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[DrRichBoylanReports:] I Had A Dream

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  • Tim Edwards
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2001
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      Date: Jan 07 2001 16:19:33 EST
      From: drboylan <drboylan@...>
      Subject: another Dream?

      "I had a Dream."

      Yes, another one, last night. And I'm lucky if I remember one
      dream in six months. And together with last week's
      Mega-Tsunami over the Bay Area, and the Taking of the Space
      Shuttle by a UFO, makes three major-shift dreams in a week.

      In this Dream, NBCi (NBC INTERNET, INC.), a major news media
      outlet, calmly runs front-page feature with many photos of
      UFOs over major American cities. The headline says that UFOs
      are being seen over lots of U.S. cities. Nothing about: what
      UFOs? Nothing about: the UFO cover-up. Just reporting this
      major news story like any other major news story,

      This trilogy of (coming?) events makes me wonder if my
      subconscious is picking up on something.

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