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RE: What would ET say?

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  • Michael
    Hi Vera, all, Sorry for delay - mad busy here........ Right - I think what you describe below relates to some of the ET presence on Earth.... the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2001
      Hi Vera, all,

      Sorry for delay - mad busy here........

      Right - I think what you describe below
      relates to some of the ET presence on Earth....
      the watchers/keepers/Nefilim etc. But there
      are many more in our skies, aren't there.
      You may be right what you say. Sometimes,
      though, I get a strong feeling that aggression
      works in their favour. What I mean is, and I don't
      want to sound too nutty on this..... I think those
      lot you mention endeavour to keep conditions
      on Earth stressful, so we won't have too much
      time to get together, think, and win our freedom.

      I believe the ET message posted earlier,
      is from the 'good guys' and they would like
      to see us free of what I personally see as
      some form of slavery.

      Good wishes,


      Alot of people think I am crazy because of what I believe. I think they are
      whizzing around checking on us because they made us. I think they came here
      when we were still living in caves and thought we were never going to evolve
      properly so they did a little genetic engineering with their DNA and ours
      and made us what we are. They probably thought it was a good idea at the
      time, but we turned out to be such a violent people they wonder where they
      went wrong! Now they keep an eye on us to possibly save us from ourselves.
      Who knows though!

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      > I was wondering, this afternoon, as one does, why hardly
      > anyone seems interested in finding out from me what I feel
      > it is ET wants to tell us. Seemed strange to me....
      > as I wandered round my flat, peeking out across the Bay
      > where, according to Jean, the 12m craft comes in late at
      > night..... that no-one is really interested.
      > Very strange.
      > I know no other person who has been several times
      > within 40 feet of craft, and received subtle communication
      > with them. When I say 'know' I mean acquaintance
      > - or a current friend of a friend etc.
      > Perhaps many of you think I'm nuts.
      > It's a pity to tell the truth and be thought of as 'nuts'.
      > I'd like you to think. Don't know if you've ever done this:
      > Think in what way or manner you might hear an ET message
      > and consider it. Have you ever done that? Perhaps nothing
      > like that has ever happened to you before...... you've never
      > read an ET message..... you've never heard one related on
      > TV ...... and probably not 'down the pub'.
      > And yet there are hundreds of craft whizzing around our
      > atmosphere every day.... with people or beings inside who
      > think and feel.
      > What do you think their message is?
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