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Re: UFOnet: quarreling ....Re:Krsanna Duran

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    Thank you for clarifying your opinions. Best regards, Krsanna Duran ... From: Janny Meerstadt To: ufonet@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 1:23 AM
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 1, 2001
      Thank you for clarifying your opinions. 
      Best regards,
      Krsanna Duran
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      Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 1:23 AM
      Subject: RE: UFOnet: quarreling ....Re:Krsanna Duran

      Being 52 does not mean a thing, if you have not learned much, if you do not listen to others, if you are driven by ego (which at 52 should begin to subside), it does not account for growth, intellectual or spiritual. There are kids, between ages 7 and 23 who are wiser than others at 55.
      Anyway, the only things I am interested in are observations and experiences, phenomena. No judgments. I hope I have made myself clear to you in this manner. Enjoy the site.  Janny

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