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  • Frits Westra
    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl Originally from: Terry W. Colvin Original Subject: [UASR] The Challenge of the Saucers.
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      Originally from: "Terry W. Colvin" <fortean1@...>
      Original Subject: [UASR]> The Challenge of the Saucers.
      Original Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:50:03 -0800

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      Flying Saucer Review, Volume 45/3, Autumn 2000, pp. 16-18

      The Challenge of the Saucers.
      by Stanton T. Friedman, Ph.D., Nuclear Physicist.
      (79 Pembroke Crescent, Fredericton, N.B. Canada, E3B 2VI.)
      (Email: < fsphys@... >)

      [We have not yet encountered anyone else who delivers his evidence with so
      much verve and so much "punch" as this distinguished and highly experienced
      and qualified Canadian researcher, and long-term friend and supporter of FSR.

      We recall with pleasure that on two occasions, when Mr. Friedman had been
      slandered in this country, we were able to be of help to him. In the first
      case, in a Northern English court, damages were paid by J. Randles and a
      Manchester newspaper.

      In the second case, Mr. Friedman was slandered by the Director of the
      Royal Geographical Society, who had suggested that Friedman had no
      scientific qualifications and that talk of UFOs was nonsense. In this case
      I was able to secure the immediate advice of a prominent QC, one of the
      best in Britain, and a public apology to Mr. Stanton was the result.

      We are not a bit surprised to find that many folk are so upset by Mr.
      Friedman's robust and forthright campaign on behalf of the truth, and
      it is good to know that if it comes to a law court, or looks like coming
      to court, he is unlikely to lose!

      You may note one interesting point about Mr. Friedman. He generally
      talks about "*flying saucers*" or "*flying discs*", and not about "*UFOs*",
      because he remembers and knows, as we at FSR remember and know, that
      those were the original terms used, in the first few years after Kenneth
      Arnold's sighting, in the summer of 1947, in all the press reports
      throughout the U.S.A. and in all the documents and reports of the U.S.
      Government and its Military and Intelligence Services, regarding the
      coming of these new and unknown devices.

      *Stanton knows, as we at FSR have always known, that the term "UFO"
      was deliberately introduced by Captain Ruppelt* of Blue Book, on express
      instructions from above, because it was a complete misnomer and because
      it was vague and, hopefully, would carry the minds of the public one step
      away from reality.

      On at least two occasions, in our private FSR meetings in Britain with
      Dr. J. Allen Hynek, I recall having heard him exclaim vehemently: "But
      they're not UFOs! They are IFOs - Identified Flying Objects - identified
      as somebody else's!"

      That this idiotic term "UFO" has been allowed to take over and has been
      adopted so slavishly simply shows what bloody fools so many folk are, and
      how easily they have let themselves be brainwashed and manipulated by the
      U.S. Government! (Maybe on express instructions from Alien Controllers?).

      We all know now of course that not all of the craft or devices seen are
      saucer-shaped, and no doubt it would be helpful if we could find another
      blanket term. But certainly "UFO" is ridiculous, and we ought to start to
      get rid of the term. Editor, FSR]

      As a nuclear physicist who has had a serious interest in flying saucers since
      1958, I have reached four major conclusions:-
      1. The evidence is overwhelming that planet Earth is being visited by
      intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft. In other words, *some*
      UFOs are alien spacecraft. Most are not.
      2. The subject of flying saucers represents a kind of Cosmic Watergate,
      meaning that some few people in major governments have known since July,
      1947, when two crashed saucers and several alien bodies were recovered in
      New Mexico, that indeed *SOME* UFOs are ET. As noted in 1950, it's
      the most classified U.S. topic.*
      3. None of the arguments made against conclusions one and two by a small
      group of debunkers such as Carl Sagan, my University of Chicago classmate
      for 3 years, can stand up to careful scrutiny.
      4. The Flying Saucer story is the biggest story of the Millennium; of visits
      to planet Earth by aliens and of U.S. Government coverup of the best data,
      of the bodies and wreckage, for 53 years.

      Since 1967, I have lectured on the subject "Flying Saucers *ARE Real*" at
      more than 600 colleges and over 100 professional groups in all 50 US States,
      9 Canadian Provinces, 12 cities of England and 12 other countries, with only
      11 hecklers. I have also appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows.
      Overall, I have probably answered about 35,000 questions about saucers
      and secrecy.

      It is clear that over 97% of the people have NOT read any of the 5 major
      scientific studies I discuss, and are unaware of mountains of evidence that
      support my conclusions. They are also unaware of the scientific data, as
      opposed to tabloid nonsense.

      However, it is also clear from the opinion polls and my own experience, that
      indeed most people accept the notion that *SOME* UFOs are alien spacecraft.
      The greater the education, the MORE likely to accept this proposition.

      In an October 25, 1995, Oxford University Union debate on the resolution
      "*Planet Earth is being visited by intelligent extraterrestrial life*", the
      affirmative side, of which I was a part, garnered 60% of debate union
      member votes on the question. 92% of 100,000 people calling during a
      TV debate in London on June 27, 1997, said Earth has been visited by

      The problem is NOT that there is not enough evidence to justify my
      conclusions, but that most people, especially the noisy negativists, are
      unaware of the real, non-tabloid, evidence.


      A. What the public doesn't know, we certainly won't tell them. The
      largest official USAF UFO study isn't even mentioned in 13 anti-UFO
      books, though all the book authors were aware of it.

      B. Don't bother me with the facts, my mind is made up.

      C. If one can't attack the data, attack the people. It is easier.

      D. Do one's research by proclamation rather than investigation. It is
      much easier, and nobody will know the difference anyway.

      Many major media people will concede that, if, indeed, aliens are visiting
      Earth, that would be a major story. But because they take great pride
      in their own knowledge of major stories, they imagine that if this were
      happening, they would know about it. But they don't. Therefore anybody
      who says visits are real must be a crackpot!

      I have noted 5 major reasons why the big names in science and journalism
      haven't jumped on the pro-saucer bandwagon:-

      1. IGNORANCE OF THE DATA. Scratch debunker and one usually finds
      somebody who is putting down what he is not up on.

      have been done relating to UFOs) if a professor, or sponsoring a detailed
      investigation, if an editor. I check all my audiences and find that, while
      in agreement with polls, 10% have had a sighting, only 5 -10% of these
      witnesses have been willing to report what they saw. Biggest reason? -
      Fear of ridicule.

      3. EGO. If aliens were visiting Earth, they would call a press conference
      or ask to talk to the National Academy of Science. They haven't, so aliens
      must not be visiting. Flying saucers finish the job Copernicus started in
      taking man out of the middle of the Universe. Priests fought Copernicus's
      ideas. Today guys in lab coats, rather than priestly robes, fight alien

      ALIEN BEHAVIOUR. "It is impossible" is said, rather than "I don't know how".
      Despite the absurd claims of certain ancient academics and fossilized
      it is clear, on the basis of solid engineering studies, that trips to nearby
      are feasible with round trip times shorter than the average person's life time,
      using, for example, staged fission and fusion propulsion systems, on both of
      which I have worked.

      It is clear that technological progress comes from doing things differently in
      an unpredictable way. The history of science is littered with absurd
      impossibility claims made by people who know nothing about the job at hand.

      5. THE CULT OF S.E.T.I. (Silly Effort to Investigate) with its crazy notions
      that nobody would travel, but that aliens, stuck at the level of radio, are
      trying to attract our attention, mocks the notion of flying saucers, not
      dealing with the evidence, but by proclamations about the absence of
      evidence This ignores evidence.

      I prove at every lecture that the NSA and CIA are withholding saucer data.
      Having worked under security for 14 years, and visited 19 document archives,
      and having become aware of the huge black budgets for the NSA, NRO, CIA,
      DIA, etc., I know how easy it is to keep secrets.

      My 22 years of study about crashed saucers and my 16 about the original
      Majestic-12 documents have convinced me these are real. The challenge for
      us all, as we enter the new Millennium, is to recognize that our future is in
      Space, but we are not alone. I truly hope we qualify for admission to the
      Cosmic Kindergarten.

      *Mr. Friedman is here referring to the work of yet another scientist (also a
      Canadian) who played an important role, and who is now rapidly being
      forgotten. He was Wilbert Smith, MA., MS., P.Eng., Canada's top expert
      in matters electrical and magnetic.

      In the very early years after Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting of 1947,
      probably in 1950, as Friedman here suggests, Wilbert Smith was in the
      U.S.A. on official business and, while in Washington D.C. he managed to
      learn, from his American scientific friends, of the amazing business of the
      "UFO Secret".

      Returning to Canada, he wrote a report for his departmental chiefs on what
      he had learned, and he used the now famous phrase that the UFO business
      was not "supersecret in the U.S.A. - more secret than the Atom Bomb
      (Project Manhattan.)"

      In 1953, at Shirley Bay, not far from Ottawa, in a region where, as I
      myself recall, there had been some quite extraordinary UFO happenings,
      including landings, the Canadian Government set up the world's "first ever"
      (!) official flying saucer research station, which however they decided to
      close down not much later when they found that awkward questions about
      it all had been asked in the Canadian parliament!

      The Canadian Government also had a project, headed by Wilbert Smith,
      to try to construct a flying disc powered by electromagnetic means. It
      seems likely that this was the same project as the one about which there
      was later so much publicity, the scheme for Avro Aviation Company to
      build in Canada a big saucer-type of craft.

      The name of John Frost was associated with it (possibly the designer?)
      and there were speeches made about the scheme by the Canadian
      Government's Minister of Transport, Howell. In the end it seems that
      nothing came of it all.

      Subsequently Wilbert Smith was the Superintendent of Radio Regulations
      Engineering in the Department of Transport at Ottawa.

      We published a total of eight long articles about UFOs by Wilbert Smith
      in FSR. He died on December 27, 1962. G.C.

      Terry W. Colvin, Sierra Vista, Arizona (USA) < fortean1@... >
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    • Detlef Hoyer
      ... express ... because ... step ... from: Paul R. Hill s book Unconventional Flying Objects - a scientific analysis by Hampton Roads Publishing Company
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 2, 2001
        >> Stanton knows, as we at FSR have always known, that the term "UFO"
        >> was deliberately introduced by Captain Ruppelt* of Blue Book, on
        >> instructions from above, because it was a complete misnomer and
        >> it was vague and, hopefully, would carry the minds of the public one
        >> away from reality.

        Paul R. Hill's book 'Unconventional Flying Objects - a scientific
        by Hampton Roads Publishing Company (with a pyramid as a logo)


        Unconventional objects have solid surfaces. This caracteristic
        is attested to by those who have touched them, rapped on them,
        and listened to the thud or the whine of ricocheting bullets from rifle
        and point-blank pistol fire.


        Landing gear imprints are defined well enough to make weight
        estimates possible. The weight estimates indicate that
        modest-sized unconventional objects weigh about 30 tons.


        Speeds to about 9,000 miles per hour have been measured
        by radar at 60,000 feet altitude at Goose Bay, Labrador.


        Minimum values of observed accelerations at the order of
        100 times Earth-surface gravity on two occasions.


        Accelerations displayed place the propulsive forces at high values,
        too hight to be accounted for by any aerodynamic principle.


        Analysis of direct physical evidence shows that unconvetional
        objects employ force fields. Invisible forces bend down or even
        break tree branches; bump or slow automobiles; stop people
        by force and even knock them down, among other observations.

        He also analysed size, color, halos,wakes, heat, maneuvers,
        sound, radiation, occupants, weaponry, habits etc.

        The analysis takes 400 pages and is full of simple physical
        calculations also explaining why there is no supersonic
        shock-wave for example.

        He does what may be called the Kepler-approach: to get
        natural laws only by exact observation, as Kepler
        succeded with the natural laws of planet motion.

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