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Heart of the Heart Conference

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  • Dr Smithers
    The Heart of the Heart Conference The Heart of the Heart Conference is a multicultural, multi-dimensional spiritual gathering whose main intent is to awaken
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2001
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      The Heart of the Heart Conference

      The Heart of the Heart Conference is a multicultural,
      multi-dimensional spiritual gathering whose main intent is to awaken
      the heart energies. As we evolve as spiritual beings. We find that
      parts of our self take on more significance in our lives; the Heart is
      the one that is receiving expansion at this time.

      We will explore the multi-faceted aspects of this with teachers,
      healers, leaders and elders from a wide variety of backgrounds. There
      will be on going presentations in our speaker room as well as
      intensive group workshops available with our speakers. There will be
      entertainment with Douglas Blue Feather, a Native American flute
      player as well as drumming and jam sessions. There will be a vendor's
      area where there will be healers and everything from crystals to drums
      for sale. We truly hope you will join us for this wonderful, powerful

      The following will be presenting: Alex Collier-Author, Lecture, Aluna
      Joy, Angela Brown Miller, April White Cloud, Rod Bear Cloud, Dr Bruce
      Goldberg-Seen on Oprah, Celestial Blue Star, Christine Bearse, Don
      Jacobs, Floyd "Looks for Buffalo" Hand, Dr Roger Lier, Ed McGaa-
      Author, Grandfather Martin, TiMar, Jelila Starr, EriEl MorningStar,
      Gabriel Naga Ra, Sandee Traeger, Neva Howell, Heather
      Harder-Presidential Candidate 2000, Jack Caldwell, James Gilliland,
      Jane Egan, Jean Michel-Author, Reporter, Pathfinder, Jeret Coldwell,
      Zuiko Redding, Mark Roberts, John Greenewald Jr., John Loftontainne,
      Lady of the Lake (Rev. Kari Chapman), Marie Simpson, Mitch Battros,
      Nancy Joy, Gia Marie, Pradheep Chhalliyil, Prophet Yahweh, Rainbow
      Eagle, Dr Randy Egan, Issac Roberts, Raymond Grace, Rebbecca Brown,
      Almine, Rev. Jean Holmes, Dr. Richard Boylan, Rev. Richard Jeluish,
      Richard Sauder-Author, Ron Russell, Drew Gibson, John SpiritWalker,
      Steven RedHawk, Terry Spears, Wallace BlackElk, Yona Edwards, Standing
      Elk, Sherwyn Zephier, David GoldenEagle, White Star Women and many

      Cost for Singles is $175 each before Jan. 31st After 31st $225. Day of

      Cost for Couples is $275 (2 Tickets) before Jan. 31st After 31st $350.
      Day of $425 (2 Tickets)

      Cost for Groups $150. each before Jan. 31st After 31st $200. Day of
      $225 each (5 or more)

      Day Tickets $75 each before Jan. 31st Day of $100 each or Any 5
      lectures for $25 Not concert

      Tickets cover all Lectures, Workshops are extra Vendor areas are Free

      Douglas BlueFeather Concert Free with Ticket, Without ticket Fri. $8.
      Sat. $6.

      All Workshops $20. With ticket. Special 6 workshops $100*

      Without ticket Workshops $25. Special 5 workshops $100. *

      *Bruce Goldberg workshop $40. With ticket $50. Without

      Special Rates at Sheraton for the conference " Mention conference for
      Event Rate"

      March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2001

      Sheraton 4 Points Hotel 525 33rd Ave. S.W., Phone: 319/366-8671
      Cedar Rapids Iowa
      For more info call Bret Walters 319-721-6551 or David & Peggy 319
      or visit the web site http://www.think-aboutit.com/heart/index.htm or

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