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Fwd = [ufologyinuk] Huge UFO hovers for 90 minutes in US!!!

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  • Frits Westra
    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl Originally from: ufologyinuk@yahoogroups.com Original Subject: [ufologyinuk] Digest Number 416 Original Date: 31 Jan
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      Originally from: ufologyinuk@yahoogroups.com
      Original Subject: [ufologyinuk] Digest Number 416
      Original Date: 31 Jan 2001 20:18:17 -0000

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      Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 05:30:21 -0000
      From: "Jason Leigh" <jasonsos@...>
      Subject: Huge UFO hovers for 90 minutes in US!!!

      To all:
      I had to go to the bathroom during the 'news-break' tonight (1/30/01)
      while listening to the 21st Century Radio broadcast of the Dr. Bob
      Hieronimus show (you can go to my site and click on the 'links'
      section--then click on the large picture icon of Dr. Bob to tune-in
      this great show--http://JasonLeigh.org). Upon returning to my study
      where the broadcast was blaring from my computer speakers--I caught
      the tail-end of this news report:

      * Today (1/30/01), a huge--and 'shinny'--UFO hovered over an unnamed
      airport near--I think--Denver, Colorado--for 90 minutes!!! It was seen
      by hundreds of people. One cargo plane REFUSED to take off from this
      airport--while another 'cargo' plane REFUSED to land--due to this HUGE
      UFO just 'hovering' over the airport. There were reports that NO
      airplanes would land, or take off from the run-ways--until--90 minutes
      later: the UFO just-------vanished!
      x x x
      Now, this 'news report' came from "The Liberty Network News," which is
      a BIG DEAL in the USA--as they promote the quest for TRUTH in
      Broadcasting--which I admire--having been formerly in TV-news and
      discourged by the lack thereof. They (Liberty Works)aren't going to
      report just any ole UFO story. Nope.

      Please understand that this was not a ver batum accounting--these are
      just the words I recalled hearing (being ever mindful of UFO
      reports)upon returning to the study--and since it was the last 'news
      break' of the radio show: I was unable to take notes--should the story
      be repeated. I will write to Dr. Bob--since he is a personal
      friend--for more details--but would ask all of you in the UK to keep
      your ears open across the Pond for this report--as it WAS NOT REPORTED
      by the major TV news this evening--at all.
      ** Now--for the 'grovy' part: 'Cargo' airplanes were repeated in that
      report several times. Near Denver--there is an Air Force airport
      (actually--several)where mostly--'cargo' planes land and take off. If
      this 'event' had happened at the Denver airport (commercial flights);
      I'd venture to say that we would have heard more about it.
      I'll close for now--wishing you all 'happy hunting' on this one!!!

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