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Fw: [TimeStar] Behind the 8 ball: The "Big One" coming in Washington-Oregon

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      Subject: [TimeStar] Behind the 8 ball: The "Big One" coming in

      > There's been a series of 7+ magnitude earthquakes in the Pacific
      > since November 16, 2000 that began with an 8-magnitude earthquake near
      > New Guinea. The series of 7 magnitude quakes after the initial
      > 8-magnitude shock resonated through the Pacific area like breaking
      > the balls on a pool table. A TimeStar post predicted that the New
      > Guinea series would impact the West Coast of the U.S. within 52 days
      > with indications of islands rising within six months. The effects of
      > the large quakes in New Guinea would be felt in the Pacific area
      > through May, 2001.
      > Eruption of an underwater volcano in January, 1998 off the
      > Washington-Oregon pointed out the conditions on that coast. The site
      > of the underwater volcano was predicted with a crop circle
      > triangulation in 1997.
      > Mt Popo in Mexico began heating up after the earthquakes series in
      > November, 2000 to reach a crisis level December 19, when the volcano
      > inexplicably became quiet after photos of a UFO were taken over it.
      > The TimeStar has predicted and followed these for months while the
      > media occasionally wakes up when something hits their backyard,
      > before falling back to sleep in their corporate nooks. For example,
      > the media said literally nothing about a 6.6 magnitude earthquake near
      > the Loyalty Islands in the Pacific on February 28 before a 6.8
      > earthquake shook the Seattle area. That's because the media is
      > looking for something that can be glamorized that won't rock the boat
      > of commerce. The workings of the planet are not worthy headlines.
      > TECTONIC PLATES ARE SHIFTING. A buried tectonic plate near southern
      > India is moving. Islands are rising. Some islands are sinking in
      > the Pacific. The momentum of these changes is causing earthquakes and
      > volcanoes. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has documented
      > series of earthquakes that can continue for years once triggered.
      > This is a large series of earthquakes that the TimeStar has predicted
      > since 1996.
      > Relationships of stress placed on tectonic plates has been repeatedly
      > published in TimeStar forecasts for several years. The Pacific Ocean
      > covers the Pacific Plate. North America is on the American Plate.
      > The Indo-Australian plate extends from the southern tip of India to
      > Australia. There is a tectonic plate buried beneath the
      > Indo-Australian Plate that is causing the Indo-Australian Plate to
      > rotate south of India and pull from Australia. Movement of the
      > Indo-Australian Plate creates stress and displacement on the Pacific
      > Plate. The sum total of this action is that islands are rising in
      > the Pacific. At least three islands have started rising in the
      > Pacific since June, 1995. The action of islands rising causes stress
      > and displacement on the Atlantic Plate as well.
      > The Pacific and American Plates converge along the West Coast of the
      > Americas, and very large earthquakes have historically occurred where
      > these two plates meet. A very small remnant of an older tectonic
      > plate is wedged between the Pacific and American Plates. The small
      > plate is called the Juan de Fuca Plate and extends from Canada to
      > Northern California. When the two large Pacific and American Plates
      > shift, the smaller Juan de Fuca Plate doesn't have anyplace to go,
      > like a midget sleeping between two giants. So the Juan de Fuca Plate
      > moves straight up causing very large earthquakes between Canada and
      > California. The Juan de Fuca Plate terminates in Northern California
      > at the Mendocino Junction, which seismologists call a seismic
      > nightmare because several major fault lines also terminate there.
      > Very large earthquakes --9.0 magnitudes -- tend to occur along the
      > Juan de Fuca Plate off Washington about every 150 years. A 9.0
      > earthquake in the Washington-Oregon area is overdue, since the last
      > really big one in Washington State happened in the mid-19th Century.
      > The 6.8 magnitude in Washington State on February 28 was not
      > comparable to the historic activity in the area.
      > One of the TimeStar's basic premises is that earth events are cyclic
      > and that they reflect solar cycles, in small windows of 13 days and
      > large windows of 5,200 years, ad infinitum. High levels of
      > earthquakes and volcanoes occur in cyclic periods, and we are in a
      > period of high earthquake activity as predicted by the Maya in 755AD.
      > TimeStar forecasts since 1996 have a high average of accuracy in
      > predicting these cycles. In September, 2000, the TimeStar identified
      > the change in the sun's north and south poles based on the pattern of
      > glyphs in the ancient proto-Mayan calendar and announced this
      > observation. NASA noticed the change in October, 2000. Members of
      > the TimeStar egroup received the September, 2000 email announcing the
      > observation that it looked like the sun's poles might have reversed
      > and the reversal appeared to be a natural cyclic change.
      > The Highly Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in Alaska started
      > running at a very high level for an extended period on February 17,
      > soon after the big quake in India. On February 24, 2001 I published
      > an email indicating that HAARP activity tends to scatter the
      > earthquake pattern. What I did not say was that I have noticed that
      > from earlier HAARP activity big earthquakes tend to hit when HAARP
      > winds down after running for several days. It seems that there are a
      > large number of moderate earthquakes during HAARP activity then big
      > earthquakes follow. This is not a guess. It is an observation.
      > I don't know the actual (real) objective of HAARP activity -- few
      > people do. At one point I thought they might be trying to counteract
      > solar activity with HAARP but don't believe that is necessarily the
      > case at all times. Only those who decide the dates when HAARP will
      > run know the real target.
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