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Fwd: CAUS HIGHLIGHTs: Friday - March 2, 2001

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    Subject: CAUS HIGHLIGHTs: Friday - March 2, 2001 From: UFOLAWYER1@aol.com No man s error becomes his own law; nor obliges him to persist in it.
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      Subject: CAUS HIGHLIGHTs: Friday - March 2, 2001
      From: UFOLAWYER1@...

      "No man's error becomes his own law; nor obliges him to persist in it."
      --Thomas Hobbes
      CAUS HIGHLIGHTS: Friday - March 2, 2001
      Now only three times a week: Monday-Wednesday-Friday
      "From time to time I find some excellent reports or documents on UFOs that I
      think should be required reading for all skywatchers and ufologists. Here is
      my recommendation in this installment"
      --Bill Hamilton (skywatcher22@...)
      The Seattle Art Bell Chat Club and the Seattle Metaphyscial Library
      present the First Annual Northwest UFO/Paranormal Conference
      Seattle, Washington; Memorial Day weekend; Friday May 25-Monday May 28th,
      2001; Doubletree- Seatac, Seattle Airport
      complete info at: http://www.seattleartbellchatclub.com
      PAST HIGHLIGHTS: ET Tourists?
      March 2, 1965: John Reeves sees a UFO, 30 feet in diameter, sitting on four
      legs near his house in Brooksville, Florida. A robot-like being approaches
      the object, sees him, and raises something to its face that appears to be a
      camera-like device. Reeves sees a flash of light and assumes he has been
      photographed. The being enters the UFO, which then retracts its legs and
      takes off with a roar.
      Top Story: Building the interplanetary Internet
      Read about it at: http://www.p3n.org
      The following are the highlights from today's postings on the
      CAUS web site. The complete reports, links, analysis and commentaries
      are posted at: http://www.caus.org/home.html
      More UFOs Reported in Argentina

      As of this week, more residents of Saenz Pena," a city in northern
      Argentina, will turn their attention heavenwards at night, due to the
      phenomenon witnessed by residents of the Oro Blanco sector, who claim having
      seen a strange light in the sky since Tuesday last," i.e. February 6,
      Aliens Blamed for Making Man Disappear

      The family of a Malaysian man who vanished into thin air fear aliens abducted
      him. Mainis Gintukod says her husband Yabi disappeared in front of her last
      Guest Commentary: Sightings at the Sanctuary
      Member Commentary: Confirmation: Another Point of View
      Watch the Skies!

      Peter A. Gersten

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