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  • Detlef Hoyer
    ... express ... because ... step ... from: Paul R. Hill s book Unconventional Flying Objects - a scientific analysis by Hampton Roads Publishing Company
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2001
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      >> Stanton knows, as we at FSR have always known, that the term "UFO"
      >> was deliberately introduced by Captain Ruppelt* of Blue Book, on
      >> instructions from above, because it was a complete misnomer and
      >> it was vague and, hopefully, would carry the minds of the public one
      >> away from reality.

      Paul R. Hill's book 'Unconventional Flying Objects - a scientific
      by Hampton Roads Publishing Company (with a pyramid as a logo)


      Unconventional objects have solid surfaces. This caracteristic
      is attested to by those who have touched them, rapped on them,
      and listened to the thud or the whine of ricocheting bullets from rifle
      and point-blank pistol fire.


      Landing gear imprints are defined well enough to make weight
      estimates possible. The weight estimates indicate that
      modest-sized unconventional objects weigh about 30 tons.


      Speeds to about 9,000 miles per hour have been measured
      by radar at 60,000 feet altitude at Goose Bay, Labrador.


      Minimum values of observed accelerations at the order of
      100 times Earth-surface gravity on two occasions.


      Accelerations displayed place the propulsive forces at high values,
      too hight to be accounted for by any aerodynamic principle.


      Analysis of direct physical evidence shows that unconvetional
      objects employ force fields. Invisible forces bend down or even
      break tree branches; bump or slow automobiles; stop people
      by force and even knock them down, among other observations.

      He also analysed size, color, halos,wakes, heat, maneuvers,
      sound, radiation, occupants, weaponry, habits etc.

      The analysis takes 400 pages and is full of simple physical
      calculations also explaining why there is no supersonic
      shock-wave for example.

      He does what may be called the Kepler-approach: to get
      natural laws only by exact observation, as Kepler
      succeded with the natural laws of planet motion.

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