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  • Frits Westra
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      Original Subject: CCCRN News: Research Assistance 2001
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      The E-News Service of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network


      May 1, 2001



      The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network is seeking the
      continued assistance of farmers, media, pilots, police / RCMP,
      scientists, the general public and other researchers in its
      investigative efforts.

      Reporting Formations

      Reports of crop circles or other formations, including additional
      supporting materials, may be submitted to the main office in BC
      or any of the respective provincial branches (BC, Alberta,
      Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec). Report forms
      are available on request or a copy can be downloaded. Please
      include as much detail as possible. It is urgently requested that
      reports be forwarded as soon after discovery as possible so that
      a proper investigation may be initiated. In Canada, most formations
      are reported in August and September, near or at harvest, primarily
      in Saskatchewan, although they can be reported year-round (in
      grasses or even ice, for example). 12 formations were reported
      across the country in 2000, in Saskatchewan, Ontario and
      Quebec. Full reports are in the Circle Phenomena in Canada
      2000 report archive. See Circle Phenomena in Canada 2001 for
      updates on current reports.

      Field Research

      For those interested in assisting with on-site investigations, field
      research is conducted at circle locations as they are found,
      including photo and video documentation (both aerial and ground
      if possible), surveying and plant / soil sampling for lab analysis, as
      well as investigation of other possibly related phenomena. An
      excellent opportunity for hands-on experience with this
      phenomenon! Field investigations are conducted in cooperation
      with the BLT Research Team and other research groups. Information
      on sampling protocols for lab analysis is available from the BLT
      Research Team. All applicable laws are strictly adhered to, and under
      no circumstance is a farmer's field or other property entered without
      expressed permission. Names and locations are kept confidential if
      requested and will not be released publicly without permission in
      those cases.

      Other Assistance

      Additional volunteer assistance is also needed and welcomed,
      including provincial coordinators for Newfoundland, Nova Scotia,
      New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, as well as additional field
      research assistants.


      Extensive resources are available to all interested persons or groups.
      Free e-mail updates are also available for those wanting to keep up to
      date on the latest news and developments (CCCRN News). Contact
      CCCRN for further information, to submit reports or to become more

      CCCRN News is the e-news service of the Canadian Crop Circle
      Research Network, providing the latest news and reports on the crop
      circle phenomenon in Canada and other relevant updates, as well as
      other information on CCCRN-related news, projects and events.


      Main Office:
      Suite 202 - 325 East 14th Avenue
      Vancouver, BC V5T 2M9 Canada
      Tel / Fax (Office): 604.731.8522
      Tel (Cell): 604.727.1454
      E-Mail: psa@...
      Web: http://www.geocities.com/cropcirclecanada

      Provincial Branch Contacts:

      � Canadian Crop Circle Research Network, 2001

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