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      Volume 6
      Number 13
      March 29, 2001

      Editor: Joseph Trainor


      The Russian space station Mir went out Friday," March 23, 2001, "in
      glory, blazing to a public, harmless death over the Pacific Ocean."

      Mir (Russian for peace or world--J.T.) was the largest man-made object
      ever to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. The space station weighed a total
      of 140 tons.

      ""As it had while battling a series of near-disasters is space, Mir
      captured the world's attention with a re-entry that even Russian
      officials acknowledged had the potential to go very, very wrong.
      Instead, it went flawlessly."

      'Guided by practiced hands at Mission Control outside Moscow, Mir
      broke from its orbit early Friday with a 30-minute burst of its
      engines that changed the station's trajectory and spelled its doom."

      "The nearly 149-ton Mir crashed into Earth's atmosphere, breaking
      apart and burning up. Chunks that survived, some of them huge, gave
      onlookers in the South Pacific islands of Fiji a fireworks show they
      will likely never forget."

      "'We saw five or six fragments with a huge smoke trail that lasted for
      10 to 15 seconds, followed some time later by a couple of sonic
      booms,' said Reuters photographer Mark Baker. 'It was a
      once-in-a-lifetime experience.'"

      "The twenty tons of debris landed smack on target in a space junk
      cemetery of the Pacific, about 1,800 miles (3,000 kilometers)
      southwest of Pitcairn Island."

      "'It occurred in the exact area that the Russian space agency had
      predicted, between Australia and Chile,' said David Templeman, a civil
      defense official from Australia, one of several countries in Mir's
      potential flight path. 'I'm relieved.'"

      "Russian officials hailed the operation as a triumphant end to Mir's
      15-year mission. Not only did the Russians prove what they had been
      saying all along--that Mir hysteria was ridiculous--but they also
      burnished the image of a remarkable flying machine that had become the
      punch line of many jokes."

      "'Mir proved that Russia cannot just build things but can operate
      them, too,' said Yuri Koptov, chief of the Russian Space Agency.
      'Russia is and will remain a space power.'"

      "'We want to show the world today that we could still do things well,'
      said Alexander Lazutkin, a former Mir cosmonaut who was one of more
      than 500 people who crammed into Mission Control to bid the station
      goodbye. 'For 15 years, Mir did a lot of important work, not only for
      us, but for the whole world.'"

      "Vladimir Solovyov, the first commander on board Mir and now Mission
      Control chief said, 'Everybody wants me to cry but I won't.'"

      "Russian television and newspapers gave Mir a fond and respectful send
      off. Cosmonauts served up anecdotes about life the so-called joys of
      life aboard a cramped and stuffy space vessel that was put together in
      pieces after its first module was launched in 1986."

      "The station was supposed to last for 'no more than a few years.' But
      it survived for fifteen." (See the Chicago Tribune for March 24, 2001,
      "Mir's demise safe, stunning," page 3.)

      Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating with Alien
      Civilizations Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating with
      Alien Civilizations
      - Brian S. McConnell

      In Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating with Alien
      Civilizations, author Brian McConnell examines what goes into the
      search for intelligent life in space. The book explains the science
      and technology behind the search, from the physics of inter-stellar
      laser and radio communication, to information theory and linguistics.
      If you've ever wondered whether it really would be possible to
      communicate with other civilizations, read this book.

      Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

      More items available from the UFOINFO Store.


      Two U.S. Air Force F-15 C Eagle fighter jets vanished over the
      Scottish Highlands Monday, March 26, 2001.

      Air controllers at the RAF Lakenheath air base discovered "that two
      F-15C fighters were overdue at their home base at Lakenheath in
      southern England," UK.

      "The jets had been conducting low-level flight training over

      "Several hours later, the (U.S.) Air Force said there had been no word
      from the two F-15 pilots nor any confirmation of their fate. The lack
      of communication suggested a strong possibility that that they had
      crashed, officials said."

      "The two single-seat F-15s left Lakenheath for a three-hour sortie
      over the Scottish Highlands. The jets were over the Cairngorm
      Mountains in the Scottish Highlands when they lost contact with ground
      controllers. at Lakenheath 75 miles (120 kilometers) northeast of
      London, Lakenheath spokeswoman Major Stacee Bako said."

      "Air Force spokeswoman Captain Almarah Belk at the Pentagon said a
      search-and-rescue mission had been launched from RAF Kinloss in

      "A Royal Air Force spokeswoman said two RAF Nimrod reconnaissance
      planes and three Sea King helicopters were searching, helped by two
      RAF mountain rescue teams on the ground."

      On Tuesday, March 27, 2001, according to the 2 p.m. report on USA
      Radio News, USAF and RAF search-and-rescue efforts in the Cairngorm
      Mountains "have been hampered by severe weather," including winds of
      up to 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour) and heavy snowfall.
      Cold and fog in the area also "caused severe whiteout conditions,
      limiting visibility," the report stated.

      As of this writing, the two missing aircraft have not been found. (See
      USA Today for March 27, 2001, "For U.S. military aviation, a dark
      day," page 10A.)

      (Editor's Comment: Uh-oh! Let's keep an eye on this case. It sounds
      like another Sheffield case.)

      (NOTE: This bulletin was obviously typed up before the discovery of
      the wreckage was found - J.H. UFOINFO)


      "Felix Rodriguez and Noris Lozada complained to police that in the
      early morning hours of Wednesday, March 21, 2001, they heard a noise
      coming from the chickens they keep in the backyard of their residence
      located in the Bonest sector of the barrio Miradero" in Mayaguez,
      Puerto Rico "and 26 dead birds were found in the dawn hours."

      "Officer Wilson Montes of the Mayaguez police district responded to
      the scene where the dead chickens were found while Carlos Diaz and
      Ferdinand Avila of the Recinto Universitario de Mayaguwz (RUM)
      examined the animals carefully and even took one of them to perform a
      necropsy and establish a cause of death."

      "Diaz told (the Puerto Rican newspaper) Primera Hora that it could be
      the handiwork of an ape weighing between 12 and 15 pounds, given that
      primate hair was found near the chicken corpses."

      "Furthermore, the prints of a two-legged, hooved animal were found in
      the backyard, and one of the chickens displayed a bite mark from a
      rounded tooth in its breast."

      "The residents' backyard is near the Mayaguez Zoological Gardens."

      Diaz "explained that the scenario was not compatible with the attack
      of a wild dog but rather with the presence of a primate since the dead
      chickens were aligned next to each other, single file, and were not

      "Several weeks ago, another resident of Mayaguez's barrio Miradero
      identified as Rodriguez Lozada complained to Officer Montes, who has
      become a 'Chupacabra researcher' as a result of years of investigating
      such cases, that she had seen one.

      Last year, another resident of barrio Miradero complained that she had
      seen an ape looking into her window. It later turned out that apes had
      been jumping the fence at the Mayaguez zoo and stealing bananas and
      other fruit from the homes of neighbors.

      (Editor's Note: A similar case occurred a few years ago near the
      Monkey Jungle just south of Miami, Florida.)

      Montes's investigation is continuing. (See the newspaper Primera Hora
      of San Juan, P.R. for March 23, 2001, "Chupacabra exsanguinates
      chickens." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros
      Chupacabras and Other Mysteries and Forbidden Mexico para eso articulo
      de diario.)


      On Monday, March 12, 2001, at 2 a/m., two men spotted a dazzling UFO
      near the intersection of Routes 1 and 172 in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

      The two witnesses, men named Serrano and Leon, were sitting on a porch
      in the barrio Beatriz of Caguas, facing the intersection, "when they
      saw a bright light heading towards them from the mountains near Aguas
      Buenas and over Highway (Route) 1."

      "The object's brightness increased as it approached. It flew at low
      altitude over a farm located some 15 meters (50 feet) from where the
      witnesses sat. The object was flying from north to south, and then
      vanished over Cerro Las Pinas (hill)."

      "The witnesses did not notice any unusual smells related to the event,
      but reported that the sighting left an odd taste in their mouths, like
      'holding a battery between one's lips.' They also heard an
      imperceptible buzzing sound , like that of bees, which accompanied the

      Strangest of all, Serran and Leon saw that the object "appeared to
      have something like luminous mirrors clinging to the bottom section
      which seemed to rotate. They estimated that the size of the object was
      10 meters (33 feet) in length."

      The men complained that the UFO's brightness was "painful to look at"
      and therefore could not make out any definite shape. (Muchas gracias a
      Orlando Pla y Lucy Guzman, y tambien Scott Corrales, para esas


      On Sunday, March 18, 2001, at 7:43 p.m., Eben Lekson was at his
      parents' home in the Niu Valley near Honolulu, the state capital of
      Hawaii, when he spotted a strange bright light in the sky.

      I was looking up towards the sky because it was such a clear night,"
      Eben reported, "and I saw an object approaching from the west. So I
      swung around and saw another object approaching from the east. And
      then I saw yet another object approaching from the north."

      "Immediately I told my parents, who came outside and saw the objects.
      I called my friend, whose parents are astronomers, and they were
      stumped because they had not heard of any meteor shower or the
      (International) Space Station passing over." Also it was not a plane
      because it had no lights flashing, and their altitude was at least
      just outside the atmosphere," about 100 miles or 160 kilometers
      overhead. (Email Form Report)


      On Thursday, March 15, 2001, just after 9 p.m., residents of
      Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, not far from Pittsburgh, were
      "jolted by a loud mysterious boom. Residents from Level Green, Pa. and
      Harrison, City, Pa. in Penn Township reported hearing and feeling what
      appeared to be an explosion."

      "Emergency personnel responded to the area after Westmoreland County
      911 began receiving reports from local residents. The event reportedly
      caused local people to run outside to see what had caused the event."

      "No natural gas leaks were found by the local utility firm. The
      National Weather Service in Pittsburgh had located some lightning in
      the area between 8 and 9 p.m. but to my knowledge no active
      thunderstorms were occurring in the area at that time."

      On Monday, March 19, 2001, at 7:50 p.m., a UFO was sighted in Homer
      City, Pa., southwest of Pittsburgh "A witness observed an odd light
      source in the sky towards the south and was described as 'a wide band
      of bright light,' This band of light began to move east. It then made
      a clockwise loop and it continued to rotate until it had returned to
      the point at which it had started the loop movement. At this point,
      the band immediately changed and became just a white dot, a steady
      white light which quickly turned to a red color. The red light then
      began a series of 10 to 12 zigzagging maneuvers as it moved towards
      the southeast. Suddenly the red light vanished." (Many thanks to
      Pennsylvania ufologist Stan Gordon for these reports.)


      "A powerful earthquake jolted southwestern Japan on Saturday," March
      24, 2001 "buckling roads, snapping power lines , damaging houses and
      killing two people with falling debris."

      ""Broken roof tiles and window shards littered streets in the city of
      Hiroshima, which has about one million people, and scores more in
      surrounding states (prefectures--J.T.)"

      "The magnitude 6.4 (on the Richter scale) tremor caused damage in five
      Japanese states and was felt as far away as South Korea. Authorities
      reported 123 injuries, 12 of them serious, in the Japanese state of

      "Thousands of households were left without running water."

      "Plates fell off shelves and waitresses screamed in panic,' said Koji
      Akimoto, who was sitting in a Hiroshima coffee shop when the
      mid-afternoon quake hit. 'I rushed outside because I was scared to be
      in a crowded area. It seemed like an eternity but it only lasted for a
      minute or two.'"

      "An 90-year-old woman died in Kure, a city about 12 miles (19
      kilometers) south of Hiroshima, when she was buried under the rubble
      of a collapsed wall"

      "In nearby Ehime state, a 60-year-old woman fleeing her home in the
      city of Matsuyama was killed by roof tiles that fell on her head."

      The quake centered at about 38 miles )6- kilometers) below ground
      struck near Hiroshima, about 439 miles )688 kilometers) southwest of
      Tokyo," Japan's Meteorological Agency said.

      "Water lines were cut in islands near the quake's epicenter, affecting
      10,000 households. It was unclear when water would be restored, said
      local official Masaaki Fukuhara."

      "In Hiroshima city, the quake set off a fire that burned down one
      home. Across the state, three houses were completely destroyed and
      several hundred were damaged."

      "Train service" to Tokyo and Osaka "was stopped, and the airport in
      Hiroshima was closed for inspection. Telephone service was also

      "Aftershocks rattled southwestern Japan and officials worried that
      rains would trigger landslides after two" Saturday's earthquake.

      "Residents spent a restless night as aftershocks continued following a
      magnitude-6.4 tremor hit Hiroshima and the surrounding area." )See the
      Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for March 25, 2001, "Earthquake hits Japan;
      two killed," page 4A, and USA Today for March 26, 2001, "Aftershocks
      rumble through Japan," page 15A.)

      (Editor's Comment: Amazingly, a seer predicted a strong earthquake in
      Japan just three weeks ago. Quentin Jessup of the Prophecy Club of
      Topeka, Kansas correctly predicted that an earthquake exceeding 6.0 on
      the Richter scale would hit Japan in the near future. However, he got
      the location wrong. Jessup said it would strike in the
      Tokyo-Yokojama-Kamakuta area and not Hiroshima. You'll find the story
      in UFO Roundup, volume 6, number 11, "Christian seer warms of a big
      quake in Oregon," page 7.

      Jessup predicted that the Oregon quake, which will be bigger than the
      recent tremor in Seattle, will rock the seabed off the Oregon shore,
      which would cause tidal waves from Tillamook to Gold Beach. I hope
      he's wrong. And I hope the clock runs out on "Earthquake Season"
      BEFORE April 13, 2001, Jessup's predicted date for the event. It will
      be on Good Friday, which is also...gulp!...Friday the thirteenth.)


      A U.S. Army RC-12 twin-engine propeller aircraft "used to identify and
      locate enemy radar (i.e. gather electronic intelligence or
      ELINT--J.T.) and electronic communications crashed in a forest about 8
      miles (13 kilometers) from Nuremberg," a city in Germany's Bayern
      (Bavaria) region. The crash, which took place on Monday, March 26,
      2001, killed both Army pilots aboard, according to Army spokeswoman
      Hilde Patton from Fifth Corps headquarters at Heidelberg.

      "German and American authorities at the scene were attempting to
      recover the pilots' remains from the crash scene, Patton said.

      "There was no initial indication of what caused the crash." (See USA
      Today for March 27, 2001, "For U.S. military aviation, a dark day,"
      page 10A.) (Editor's Comment: Two fighter jets missing in Scotland. An
      ELINT plane downed in Germany. It could simply be a coincidence. Then
      again, there may be something going on, saucer wise, in Europe.)


      New Age psychic Steve Jones has made his predictions for the year 2001
      available to readers of UFO Roundup.

      Jones is a researcher of UFOs, crop circles and other paranormal
      phenomena. He has a show, on the Psychic Growth channel.

      And he has a "big bad bear story" for stock market investors.

      "There will be panic in the world economy as one country has its
      monetary establishment on the verge of collapse," Jones wrote, "That
      country is Japan, and it will take the rest of the world to bring some
      measure of salvation to that economy. However, the seeds of fear will
      be deeply planted and many countries will shrink back from
      over-committing themselves."

      There will be a worldwide collapse of the Internet sometime in June,"
      he added, "due to the introduction of a near-invisible virus. The
      Internet will be forced to shut down until an anti-virus can be

      Around the world, the weather will continue to cause concern , as
      droughts, foods and tornados increase. Doomsters will say that this is
      the beginning of the end, but there is a light at the end of the
      tunnel. Towards the end of the year, the weather will settle down and
      normal patterns will re-emerge."

      Jones does see hope for the future.

      ""A young boy will appear during the coming year with a knowledge and
      understanding far beyond his years. He will become the new hope for
      the future. of the world and the environment. Could this be the Second
      Coming? In just a few years, I foresee him becoming the first World
      President. There will be those who want him out of the scene, but the
      public will take him into their hearts."

      Speaking of "bears," last week's fall of the Russian space station Mir
      fulfilled an ancient Hopi prophecy.

      The Hopi are an indigenous people of the southwestern USA. According
      to Chief White Feather of the Hopi's Bear Clan, there are Nine
      Prophecies that will be fulfilled before "the end of the Fourth World
      and the beginning of the Fifth World."

      (Editor's Note: The Nokaig are the Bear Clan of the Anishinabe people.
      The words for bear are makwah in Anishinabe and mato in Lakota.)

      Chief White Feather said, "The Fourth World will end soon, and the
      Fifth World shall begin. This the (tribal) elders everywhere know. The
      Signs over many years have been fulfilled and only a few are left."

      For example, the Fourth Sign of the Hopi states, "The land will be
      crossed with snakes of iron."

      This prophecy was fulfilled at Promontory Point, Utah in 1869 with the
      linkup of the first transcontinental railroad in the USA.

      Amazingly, the Hopi elders seem to have predicted the coming of the
      chemtrails a couple of years ago. "This is the Fifth Sign--the land
      will be criss-crossed by a giant spider's web."

      But the fall of Mir clearly fulfills one of the last Signs.

      "And this is the ninth and Final Sign--you will hear of a
      dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a
      great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the
      ceremonies of the Hopi people will come to an end."

      Finally, during the past couple of weeks, your editor has had two
      identical dreams of what I call the "Great Lakes Disaster."

      The first dream took place in the early morning hours of Wednesday,
      March 14, 2001. I dreamed I was at a motel. and I was on my way to
      breakfast. I asked the desk clerk if they had a cafeteria on the
      premises, and he said there was one "at the Convention Center on the

      So I stepped out of the motel into a cold overcast march morning. It
      was cold, and there was still an inch of snow on the parking lot, but
      it wasn't as cold as it gets in mid-winter. I can still see the center
      in my mind's eye--a multi-story light gray building on a sandspit
      overlooking one of the Great lakes. But I do not know which lake. I
      have never been to this place before. There's only one stretch of Lake
      Superior shore I haven't visited, and that's the Ontario shore from
      Nipigon through Thunder Bay down to the Pigeon River and the USA
      border. But it wasn't Thunder Bay. From the shore, you can see the
      "Sleeping Giant," or Sibley Peninsula, and in the dream there was only
      open lake beyond the building.

      On my way across the parking lot, I noticed the wind picking up and
      saw many whitehorse waves offshore. Waves about six feet high were
      hitting the beach and the breakwall on the far side of the center.
      Then bigger waves started coming in, right over the sand beach and
      gushing across the parking lot. People began getting in their cars and
      driving away. I waited until a wave washed within three feet of my
      snowboots, and then I abandoned all desire to eat breakfast at the

      I started running down a two-lane street, past many one-story frame
      houses with bare-limbed maples and elms and evergreen trees in the
      yard. Fleeing cars were going by me on my left. I could hear the surf
      getting louder behind me. I saw some people standing on the porch of a
      yellow house. Gasping for breath, I joined them. A guy in his twenties
      with close-cropped blond hair and wearing a Green Bay Packers jacket
      asked me what was going on. I told him, "The lake is flooding the
      parking lot. And the water's rising."

      "Let it rise," he replied, "It'll never get this far. We're a
      quarter-mile from the beach."

      Breathing hard, I listened carefully. The surf was getting louder. I
      gasped, "Yes, it will!" And I started running again.

      A few blocks later, I stopped and looked back. I could see waves on
      the horizon, at about the point where the yellow house stood. Three
      cars were barreling towards me. I tried to flag them down, but they
      went right by--a red Ford pickup truck and two compact sedans. I
      started running again.

      Then I saw two steel booms poking above the houses ahead. A bridge! I
      thought. I hung a left and ran down a small side street, past a
      red-and-white barrier and onto a steel ramp. Whoops! My mistake! It
      wasn't a bridge--it was a ferry dock. But the ferry was long gone. I
      looked across the channel, maybe a mile or two wide, and saw the
      whitecapped waves rolling ashore, battering the forested mainland.

      Then I woke up.

      The second dream took place during the early morning hours of Friday,
      March 23, 2001. This one was much shorter. This time, I dreamed I was
      back in that lakeside parking lot again. Right in front of me, much
      closer, was the exact same light gray convention center. Frightened
      and shouting people were running up from the beach, trying to get away
      from the incoming waves, running to their cars. I watched the lake
      water surge right up the sand, over the rock wall and gush onto the

      Dodging the icy-cold spray, I ducked inside the spacious lobby of the
      convention center. The people at the concession stand were shutting
      down all of the electrical equipment--cookers, popcorn machine,
      microwave ovens. The noise of the surf was deafening. The building
      shook every time it was hit by a wave. I knew it couldn't stand up to
      the full fury of the lake.

      A crowd of people emerged from one of the ballrooms or banquet halls,
      with the children in the front. They were terrified. The children dug
      in their heels, afraid to go outside. Some of the adults hesitated,
      too. "No, no!" I shouted, "You've got to run for it. Get going! Run
      across the lot--now! You must get to the high ground."

      And then I woke up.

      One "Big Wave" dream is scary enough. But two in the same week,
      featuring identical locales unknown to me, is really strange. I don't
      know where this gray convention center is. It could be somewhere in
      Ontario or perhaps in the USA's states of Michigan or Wisconsin. But
      one thing is certain. If those dreams ever come true, that building is
      not a good place to be, believe me! (Many thanks to Steve Jones and
      Maggie Pym for their emails.)

      From the UFO Files...


      This report was submitted at the time by Mrs. Donna Blaisdell (actual
      name on file at the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago--J.T.) and was
      reprinted in Dr. J. Allen Hynek's book.

      "Even at the risk of being called hysterical, hallucinated or worse, I
      feel I must make record, on my oath as a woman, an American and a
      member of the human race, of the following:"

      "That I was in full possession of my senses and my sanity at the time,
      and all during the time, of my seeing this object, which lasted for at
      least one minute."

      "That I saw the object at a distance of not more than 150 yards at
      about 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6, 1957, first from a rear window and
      then from the back yard of our home on the road from Great Meadows to
      Hope, New Jersey."

      "That the weather was clear under a low overcast and the position of
      the object hovering in the air over the slope below our house was such
      that I could see it--with absolute certainty and with concentrated
      effort to observe and remember every detail."

      "That my attention was first drawn to the object's presence by our
      dogs barking in their pens behind the house, and by their looking
      upward at the object, as they and I continued to do so easily until
      the object departed."

      "That the shape of the object closely resembled that of a huge derby
      hat but with a rounded domelike crown 30 to 40 feet (9 to 12 meters)
      high and at least 50 feet (15 meters) in horizontal diameter above a
      slightly curled-up 'brim' that extended outward for 12 to 15 feet (4
      to 5 meters) from the bottom of the crown. The brim or bottom surface
      of the object appeared to be sealed over smoothly and completely to a
      gentle curve, with no holes or ports or windows or vents of any kind,
      of which I could see none anywhere else on the entire object."

      "That, in the absence of any openings into it, I could see no beings,
      humans or otherwise, inside the object who might be operating and
      riding in it, and no crew or passengers were visible on the object's
      exterior during its visit."

      "That the color of the object, all over, was uniform white, dull but
      clean, with no spots, stripes or other markings whatsoever. Its
      texture was apparently non-metallic but reminded me strongly of pipe

      "That a moderate breeze, from the northeast, I think, was blowing in
      which the object hovered quite stationary except for a gentle rocking
      motion, like a boat at anchor on water. As the object rocked and in
      the same cadence it made a low growling or rumbling sound that rose or
      fell irregularly."

      "That beneath the object, extending vertically toward the ground, I
      seemed to see, and then not see, and then see again a lot of streamers
      or lines of some material (or force) that twinkled like the fragile
      strands of tinsel with which one decorates a Christmas tree."

      (Editor's Note: Critics might say Mrs. B was watching too much Star
      Trek. Yet she wrote this description in 1957, nine years before Star
      Trek premiered on NBC in September 1966. This "dazzle field" effect
      has been described by other UFO eyewitnesses, too.)

      "That without any marked change of sound except a soft rush of air,
      sucking away and not blowing toward me, the object abruptly ascended
      almost vertically, slightly northeasterly at immense speed into thick
      cloud (maybe 300 feet up?) and was instantly gone from sight and
      hearing." (See the book The Hynek UFO Report by Dr. J. Allen Hynek,
      Dell Books, New York, N.Y., third printing March 1978, pages 153 and

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO and
      paranormal news from "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you
      next week!

      UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2001 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights
      reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO Roundup on their
      websites or in newsgroups provided that they credit the newsletter and
      its editor by name and list the date of issue in which the item first

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      Help Keep UFO Roundup Operating

      It currently costs Joseph Trainor around $100 per month to produce UFO
      Roundup. If you would like to help him keep the bulletin operating
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