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Coast to Coast AM - Art Bell Returns!!!

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  • Tim Edwards
    Please excuse this off-topic posting. However, I believe it important enough to post to the list. Coast to Coast AM - Art Bell Returns
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2001
      Coast to Coast AM - Instructions for Life from The Dalai Lama
      Coast to Coast
      Mike Siegel
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      Art Bell Returns

      ART BELL BACK ON AIR FEB. 5, 2001

      LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5, 2001 ­ Art Bell, the radio personality famous for his spontaneous and compelling conversations about all things unexplained, has announced his return to radio. Bell resumes his reign as host of the most listened to live overnight radio program, Coast to Coast AM on Feb. 5 from 1am to 6am ET.

      Bell states, "The negotiation was brutal and bloody! The result... fewer commercials and back to five hours."

      Bell resigned last April because of family and legal issues that required his full attention. These have been resolved. His passion for radio and his audience has propelled him back with a renewed commitment to the unique show he created in 1993. Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 430 stations nationwide.

      "I am ecstatic to welcome Art Bell back to his program," said Kraig T. Kitchin, president/COO of Premiere Radio Networks. "It was a bloody negotiation – pulling someone out of retirement always is. I am wildly enthusiastic to bring the news to affiliates and listeners nationwide... imagine their reaction! I also want to add my thanks to Mike Siegel."

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      You can discuss this exciting news on our Post to Post BBS.

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