion® Marketing, Magdeburg,
      17.45 Vision for an enjoyable Future
      Concepts for the Harmony in Engineering, Science and Society
      Dr. iur. Hansjörg Landolt, Brione, Switzerland
      18.30 Closing address of the organizers

      Presentation and Demonstration of Models
      Appropriate literature is available on book tables, inventors show their
      exposition models and products which are referred to in their lectures,
      and they welcome questions of the public.

      Working Language:
      The conference will be conducted in English and German with

      Check-In, Registration, Welcome Drink: June 23th, beginning at 11:00
      Congress Organization and Pre-Registration:
      INET / Jupiter Publishers, P.O.Box, CH 4622 Egerkingen,
      Phone/Fax. 062 38898 50/1 email: adolf.schneider@...

      Congress fees
      All-inclusive price incl. Congress papers, Saturday-
      Dinner, Sunday-Lunch, 2 Coffee Breaks, Mineral-
      Water, incl. accommodation for 1 night USD 220.- / SFr 390.- / DM
      490.- / OES 3'500.-

      Students with ID, Unemployed, Retired: USD 170.- / SFr 290.- / DM 370.-
      / OES 2'600.-

      Reduction without room: USD 30.- / SFr 50.- / DM 65.- /OES 450.-

      Single day participation: 50% discount

      Registration, Remittance:
      Each participant shall receive an information package after
      registration. The payment can be done via:
      - Germany: Post Banc Muenchen, Acc. No. 12 10 26 - 802, D 80317
      Muenchen, BLZ 700 100 80
      - Switzerland: Postfinance, Acc. No. 34-3240-1, CH 3040 Bern (no BLZ
      - Austria: via cheque or postal transfer
      - Other countries: via cheque or postal transfer

      Important Notice concerning All-inclusive Price:
      There is only a certain contingent of rooms in the congress-hotel. The
      price of this rooms is included in the all-inclusice price. It is
      therefore recommended to book as soon as possible. When all congress
      rooms are blocked the participants are obliged to book rooms in nearby
      hotels in other cities which is more expensive. The organizer will
      provide all necessary informations about other hotels but the
      participants have to book themselves.

      If it becomes necessary to cancel a registration, please contact the
      following address:
      Jupiter Publishers / INET, P.O.Box, CH 4622 Egerkingen, Tel. +41 (0)62
      388 98 50, Fax: 51

      Before 1 June 2001 90% Refund
      Between 1 June and 14 June 50% Refund
      20 June 2001 onwards No refund

      Congress Address:
      Hotel & Congress Center Thurgauer Hof, Thomas-Bornhauser-Str. 10,
      CH-8570 Weinfelden,
      Phone 0041 (0)71 626 33 33, Fax: 0041 (0) 71 626 34 34,


      Best regards, Stefan Hartmann.
      Hartmann Multimedia Service,
      Dipl. Ing. Stefan Hartmann, Keplerstr. 11 B, 10589 Berlin, Germany
      Tel: +49 30 345 00 497, FAX: +49 30 345 00 498
      email: harti@... WEB: www.harti.com www.overunity.com
      Better getting paid to surf the WEB:
      Lassen Sie sich doch lieber fuers Surfen bezahlen !

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