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    Goodness! I didn t expect a response like that! : ) I just responded to his post in as fair and clear a view as I could. When someone is quick to knock
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      Goodness!  I didn't expect a response like that! : )
      I just responded to his post in as fair and clear a view as I could.  When someone is quick to knock someone or something else, it's only fair to expect people to want to know where those knocks come from, and if possible, 'why'....that's all : )
      I give everyone the benefit of the doubt initially because you can never be sure, especially in email, plain and simple communication barriers (language, cultures, phrases etc).  But with something like Disclosure, where there has obviously been a lot of work, time, effort involved from a lot of people for a lot of years,...I would hate to see it discredited for a single issue out of many issues.
      Like I said...it's the bigger picture that interests me...and that includes being interested in how conclusions are drawn. : )
      But at the end of the day, there is nothing like seeing something with your own eyes, and for those of us who have, at least now with lists such as these we can feel very much 'reprieved' after all the years of being laughed at, (though as I said, I was lucky..four years after the event my sighting was in a paper so had my reprieval back then) and as long as you know in your heart what you saw, and you have other's around you who have have had those same/similar experiences, then rest assured the truth will be known and everyone will see them as clearly as they see the moon, when the time is right...that's pretty logical.
      But getting back to Disclosure and the proof of and all the rest - I'm pretty sure also that Dr Greer and co would have no doubt been let down by people who promise to stand tall with him one minute, then back out at the last minute if they don't feel like they're in a strong enough position,...just common sense and knowing human nature should tell you that..x
      Just remember how often you wish people would have open minds and hear what you're saying... you have to make sure yours is open too, :)
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      Intersting how he answers you.  Men!!!! ;o)  Lucky for me, you called him on that which is my main 'issue' with his propositions.  You go girl!  Thanks for helping me keep the faith!  Big kisses.  XXXXXXOOOXXXOXXOOXXX  (like I said...MEN!)  hehe
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