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Re: Rendlesham Forest Skywatch

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    Yep, SkyWatching is a good and interresting social event. If you definitely want to see something of an alienworld while SkyWatching, look for stars with
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2001
      SkyWatching is a good and interresting social event.

      If you definitely want to see something
      of an alienworld while SkyWatching,
      look for stars with planets!

      It makes SkyWatching even more interresting.


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      >Subject: UFOnet: Rendlesham Forest Skywatch
      >Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 09:01:19 +0100
      >I'll do my damndest to get down there for this! Should at least be a good
      >social event!
      >From: Malcolm Robinson [mailto:spi_spi@...]
      >Sent: 30 May 2001 15:48
      >Subject: Rendlesham Forest Skywatch
      >Dear All.
      >SPI England are planning to hold a skywatch in Rendlesham Forest Suffolk
      >on Saturday July 14th 2001
      >We invite you and your collegues to attend this skywatch.
      >We plan to meet up at the Cherry Tree Pub near the village of Eyke pub
      >on Saturday the 14th of July at 9:00pm.
      >Should you decide to come along, please bring with you the usual items
      >for a skywatch, ie, Binoculars,Telescope (if you have one), camera/s
      >both still and video.
      >UFOlogy (as I'm sure you'll agree) is all about participating and
      >getting involved in things and we hope that you and your collegues may
      >participate in what hopefully will be an interesting night.
      >From the A12 turn off for Woodbridge, follow the road past a crossroads
      >and continue straight ahead past Woodbridge. Cross the train tracks.
      >On your left will be a pub called the Willford Bridge. Continue past
      >this onto a roundabout ahead. At the roundabout take a left and follow
      >the road for about half a mile. The Cherry Tree pub (our meeting place)
      >is on the left, just before the village of Eyke. Leave the Cherry Tree
      >Pub and continue past the left turning for the village of Eyke. About 4
      >miles down the road you'll see a turning on your right hand side. Take
      >this road. If you enter the village of Butley then you've gone too far.
      >Go down the forest road and at the end you will find a car park and
      >entrance to Woodbridge Airfield (East Gate). Head into Rendlesham
      >Forest (Track 12) and this will take you to Mr Boasts field also known
      >as 'Ground Zero'.
      >[My thanks to Richard Conway for the above information]
      >Should you wish to become involved, then please e-mail organiser Malcolm
      >Robinson on spi_spi@... or call him on 020 8998 4936 (or) 07949
      >178 835.
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