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  • Frits Westra
    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl Originally from: ewar@topica.com Original Subject: Digest for ewar@topica.com, issue 274 Original Date: Wed, 04 Apr
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2001
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      Original Subject: Digest for ewar@..., issue 274
      Original Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 01:52:12 -0700

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      Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 03:06:17 -0700
      From: "Wes Thomas" <west@...>
      Subject: More HAARP misinformation

      Yet more HAARP misinformation tonight from Dr. Nick Begich (his doctorate
      is in complementary medicine, not physics, as is evident by his ignorance
      of basic physics) on the Art Bell show. Begich said:

      - You can bounce HAARP ELF crowd-control signals off the ionosphere and
      localize their effects.

      No evidence provided. ELF signals cannot be easily localized and thus
      would not be effective for this purpose. In addition, there's no evidence
      this has been ever done by HAARP.

      - An infrasonic signal (which in fact can create hysteria and panic in a
      crowd) can be carried on radio broadcasts and was used to defeat Iraqi
      troops in the Gulf War. A mind-control signal can be carried on power
      lines, radio, TVs, etc. and this was used in the Gulf War and also to
      deter shopping in Japan.

      Begich presents two conflicting explanations for the Gulf War defeat of
      troops and further confuses various technologies. There's no way for
      infrasonic modulation of radio signals to be heard by listeners because
      radios and conventional loudspeakers don't have the capability of passing
      infrasound (sound under 20 Hz) and the alleged mind control of Iraqi
      soldiers can be more logically explained as a standard Army psyop (the
      bogus mystery mind control signal explanation would be a perfect Army
      disinformation tactic). As for the Japanese shopping experiment, this was
      allegedly a result of subliminal voices on store sound systems, which has
      nothing to do with infrasound or mind-control signals on power lines, etc.

      Regarding the signal of power lines, etc., he's apparently referring to
      his previous statement on Coast To Coast on 1/25/01: "A psychotronic
      generator which produces a powerful electromagnetic emination capable of
      being sent through telephone lines, television, radio networks,supply
      pipes,and incandescent lamps. This signal would manipulate the behavior of
      those in contact with the signal." As I stated on 1/26/2001, no evidence
      or scientific citations are provided, nor is the vague buzz word
      "psychotronic" defined. He's apparently referring to Timothy L. Thomas,
      The Mind Has No Firewall from Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92, see
      www.angelfire.com/or/mctrl/thomas.html, which appears to be Army
      disinformation unsupported by any scientific references on this point.

      - The loss of satellite and microwave systems signals in Pahrump was
      probably caused by an EMP.

      Wrong. EMP signals burn out equipment permanently. These systems came back
      on after a temporary outage. A more logical explanation is swamping of
      receiver circuits by military broadband microwave experiments. The Art
      Bell and Begich explanations would serve as a perfect cover story for such
      an operation.

      - HAARP brain entrainment can causes apathy in the population and
      influence political events.

      No evidence was presented.

      - The key locks stopped working in Bremerton were caused by an EMP.

      Again wrong. EMP burns out systems permanently (they started working

      - Schumann resonance is rising (this was an Art Bell statement based on
      nonsense from Gregg Braden).

      Wrong. For scientific measurements, see the UC Berkeley (not UCLA, as
      stated by Begich) site at

      - Earthquakes can be triggered by electromagnetic energy at the Schumann
      resonance frequency (7.8 Hz). Tesla's experiment in vibrating buildings in
      Manhattan proved that.

      Wrong. The hundreds of thunderstorms happening around the Earth right now
      are constantly creating 7.8 Hz signals with no known effect and this would
      be a perfect disinformation cover for what could be a real problem:
      signals a ULF frequencies (below 3 Hz). Also, Begich doesn't understand
      the difference between electromagnetic and mechanical energy (Tesla's
      experiment used a mechanical vibrator to shake buildings in lower
      Manhattan and had nothing to do with electromagnetic energy).

      - Panic attacks in the population could be caused by EM pulsing and this
      might explain the current rash of teenage shootings and other mischief.
      Repeated exposure to EM signals lowers the threshold for their effects.

      No evidence provided and this explanation is unlikely. The second sentence
      is true (it's called electrical hypersensitivity) but more likely due to
      exposure to household appliances and transmitters, not some conspiracy
      intended to make the masses insane. Again, this nonsense would serve as a
      perfect disinformation cover for damaging effects on people caused by
      power, broadcast and wireless industries, pharmaceuticals (ritalin, etc.)
      and media desensitization.

      Note that I am not saying that Begich and Bell are guilty of
      disinformation; I'm only pointing out that their misinformation could have
      that effect, possibly the result of standard deliberate disinformation
      operations that take advantage of media persons lacking a solid grounding
      in science and technology.

      Speaking of disinformation, you can tune in Friday for the latest nonsense
      from Ed "Head Games" Dames.

      info: www.topica.com/lists/ewar

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