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Fwd = Key player in UFO incident visits Roswell

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      Key player in UFO incident visits Roswell

      Judy Rosella Edwards
      Record Staff Writer

      In 1947, James Bond Johnson was a newspaper writer for the Fort Worth
      Star Telegraph when he was sent on a routine assignment he says has
      become `the longest running story.'

      Johnson was in Roswell Saturday for the very first time to visit the
      UFO Museum and Research Center that houses copies of the photo he says
      he took by accident. His assignment was to write about an event but,
      because he happened to have a camera with him, he took a photo. That
      photo keeps Johnson as one of the key players in the UFO phenomena and
      connected to the museum.

      In July of 1947, something unidentified landed northwest of Roswell.
      At the Roswell Army Field, Col. William Blanchard dictated to his
      public relations officer a press release about an alien UFO crash
      landing within 100 miles of the Trinity atomic bomb test site.


      Daily Record
      Bill Moffitt

      James Bond Johnson points out the letter in the photograph he shot of
      General Roger Ramey in 1947. Contents of the letter are said to
      indicate that there was more than a weather balloon crash at Roswell.

      That PR officer, Lt. Walter G. Haut, a Chicago native, wrote and
      distributed the original press release that eventually went out over
      the AP wires from Roswell. The remains from the crash were transported
      to the Roswell air base and then flown via a B29 to Fort Worth.

      Upon arrival there, James Bond Johnson was sent to write an article
      about the material the military found. During the course of
      interviewing General Roger Ramey, Johnson captured the general on film
      while he was holding a military communique. Few additional details
      have been released by the government since then.

      Over the years through digitizing Johnson's photo, a few words in the
      communique have been translated indicating there was something at the
      site other than the alleged weather balloon.

      For him, the curiosity had taken a back burner for several decades.
      After all, the photo had only taken one fiftieth of a second of his
      life. He went on to become a child psychologist and a minister. He is
      now relocated in Long Beach, Calif.

      Johnson's curiosity was rekindled by a Leonard Nimoy show about UFOs.
      When Dennis G. Balthaser, a local UFO researcher, contacted Johnson
      and encouraged him to come visit the museum, since he had never been
      to Roswell, he and his wife came out for their very first visit to the

      He says he is pleased with what he sees displayed and documented at
      the museum. Johnson was depicted in the movie, "Roswell," but the
      movie studio added another 15 fictional photographers to the scenes
      involving Johnson. "They said it just didn't look right that I was the
      only photographer," he said.

      Eventually the original photographs were sold to the University of
      Texas- Arlington. Copies are owned by the UFO Museum and Research
      Center, which former PR Officer, Lt. Walter Haut, opened in 1991.
      Johnson posed with his photograph and met with visitors to the museum.
      "The museum reflects the curiosity of people, when you look at the
      number of visitors who have been here," Johnson said.


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