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Fwd: CAUS HIGHLIGHTs: Monday - April 2, 2001

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    Subject: CAUS HIGHLIGHTs: Monday - April 2, 2001 From: UFOLAWYER1@aol.com Our situation on this Earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here
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      Subject: CAUS HIGHLIGHTs: Monday - April 2, 2001
      From: UFOLAWYER1@...

      "Our situation on this Earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here involuntarily, and uninvited, for a short stay without knowing why. To me it is enough to wonder at the secrets."-- Albert Einstein
      CAUS HIGHLIGHTS: Monday - April 2, 2001
      "I am wondering how do people clear out the alien abduction. I understand there is some memory loss or blocked emotions that occur but is there some spiritual channeling to guide in the astral that eliminate the entities bothering humans. The reason I ask is I am trying to find an alien abduction healer because I have been severely attacked by entities and the entities are effecting my existance and playing games with me by talking about how its difficult to allow me to be ok on the planet because alot of entities hate me. It sounds
      silly but in reality i am going through severe pain in
      the physical from astral attacks and trauma."
      --Ursular Teran (u teran@...)
      The Seattle Art Bell Chat Club and the Seattle Metaphyscial Library present the First Annual Northwest UFO/Paranormal Conference Seattle, Washington; Memorial Day weekend; Friday May 25-Monday May 28th,2001; Doubletree- Seatac, Seattle Airport
      complete info at: http://www.seattleartbellchatclub.com
      April 2, 1999: At 4:00 am a witness in La Verne, California sees a bright orange-colored, circular-shaped object moving quickly in the sky from east to west. As he watches, the object suddenly stops, hovers momentarily, and emits several colored projectiles, which fly off in various directions. The sphere-shaped object then disappears and is replaced by a gray, cube-like mass with rounded corners, which floats silently toward the horizon before disappearing.
      Top Story: Is this religious painting watching you?
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      Numerous Orbs in Illinois

      Todd Livengood writes that I was watching Channel 13 news at ten o'clock this past Sunday, March 18, 2001, and the weatherman reported they had received a lot of phone calls about lights seen from North Main Street..>>>
      UFO Buzzes Small Plane in Alabama

      On Sunday, February 18, 2001, at 6:25 p.m., a small private plane was making its approach into the airport in Mobile, Alabama, when the youthful pilot spotted a blue UFO...>>>
      UFO REPORTs: UFOs Over Bolivia
      UFO GEOMETRY 101: Flying Triangle Seen in France
      Watch the Skies!

      Peter A. Gersten

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