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UFO : [CAUS : True Life Account of an Alien Abduction and Encounters of a Family]

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    Source : http://www.caus.org/pc010501.htm True Life Account of an Alien Abduction and Encounters of a Family Source: Billy Dee My encounters began at the age
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      Source : http://www.caus.org/pc010501.htm

      True Life Account of an Alien Abduction and Encounters of a Family

      Source: Billy Dee

      My encounters began at the age of 6, I was visited one afternoon by a
      short black robbed or dark robbed being (robbed from head to foot). I was
      unable to move, either due to fear or the being had some kind of
      hold on me. The being slowly inched its way up to my bed, within feet
      from my face. I do remember, however, that during that time, I was unable
      to move, either out of fear or I was somehow immobilized by the being. I
      was aware that this creature had some definite motive for being there to
      visit me. No words verbally were spoken, but I knew in my mind that what
      ever it was, had a reason for coming to me.

      While living in that same house where I had been visited by this short and
      stocky robbed visitor. There was another situation that occurred one
      night. I remember bits and pieces, but a lot is very foggy and seemingly
      chopped up. Its hard to explain. But late one night, while laying in bed
      sleeping, I remember getting out of the bed, as I felt pulled by something
      or some force that was urging me to get up. I walked over to the bedroom
      room and I was beating my little fists on the window trying to get out. I
      don't know why, but I was trying to go, to leave. My father had heard me
      from his bedroom, and came into my room and held me and tried to console
      me and he was thinking I was sleep walking or something like that. He put
      me back to bad, and the situation had ended, I think. But the strangest
      thing that I recall, is that either someone or an inner voice was urging
      me to go to the window and out.

      Many years later, in 1972, my wife and I saw a bright light in front of
      our car as we were driving down a country highway late one night. We
      stopped the car, as the light hovered above us. My wife and I leaned
      forward and peered at the metallic disc shaped object that was about 50
      feet above us. We could see the windows, colored lights and shape of the

      There was no sound, no crickets, no wind, just total silence. At first I
      was curious and in a state of awe. But then within an odd short period of
      time, my feelings turned 180 degrees to that of intense fear and a
      terrible feeling that I had to escape from THEM! We drove off at a high
      rate of speed. We arrived home over 2 to 3 hours later. I realized we
      were missing time. We had gone to visit a police officer friend of mine,
      and had left his house at exactly 12 midnight (because the officers shift
      on duty began at 12 midnight). The 15 mile stretch back to our town
      should have only taken about 20 to 25 minutes at the most, not 2 hours.
      My 1 year old daughter and 2 year old son were also in the car with us. I
      am convinced that we were abducted by aliens. My son remembered many
      years later that he recalls seeing geometric shapes on a wall that night,
      but that is all we recall, except for the intense fear and terror,
      especially after we got home. Every time my wife talked about the
      episode, I felt like I was going to faint from terror. It was like
      something triggered off inside telling me to "shut up," "don't talk about
      it" A few weeks later, unknown at the time to us, "Operation Blue Book"
      set up an office in our town. They were there for a little over a year, I
      think. I am sure it may have had something to do with what happened to us
      and there were other reports coming in that we heard on the local radio.
      I did read a book somewhere that talks about the 1972 Fort Atkinson,
      Whitewater, etc., (southern Wisconsin) UFO flap. Maybe you know what I am
      talking about.

      I am going to rush by other small encounters, so I can get this all down
      within a reasonably short number of pages. As I said, there is so much to
      tell. In the early 1980s in Iron Ridge, Wis. My daughter had an
      encounter in our trailer home in the country where we lived (we have often
      moved to remote country area's to live, we just love the solitude). My
      youngest daughter, who was about 8 or 10 years old at the time, told me
      several years later after the fact, that one afternoon while she was down
      for a nap, she saw toys floating around the room. At first she thought
      they were kind of neat, then she saw a large picture of a human anatomy.
      Next she tells me she remembers a hand going inside of her (up her vaginal
      opening) and then pain! She can probably explain it in more detail then I
      can. It was not until several years later that after had her examined (as
      she was 16 and had not gotten her period yet) that it was discovered that
      she had no vaginal opening. Later she had a probe with a camera inserted
      next to her belly button to examine her female organs. The doctors
      discovered that she had no uterus and no vagina. So what in the Hell is
      going on? She has the medical records and findings of that examination.
      As parents, we know that she was open before this. And as parents
      normally do, they bath their children and take special care in bathing the
      genitals. I knew as well as my wife that our daughter was open. We also
      examined her ourselves after the discovery and we were shocked at what we
      saw. It made no sense.

      There were other occurrences in the 1980s where I had a long thin arm and
      hand grab me around my middle area to hold me in bed. I grabbed at the
      hand and through it away. I was not asleep, I was awake, and it was not a
      dream like atmosphere. At the time I was not on any drugs of any sort, or
      alcohol. I had drank at one time, but at that time, it had been at least
      5 years after I did drink. I just do not believe in alcohol.

      At this time, either from that occurrence or from all that was going on
      with the children's encounters and mine, I was obsessed with the belief
      that I could move objects with my mind. I had had a series of dreams of
      doing just that. Being able to move solid objects by the thought of my
      mind. And I could feel this strange power that surge up in me and make me
      in believe more that I could do it. I was convinced for a few years from
      that time period that I had done it and could do it. I just can't explain
      that. But I remember, that it was almost like obsession, and it worried
      me for several years, until the feeling subsided. I am convinced that
      that was either put into my mind, or somehow, I had been abducted
      without my knowledge, and I was able to do this where ever I was taken,
      during the abduction.

      My son and both my daughters recall many times of seeing beings in their
      bedrooms since childhood. They attest to the fact that they were not
      dreams and insist to this day (they are now 19, 24, 25 years old) that
      what they saw was real.

      Also in the early 1980s I recall that my daughter or son had told me of an
      angel like image that floated down the hallway from their bedroom. My
      daughter was so intrigued by this sighting, that when she told me, she was
      like in awe. She said it was bluish white and glowed, but not real
      bright. The object or form went slowly down the hallway and beyond her
      sight at one point, and that was the end of it.

      The 1991 abduction and encounters was the most strange and terrible of
      all. In order for me to explain it the best way, then I must start from
      the beginning and try to put in order the sequence of events leading up to
      it. We lived at that house where the events took place from May of 1988
      to September 1, 1992. The place, North Freedom, Wisconsin, and again we
      lived in a very remote wilderness type area, about 15 miles from the
      largest town, and 10 miles from a small town. The area was heavily wooded
      and the highest hills in the state. We lived on one the highest points.
      In the summer of 1991, I had seen a large meteor type fireball (greenish
      and green and orange flames and smoke) fall from the sky. It looked like
      it feel only 5 miles from where I could see it coming down. Other
      neighbors in the area saw it as well. It was an extraordinary sighting to
      say the least. Also that summer, one night, as I had just laid down for
      bed. I saw colored lights flashing across the window shade that was half
      down. The colored lights were coming from the outside. I jumped up and
      ran out of the house in the back yard, yelling! "Their back! Their
      back!" I still don't know why I said that. My wife got up and came out
      side, along with my children, I think. But the lights were gone. Then
      while we were either standing out back looking up at the sky or in the
      house looking out of a large window, we saw a large area or patch of
      clouds, and behind these clouds were brightly flashing colored lights
      (large) flashing as the cloud patch moved to the east. No other clouds in
      the sky. It was a clear, warm summers night. Again, it was the oddest
      thing we ever saw. Then a month or so later or it could have been the
      year before, reports came in from a small town south of us, about 25 miles
      away, as the crow fly's, that 3 or 4 flying saucers were hovering over a
      field just outside the town limits of "Lodi, Wisconsin." Maybe you heard
      about it. It was on many TV stations, and became a famous UFO sighting in
      the state. The ships hovered for 2 to 5 hours, almost motionless in the
      sky and very close to the ground.

      Many police officers and hundreds of people witnessed this. For months
      after, a sign was placed across the street of "Lodi" saying "The UFO
      Capitol Of The World." or something to that effect. Since that time, we
      have heard absolutely nothing about it. But it was on many TV stations
      for days. I can't help but feel that it was covered up. Now, getting
      closer to the 1991 December encounter we had. It was around the middle of
      December, and one night. I was relaxing watching a TV show, and it was
      about 8:00pm. My youngest daughter had just gone up the steps to bed.
      Within a matter of 10 minutes or so, she came running down the steps and
      stood next to me shaking and breathless. I asked her why she hadn't gone
      to bed yet. All she could say was, "Dad! Dad! Do you hear it? Do you
      hear it? I replied, "Hear What?", she, "the rocket engine, listen!" Then
      I heard it. The roar of an engine and the shaking of the house. I
      couldn't believe it. I asked her what was going on. She had told me that
      it was space ship of some sort, and that it was outside just above her
      window. She said the lights were shinning in the room (different colors)
      and she had just laid down and it began. She got up to look out the
      window, and there it was, the ship, maybe 20 to only 30 feet above the
      roof of the house, but sticking out far enough that she could see a large
      portion of it at the top of her window. She saw the ship, metallic,
      colored lights, everything. She then turned in panic and ran screaming
      from the room down the steps, the rest I just mentioned. I told my wife
      and older daughter who were in the kitchen, and they to had felt
      something. My older daughter told me later that something was calling to
      her (mental telepathy I think) to go outside, and she had an
      irresistible feeling that she had to go, but mom wouldn't let her as she
      had to keep on her homework. This happened fairly much the same time that
      Jenny saw the ship.

      Within a half hour, I called the Sauk County Sheriffs Dpt., and reported a
      UFO encounter. They took the info, and told me that they were going to
      relay it to some other agency or agency's to investigate. They asked me
      about the sighting. My daughter also told me that she saw the ship take
      off to the N.E. towards Baraboo, Wis. After that phone call, the Sauk
      County Sheriffs Dept., called back and told me that a woman (unknown to
      us) called and reported seeing a UFO in her binoculars and fairly much fit
      the description of what my daughter explained originally. The Sheriffs
      dpt., was totally convince by then that something was going on. Other
      reports came in from the nearby area of an alien ship hovering in a
      persons yard and then leaving and coming back to the same persons yard.
      We also received a strange call from Washington, that's all I know of
      where the call came from. The caller would give me any more info. then
      that he was watching this on radar, and had seen it over our house for
      over 30 minutes to an hour before it took off at a tremendous speed and
      went off the radar screen. He also reassured me that he believed me and
      that it was really happening to us. But he would not give me any more
      details of just exactly where he was from or who he was, except that he
      had been contacted. Very odd.

      The next day I received another phone call, but this was from MUFON. They
      wanted to investigate. They came out the following day and did a complete
      investigation of the area outside. We had told them that a top portion of
      several feet of a 75 foot fir tree was chopped off and missing. We
      believe the night the ship was over the house, it must have lopped it off.

      Other then that MUFON found no burn marks, indentations etc. The team of
      investigators questioned my daughter. She presented her drawings of what
      she saw. It was then we realized that much more had happened to her. She
      drew a picture of an alien, the ship at the window, then later, drew a
      picture of being in the ship on a table being examined. We hadn't
      realized at the time, but it was during that abduction that she had been
      operated on and left sterile. The investigators were just amazed by the
      whole thing. MUFON had made 2 separate investigations. On the second
      investigation, is where my daughter brought out that she had been
      abducted. From what I can remember, she wasn't abducted the first night,
      but either the second or several nights later after the first encounter
      and the first MUFON investigation. There was so much going on. I had
      just spoken tonight with Marian Anderson, who was with the MUFON team
      either on visit or both times. She has the original audio tapes of those
      investigations. They recorded my daughters testimony and ours as well,
      and I believe my sons to, and my wife. I am sure there is more facts on
      there then what I presently recall. Marian told me that she will send the
      tapes after November 9th when she gets back from Florida. They informed
      us at a later date that from their findings, they are convinced that my
      daughter indeed was telling the truth and our report was found credible.
      Over the next 2 to 4 weeks was a haze of fear of unknown, further
      visitations, other sightings in and around the area where we lived. My
      son reported seeing a field being lit up with a
      powerful light, as if being searched and scanned. My daughter and I saw
      the same thing one night while taking a drive to Baraboo. We saw this
      funnel type light that scanned this field and house. We also so the
      outline of the ship which was disc shape in size and fairly large. Just
      one incident after another took place. At home, there were several nights
      that late at night, I could hear footsteps going up the stairs,
      walking around upstairs. I was terrified. Finally after several nights
      of this it seemed, I was able to get up the courage to grab my assault
      weapon, that I had especially prepared with a fully loaded 30 round clip
      with full metal jacket M-16 loads in it. I was on the edge of loosing it
      at that time. I searched the rooms and found the nothing. I just came to
      a place where I became so exhausted by the seemingly nightly visits of
      those beings that I kind of just resolved myself to except the situation
      and pray for them to leave us and go. My son woke one of those mornings
      without any clothes on at all. He told me that he couldn't explain that,
      and he was quite shaken up over the situation. My daughters also reported
      other things I cannot remember at this time. It seemed like the
      encounters went on for well over a month, to that I am sure, but maybe
      longer. We were all worn out and psyched out, and I truly thought I had
      had it mentally. My wife and I examined our daughter, as well as I had my
      older daughter examine the younger one to. We were again shocked. She
      was closed just like the other one (Vaginal opening closed). We all know
      for a fact that she was open before this. In fact, I year before, after
      my oldest daughter got back her latest examination reports and confirmed
      that she was closed up and had parts missing, we examined our youngest.
      She was OPEN and normal.

      And like I said, I year later, its all changed. Dr. Papendick (our family
      Dr.) examined both daughters in 1992 or 93 for a school physical. He was
      shocked at his findings. I was approached by him if my girls
      had had surgery on their genitals. I told no, and he persisted in getting
      to the bottom of it.

      I knew I had no other choice but to tell him the crazy story. And I was
      sure, he would think I was a mad man. Well, he believed me and was
      convinced from what he saw that something extraordinary had happened to
      them. Dr. Papendick said he would be happy to submit his findings from
      the examination.

      We had moved from that house where the encounters had happened, in 1992 of
      September. Primarily to get away from there for fear of it happening
      again with the encounters. Although I realize and have realized that I
      know they have followed me since my youth, and now are following me with
      my family. But we had to move anyway. We moved to Algoma, Wis. in
      November of 1992. We had one experience when we lived in a trailer
      temporarily until we could get a house. Two bright red orbs came straight
      down in back of our trailer one night (my youngest daughter was home alone
      when this happened). She told me the family dog went nuts and started
      barking and warned her. Then she looked out the window and saw the two
      red orbs or spheres land in the field and disappear. When I came home, I
      quickly grabbed my video camera and went for a search. Nothing was
      found. Several months later, all of us (My son and two daughters) were
      visited, we believe by aliens, one night. We all spoke to one another the
      next morning, unknowing what had happened to each other the night before.
      I reported hearing footsteps in the hall. My son felt like some was in
      his room and he could not sleep. My two daughters felt the same way as my
      son. We believe that they came back to check up on us. Since that time,
      we have had no further contacts. But as I explained, it is just a matter
      of time. I have learned to cope with this and except it, as part of my
      normal life. My family is trying to do the same. My oldest daughter is
      still greatly affected emotionally from the trauma. My oldest daughter
      seems to handle it well. We had stayed in the closet for a long time with
      our story because of fear of being treated like crazy people. I have been
      telling our encounters to some people in the past few years, but so many
      people mock it and treat us terrible. We are so sick of that. The reason
      I decided to make a movie of this, was because I am angry. After seeing
      my last daughter abducted and left sterile by aliens, I just couldn't keep
      quiet any longer. Its TRUE! It happened, God help those who have and are
      going through what we have gone through.

      I am going to give you a quick character background here on me. I have
      been on cable TV in our town for four years with programs of good
      wholesome entertainment as well as programs that help young people combat,
      drugs, alcohol, teen sex, etc. I am held by the community quite highly
      and respected. The Sheriff of this country is a personal friend of mine
      and supports my TV work. My wife is a C.N.A. Certified Nurses Assistant.
      I was a lay minister and Evangelist for 10 years. I was also involved
      with special police services in under cover work for several years, and
      have received merits from towns and people I had helped. I was a trained
      Office Machine Service Technician, and in the field for over 23 years. I
      was employed by such companies as Rockwell International Micro electronics
      Div. as Electronics Tech. I also owned my own office machine business at
      one time before I became disabled. I am 49 years old.

      So, there you have it. It is about as much as I can pull together for
      now. But like I said, there is so much. You will have to talk to my kids
      and my wife for more information. My oldest daughter especially can
      tell you more about her abduction and encounter in the early 1980s.

      I would like to add, that the Director of MUFON was at the investigations
      at our home during the 1991 encounters. He flew in from either Texas or
      over seas when he got the reports. I am not sure, or I don't remember, if
      Don Schmitz was also present.

      Also to add. During my daughters abduction in 1991 encounter, she was
      taken by two or three aliens (that she described vividly) from her bedroom
      to the ship above the house. But I remember her telling
      me that they examined her. Several aliens were around her during this
      time. Also, we have never had any hypnotism, or gone to any counseling.
      We kept it mainly to ourselves, out of fear of being harassed and mocked,
      except for a few family members.

      This is going to have to updated, as my son and I, have gone through a
      total of 4 more alien abduction's, including, my son being recently
      drugged and picked up by four MIBS last fall.

      This is as far as I got.
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