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  • John M. Novak
    A GALACTIC EXCHANGE UNIVER-CITY Co-authored by James Gilliland and John Novak There has been ongoing, fully documented contact with benevolent, spiritually and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      Co-authored by James Gilliland and John Novak

      There has been ongoing, fully documented contact with benevolent,
      spiritually and technologically advanced ultra and extraterrestrials at the
      Sattva Sanctuary in Trout Lake, Washington. This contact is an ongoing
      controversy that is met with a variety of responses. Hopefully, the
      information that follows will clear up some of the many fears and questions
      concerning the nature and purpose of these contacts and what our motives are
      in presenting it to you.

      These extremely advanced intra, extra and ultraterrestrials have faced and
      transcended many of the challenges and fears in their past that we on Earth
      now face. The environmental and energy crises with all the competition, war
      and greed are all part of their history. They believe planets and
      civilizations are terrible things to waste and warn that continuing with our
      present course will result in social, economic and environmental collapse.

      These benevolent beings have an omnipresent understanding of God that
      transcends the need to separate into structured truths with names, images
      and dogma. This is one of the main problems causing the fear,
      separation, division and war now plaguing Humanity and the Earth. They have
      found it is better to honor diversity and choose the Universal principles
      and understandings within each culture that are necessary for a healthy
      society and environment. Principles that support Universal Peace,
      Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all and service
      to the Creator within all Creation.

      These understandings, given to our forefather/mothers, were inspired by
      great overseers in the past and are the basic foundations for all religions
      today. Unfortunately, these basic truths have long since been altered by
      kings, governments and religious institutions that still dominate the social
      consciousness of Earth today. They do this by keeping people in fear,
      ignorance and dependent upon them for the basic life necessities of food,
      water, shelter, clothing, medicine and transportation.

      The time has arrived where Humanity must come together as a collective to
      agree upon and live by the basic Universal Principles as the first and
      foremost priority. When this occurs, Humanity will have met the protocols
      necessary for contact and the exchange of knowledge and information can
      begin. We are meeting these protocols which is why we have been highly
      successful in contact and telepathic exchange with these benevolent
      spiritually and technologically advanced beings.

      Rather than being called aliens, it is more appropriate to call them members
      of the greater family of man/woman. They are not here to be worshiped. They
      are not here to conquer Earth and it's inhabitants. They are not here to
      take our natural resources. The simple fact that they have not done so by
      now shows that this is not their agenda. They are here to inspire each
      individual to make their own personal God connection and live by the
      Universal Principles necessary for a healthy society and environment. They
      are here to assist Humanity in a birthing process into the Fifth World, or
      the 'Golden Age of God' spoken of in ancient prophecies in most every
      culture on Earth. It is a turbulent, rocky road with many personal and
      collective challenges. They are here to alleviate the severity of some of
      the events in the days to come. Some in the past have referred to them as
      Gods. Others as angels.

      While there is a dark side within the alien agenda, it is a thimble full
      compared to the benevolent side. The dark side is being ushered out,
      finishing lessons that are now fast coming to a close. The days of tyranny
      on Earth and the Universe are ending. It is a cosmic plan so vast and
      powerful that those not able to flow with it will be energetically unable to
      sustain themselves. It is plan that no man can stop, implemented by beings
      with full use of the creational energies. We need to make way for the

      The greater family of man/woman has many forms. There is a vibrational
      continuum and they exist in many states of awareness and forms along this
      continuum. Some are pure consciousness. Some have magnetized light bodies,
      energy bodies and some are physical. There are also many advanced races
      with technology as advanced as their spirituality. What we today in our
      limited understandings call a miracle is to them nothing more than the
      science of using creational energy.

      Unlike the spiritually corrupt elite on our planet that we allow to own and
      use our advanced technology, these beings are using it for the betterment of
      all people and all life. This is why there is so much confusion concerning
      contact with angelic guides and ascended masters or spiritually and
      advanced beings often referred to as ETs. At some point, these terms become

      There is a saying, "just because you are dead does not mean you are
      enlightened". This can be expanded to include, "just because you have
      technology and a ship doesn't not mean you are benevolent and have the
      highest and best good of Humanity and the Earth in mind". Every experience
      and connection needs to be tested according to the Universal Principles or
      Laws of Creation. Do they inspire your own individual God connection,
      Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Equality,
      service to the Creator within all creation? These are guidelines to use when
      receiving information, choosing any teachers or groups and for everyday life
      situations. If these Universal Laws are not being applied, it is time to
      find a new group, change the source of your information or make the changes
      necessary in your life to be in harmony with them.

      The presence of UFOs, or IFOs (Identified Flying Objects), in this part of
      Washington state stretches back into ancient history with stories from the
      indigenous people. Scientific investigations and reports from noted
      scientists and researchers such as Dr. J Allen Hynek, Bill Vogel, David
      Akers and Greg Long bring undeniable evidence to the table of the ongoing
      IFO activity in this area since at least the late 1940's. The photos, 11
      hours of video, over 700 eyewitnesses including astrophysicists, scientists,
      aeronautic engineers, air force, commercial and private pilots and employees
      in the aviation industry, the anomalous leaf growth and the two landings
      this year of two off-world craft that we have documented adds to what now
      can be only be described as extraordinary evidence.

      In the past, the ships played a cat and mouse game with scientists and
      investigators. Almost all attempts to document their presence was evaded.
      Also during this time, many people living in the area reported having
      experiences with these beings, but the contacts would never progress beyond
      the person's own uncertainties and fears of the unknown. Even many of the
      Native Americans in the area feared and avoided contact with the "Stick
      Indians" that appeared to them. This, despite their own incredible legends
      of the "man with red eyes" with great healing powers who came and lived
      among their people until he died and his body was taken away by an object
      that descended from the sky and flew off.

      Unlike the past, the craft and occupants are now showing a willingness and
      desire to be photographed and video taped. Many ask why? The reason is
      simple. We are meeting the protocols for contact and are rising to the
      occasion while leaving our fears behind. We do our best to live according
      to the Universal principles and are committed to service in the awakening
      and healing of Humanity and the Earth. This is the sole reason we are
      highly successful where others have failed. The photos taken by guests and
      investigators were taken by people with high integrity and pure intent.
      Some were highly educated and some were not. An open mind and loving heart
      and standing with impeccable integrity are the protocols for contact.

      There are steps we must take in order to have Galactic Exchange. The first
      is documentation of the reality of extra, intra and ultraterrestrial
      presence and dissemination of the information as to their true nature and
      desires concerning Humanity and the Earth.

      The second step is creating the foundation and environment necessary for
      Galactic Exchange, a Univer-City set up for contact and the exchange of
      knowledge and information that will assist in the awakening and healing of
      Humanity and the Earth. The possibility to heal the past, end disease,
      clean up the environment and use free, earth friendly energy technology all
      exist. It has already been disseminated to many, yet due to greed and
      vested interests, these technologies and therapies are suppressed. There
      needs to be an end to suppression and an independent assessment made without
      vested interests.

      There also needs to be a stand down policy with the military concerning all
      aggressive action towards these highly evolved beings. It has been well
      established that military attempts to engage them have been primitive and
      barbaric that usually ends up with the occupants of these craft taking the
      high road, jumping into the next dimension or speeding off at phenomenal
      rates of speed, defying all our known laws of physics. There has also been
      the reports of the disappearance of military aircraft. It is nothing to send
      a craft back or forward in time to another place or dimension if you have
      full use of creational energy. Choosing ambassadors with pure intentions
      who have met the necessary protocols we have mentioned is the only way we
      will be successful in establishing international security and contact with
      these benevolent beings.

      This is how a beneficial working relationship with this advanced Universal
      Family must begin. Then we can create an ongoing Galactic exchange center
      for opening the door to unification with the rest of the Universe. ECETI
      and the Self-Mastery Earth Institute are fully dedicated to these goals. We
      are working towards putting together a consortium of top minds in each field
      to embrace this new knowledge and disseminate it to students and the public
      at large. This unification and the other steps have all been agreed to by
      our benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced brothers and
      sisters. It is up to us to release our fears, rise to the occasion and meet
      these protocols with impeccable integrity, choosing to live by the universal
      principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and
      environment. This is an opportunity, a gift.

      We are not here to debate, deny or continue living in fear and ignorance
      over the reality of UFOs and their occupants. We are not here to engage in
      petty bickering over religious dogma. We are here to serve those who choose
      a higher path, a sustainable life in harmony with Nature and the Universe.
      We are here for those who want to evolve beyond fear, denial and social
      consciousness and into a greater understanding of the Universe in which we
      live and share with our Greater Family of Mankind.

      James Gilliland - james@...
      Self-Mastery Earth Institute - Director
      P.O. Box 281, Hood River, OR 97031
      (509) 395-2092 http://www.cazekiel.org

      John Novak - webmaster@...
      ECETI - UFO Research, Public Acclimation
      9204 Woodlawn Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
      (206) 528-5527 http://www.eceti.org
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