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    Subject: [antigrav] Plasma Crystals and Coherent Plasma Field Propulsion From: Goeksel, Berkant, Berkant.Goeksel@brr.de
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
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      Subject: [antigrav] Plasma Crystals and Coherent Plasma Field
      From: Goeksel, Berkant, Berkant.Goeksel@...


      Thoughts About Ancient UFO Style Craft and Their Propulsion Systems:
      The first thought is about how Professor David Bohm pointed out how the
      individual particles in a plasma seemed to have the property of
      self-organization and formed wave groups that danced in the main beam in
      step with each other. This suggests a self-resonance that if tuned
      properly, would do the bidding of a pilot control signal. This may be
      applied to the surface potential formed by the plasma sheath over the
      craft surface. If the electric plasma sheath moved on the necessary
      manner, it may even find itself interfering with the Earths gravitational
      field or even better, form a whole craft surface equivalent to one giant
      particle that could be sent instantly to any point in space via David
      Bohm's Q potential, which is (I believe) able to transfer energy into
      normal space from energy space in unlimited amount. This is the
      uncertainty principle adapted to the macro-particle scale.

      The second thought is that there exists references to ancient craft
      supposedly related to the lost continent of Atlantis and India that
      created a charged vapor circulating over the surface of a craft, (which
      incidentally was made out of many types of metal that formed some strong
      alloy unknown to us today), and whose surface glowed brightly in the
      atmosphere. The crafts primary drive supposedly used the metal Mercury in
      a closed system that heated the Mercury to a high heat. This vapor was
      set into oscillation through a set of coils wound in caduceus fashion.
      (Wrapped around each other like two snakes, the heads pointing at each
      other.) Please see the picture CADUCEUS (below) from page 248 of the
      related book, "Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis", by David
      Hatcher Childress. I obtained my copy from Barnes & Noble at

      The top of this assembly was connected to a resonant surface that set the
      entire surface of the craft into resonant standing wave oscillation. The
      surface of the craft, being covered with ionized air plasma due to the
      very intense field around its surface, quite possibly enhanced the
      resonant standing wave field. Further, the field is said to have a
      rotating nature. Sound familiar??

      Apparently the modern craft use a similar principle as in the ancient
      Vimana craft concerning standing wave fields obtained from natural
      harmonic oscillations derived from impulse electric fields instead of
      charged ion impact. This picture is also from the included assembly

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